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Author Topic: Trading Cards  (Read 2971 times)

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Trading Cards
« on: June 11, 2020, 02:01:20 PM »
Trades on hold indefinitely, as I cannot find my extra cards.  Will update this as/if I find them.
Making a new post for cards I have for trade/sale since my old post is unable to be modified.

Series 1
7: Spike
4: Applejack
25: Mayor Mare & Time Turner
27: DJ Pon-3 & Octavia
29: Golden Harvest & Lyra Heartstrings

43: Philomena

45: A Sonic Rainboom
68: The Flight of Rarity

74: Sugarcube Corner
79: Sweet Apple Acres x5
83: Appleloosa x2
80: Carousel Boutique
84: Fluttershy's Cottage

F8: Royal Wedding: Twilight Sparkle
F13: Royal Wedding: Princess Celestia
F39: Twilight Sparkle (gala tin promo)

1: FS symbol
6: Rainbow Dash symbol x3
9: Applejack & Rainbow Dash
11: Rarity & Pinkie Pie
12: Cutie Mark Crusaders & FS x5

2: Rainbow Dash
3: Pinkie Pie

Series 2
F27: Mission Crystal Empire: Applejack


2: Pinkie Pie x2
4: Applejack x2
5: Rarity
7: Spike x2
8: Apple Bloom x3
11: Princess Celestia & Princess Luna x2
13. Babs Seed
14: Crackle
15: Fancy Pants
16: The Flower Ponies x2
20: Joe
22: Pipsqueak
26: Granny Smith & Stinkin' Rich x3
28: King Sombra
29: The Olden Pony
31: Timberwolves
32: Iron Will
33: Diamond Dogs
34: The Flim Flam Bros x3
35: Ahuizotl
36: Bon Bon
37: Berry Punch x3
38: Aloe & Lotus x3
41: Bloomberg x3
43: Smarty Pants x3
44: Mr. Turnip x3
47: Madame Le Flour x2

48: Elements of Harmony x2
50: Mirror Pool x2
51: Alicorn Amulet x2
52: Starswirl the Bearded's Book x3
53: Poison Joke x2
54: Zap Apples
55: Love Poison
56: Starswirl's Time Travel Spell x2
57: Seeds of Truth
58: The Fire of Friendship
59: Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 x3

61: Stitch by Stitch x3
66: The Stare Master x2
67: Behold, The Crystal Princess!
69: Unlearn What You Have Learned
70: Face Your Fears
72: You're a Leader x3
75: That's What Friends Do
76: Spike's Got It All Under Control!
77: Becoming Popular
79: I Just Can't Decide! x2
81: A Bad, Bad Seed!
82: Sweet Apple Memories x3

Value Cards

S6: What Fun Is There In Making Sense?

1: Twilight Sparkle x2
2: Pinkie Pie x3
3: Princess Luna x2
4: Applebloom & Turtle x2
5: TS & DJ Pon-3
6: Applejack & Twilight Sparkle
7: Rainbow Dash & Trixie
8: Pinkie Pie & Rarity x2
9: RD & FS x4

Series 3
7: Spike
13 Cheese Sandwich x3

19: Winter Wrap Up x2
20: Art of the Dress x2
21 Find a Pet x2
23: Babs Seed x4
24: What is My Cutie Mark Telling Me
25: Apples to the Core x3
26: Glass of Water x3
27 You'll Play Your Part

F4 Star Swirl The Bearded
F35: Rainbow Pinkie Pie x2
F44: Cheese Confesses

E5 Griffin the Brush Off x2
E6 Boast Busters x3
E10: Swarm of the Century
E29 Lesson Zero
E30 Luna Eclipsed
E32: The Cutie Pox
E38: Family Appreciation Day x2
E40 The Last Roundup x2
E42 Read It and Weep
E45 Putting Your Hoof Down
E46 It's About Time x3
E49: Ponyville Confidential x5
E53: The Crystal Empire-Part 1 x3
E57 Magic Duel
E58: Sleepless in Ponyville
E64: Games Ponies Play
E65 Magical Mystery Cure
E66 Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 1
E71 Power Ponies
E81 It Ain't Easy Being Breezies x2
E88: Inspiration Manifestation
E90: Twilight's Kingdom-Part 1
E91: Twilight's Kingdom-Part 2

S1 Golden Oak Library 2010-2014
S11: Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie x3
S12: Burger Queen

P4 Fili-Second
P8: Hum Drum x3
P14 Octavia

1 Pinkie Pie
2 Twilight Sparkle
3: Rainbow Dash x2
4: Fluttershy
5 Rarity
6: Applejack x2
9 Asian Rarity x2
11: Asian Twilight Sparkle x3
12: Cheese Sandwich x2

Series 4
9: CMCs
10: Discord
14: Big Mac and Granny Smith
15: Trixie

Fan Art
57: Archaeological Find
77: Awesome Meal Time

E94: Castle Sweet Castle
E115: The Mane Attraction

S1: Changeling Kingdom
S5: Ogres and Oubliettes
S7: Gummy
S12: Wonderbolts x2

3: FS
9: Rarity

Miscellaneous Merchandise
Pinkie Pie/Maud Pie lunchbox tin-$5
Discord Box-$3

Maud Pie/Pinkie Pie poster from lunchbox tin-$2
Discord "Chocolate Rain and Cotton Candy Clouds"-$2
Pon-3 & Octavia-$2
Pinkie Pie (same as promo card)-$2
Rarity (same as box)-$2
Gala Mane 6-$2

MLP Dog Tags
1: Rainbow Power
8: Octavia & DJ Pon-3
10: Wonderbolts
12: Spike & TS
12: Spike riding TS
14: Flower with heart middle

12: Parasprite
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