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Author Topic: Wish List and questions for swaps  (Read 679 times)

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Wish List and questions for swaps
« on: October 03, 2013, 03:36:26 AM »
I love anything to do with dia de los muertos (sugar skulls) I also love ocean themed things. I will be happy with whatever you send. I just love getting pony mail.

I prefer to be in good to near mint condition. Please no pindot mold/ schmooze. regrind/cancer. initials are ok on the bottom of the feet as long as they do not show while the pony is on display. no major symbol rubs please, light eye rubs are ok

most wanted are in bold
Year 2

Year 3
Sea Shimmer
Sea Star

Year 4

Year 5
Milky Way
Zig Zag
Doodles and Noodles
Jangles and Tangles
Princess Starburst
Princess Sparkle
Baby Crumpet

Year 6
Night Glider
Princess Taffeta
Coco Berry
Jabber and Jebber
Big Top and Toppy
Puddles and Peeks
Sticky and Sniffles
Sky Dancer

Year 7
Sugar Sweet
Dainty Dahlia
Sweet Suds
Baby Stripes
Baby Leaper
Moon Jumper

Year 8
Hula Hula
Tootie Tails
Twinkle Dancer

Year 9
Baby Rainribbon
Baby Toedancer
Secret Beauty

Year 10
Birthday Pony

any petite except for
bright orange pegasus with blue brushable tail & pizza symbol
white earth pony with pink brushable hair & green brush and comb symbol
orange earth pony purple curly hair & aqua clock symbol
yellow pegasus blue brushable hair & pink pizza symbol
blue earth pony yellow curly hair & purple mirror symbol
pink pegasus with dark oink hair  & light orange pizza symbol
dark pink earth pony with yellow hair & blue clock symbol

UK Applejack
Italy Applejack
UK Sunburst
UK Candy kisses
UK Clover
UK Baby Splish
UK Baby Splash
UK Baby Splosh

G1 Accessories

Please help me complete my big brothers  :nod: :nod: :nod:

Wigwam's blue bandanna
Salty's lime green bandanna
Tex's blue bandanna
Steamer's hat and light yellow bandanna

prince firefly
princess crystal

About  myself
  I am random. I LOVE anything Dia de Los Muertos. I really want to travel to England and Europe. I miss
living in Australia. I really love to travel and have a traveling pony. I also love alternate re-hairs and I love to customize ponies.

Do you have a pony army?
yes an applejack army
in the process of starting a seaflower army

Do you have any Equestria Girls Dolls? if so, who do you have?

Do you customize ponies?  If so, would you like customization supplies as part of your extras (like dolly hair for example)?
yes I love customizing. dollyhair is always fun to get

Would you like a custom pony or re-hair as an extra?
oh that would be amazing. a custom baby seaflower or baby cascade would leave me speechless

What generations do you like?  Are there any generations you would really prefer not to be included in your swap box?
I prefer g1's i only collect g2 babies, i sold most all of my g3's i do not collect 3.5's and g4's the only one i am looking for is shining armor 

All time favorite pony? or pony set etc..?
g1 seaflower  :biggrin:
g1 Cascade
 love the tropical ponies

As an extra, would you like a postcard or some small item pertaining to the area where your future box will come from?

yes please

Would you like something knitted?
that would be cool

Do you like beaded jewelry, and what sizes/types of jewelry do you wear?
not really

Do you like to get nail polish?  What colors, and is glitter a yes or no?
no thank you

Do you like funky socks?
oh yes my shoe size is 10

Would you be happy with finding random, funny, happy things in the box?
totally  :P

Do you have pierced ears? Are you allergic to any metals? Favourite colours for Jewellery?

yes. I do not like anything gold colored.

Do you like stickers?
not really

Would you like to get homemade treats?
sure why  not

Do you like make-up?  Any specific brands, products?
I like lip gloss. nothing cinnamon though love fruity flavors

Do you have any pets? Would you like to receive any toys or treats for them as extras?
yes I have a yorkie named howie. He loves squeaky toys

Dear partner, Do you like/collect plushies, coloring books, stickers or any other pony themed things in particular?
i like the petites only have the orange one with pizza symbol and the teal one with mirror symbol. and mommy charms.

