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Author Topic: Seraching for Lemon Drops, and some MOC/MIB/Nirvana  (Read 1748 times)

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Seraching for Lemon Drops, and some MOC/MIB/Nirvana
« on: May 03, 2018, 10:24:53 AM »
Maybe a long shot, but at least I can try   :lookround:

I'm searching for some rarer Lemon Drop pieces, mostly MOCs and MIBs, but a few loose ones as well.
Want to get closer to completing my Lemon Drop collection, and I'm also searching for information if you have any. If you have any of the below mentioned, but dont want to sell, pictures are always welcome as well, for my researchs  :P

I also have some other wants, mostly MOC/MIB, but some Nirvanas as well. I do have a lot of other wants as well, but I thought I should go with these first to see if I get anything. Will update later on. ^^

Wanted Lemon Drops
MOC German Baby Lemon Drop
MIB Baby Buggy with Cuddles, where Lemon Drop was included (sticker on box, probably Finland/Denmark exclusive))
MIB UK Baby Lemon Drop with purple stroller
MOC Macau both Snuzzledrop and Lemon Drop
MOC Spanish Aqua Limon
MOC Piggy Lemon Drop
Loose Piggy Lemon Drop with "shining" drops.
Loose Italian Lemon Drop with Magenta hair
Loose spanish Agua Limon (upgrade)
Any other interesting Lemon Drop I might not already have ^^

Other MOC/MIB Wants
MIB Scrub A Dub Tub Giftpack (included extra ponies (or loose completet with box)
MOC Sprinkles (on card)
MOC Movie Star Buttons (NSS)
Any MOC pony on Scandinavian Fairy tale card
Any MOC first tooth baby (not boxed)
Any MOC Princess (1 set) on card.
Any MOC german Rainbow pony on Nightlight type card)
MIB PnP Baby Gusty
MIB PnP Baby Heart Throb
MIB Swedish boxed Megan and Sundance
MOC Medley (US card, need upgrade)
MOC Confetti on US card
MOC Cranberry Muffin (US card)
MOC Strawberry Surprise (US card)
Early ponies sold in catalogue mail order boxes or in bag (similar to the MO ponies, but not part of MO line)
Early MOCs generally on UK cards)
Vertical carded rainbow ponies (both sets,except Windy and Sundlight)
MOC Gypsy and straight hair Cherries Jubilee

Other loose wants
Spanish Cupido
Greek pink firefly
Greek blue Medley
Italy Blue Lickety Split
French Glory
Italian red stripe second set Rainbow ponies
Italian Moonstone with blue hair.
German Nesth├Ąckchen Baby Ponies with accessories
mexican Firefly
Brazilian Moonstone
Peru White Medley
Peru Blossom in Medleys pose

MO mommy and baby
MO Sweet Scoops
MO Lil Cupcake  & Lil Sweetcake
MO Baby Gametime & Sugarcake

Whitecap w shell and accessories
Sea Mist w shell and accessories
Wave Jumper w shell and accessories
Sea Breeze, shell and accessories only
High Tide, shell and accessories only

I live in Sweden, and use Paypal (banktransfer if within Europe and with good feedback)

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Wanted: MOC Geman baby Lemon Drop, MIB baby Lemon Drop with purple stroller, MOC Rainbow Confetti, MOC Euro(NSS) Buttons, ,  and UK carded rainbow ponies.
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