Partner, are there any small extras or non MLP items that you would be happy to receive in your swap box?
i also collect the tokidoki unicorns. they can be found at barnes and noble, books a million and ebay

Decorating outside of the box?
If you want to go for it

Pony Art?
I would love to get some artwork that had G1 Seaflower or G1 Cascade

Coffee, tea drinker?
Love tea

Pony Wear?
I love pony wear. I only have baby g1 summer dress and baby dragon suit

Favorite animals?
frogs, koi fish, alligators, peacocks

Pony Condition
no major haircuts please. initials are ok on the bottom of the feet. please no regrind or age spots. and please no cigarette smell

Do you prefer one big item or multiple smaller items?
not sure what this means but i guess whichever is fine

Any type of food/candy you love/hate?
love chocolate white and milk. caramels, werthers and gummies
dont really like raspberry flavored

It will be very hot and humid here so if you send chocolate please put in a plastic zip bag incase if it melts

What sort of handmade goods might you like partner?  Soaps?  Candles?  Honey?  Incense?
i'm ok with most handmade goods. not a big fan of incense. scent wise I love fruity scents. pineapple, mango, coconut, strawberry,. no lavender or musky smells please

Do you have children and/or pets?
yes 1 small doggie named Howie

Do you have one concrete style which you like? Like vintage, kitsch, goth, etc?
um my style is kinda crazy and changes from day to day. my house deco room themes range from new orleans/voo doo/ dia de los muertos, ocean, peacock, travel

What colors are your favorite and which ones dominate in your room/house?
favourite: deep purple/ teal
kitchen is red and black
living room is deep purple and teal
bed room/bath is dark brown and seafoam green tealish

Do you like scrapbooked albums? Or maybe you like scrapbooking yourself?

If you have favorite music bands, favorite book authors, online writers or artists, who are they?
music: train, the piano guys, daft punk
authors: donna andrews, jana deleon

Is there something you collect from every place you visit? E.g. fridge magnets, bookmarks, postcards, stationary, keychains?
postcards and art/ pottery from local artist, magnet

What are your favorite landmarks or places you visit when visiting other cities/states/countries?
old buildings, light houses, museums, somewhere that shows the vibe/history of the area, ooh and carnivals

Do you like rehairs? Customs?
ooh yes i love them both

What is your favorite time of year? why?
fall. i love halloween and it has cooled down enough to spend more time at the beach. summers cool but sometimes it get crazy hot and humid down here

do you like mlp merch etc/ craft/ art supplies if it is some how relevant to the swap box?
sure. i'd like to get a squishy applejack for my army

Do you use journals, stationary and note cards?
yep, i love making list and keeping up with my pony inventory in a journal

If I were to get you a shirt, would you prefer male/female/unisex and what size?
i guess the reg t-shirt is considered male size? 2xl no baby doll shirts for me :P

Do you enjoy history?

If I got you a pony, and it has some small fault but it's also something I think I could quite easily fix (some missing plugs, tail rust, things like that) would you prefer me to restore them for you, or would you rather get the pony as it is?

either or doesnt matter to me

What kind of comic con exclusive would you like?  Pins, one of the bags you get given for all your goodies, a poster?
 a pin would be cool

Do you have a favorite fragrances or smell?
tropical fruity smells. coconut, pineapple, mango, erc

Do you have any favorite animals?
frogs, alligators, sea turtles, koi, peacock

Do you have any other collections besides MLP?
tokidoki unicorns

Partner, how do you feel about Flutter Ponies?
they're ok

Partner, are there any particular ponies you would like most for me to get?
if you found a decent sand digger or baby palm tree i would love you forever

Partner, if you have a pony on your wantlist which has a variant that is different, for example in Europe than in US, which one do you want? Or do you prefer CP ponies to have concave or flat feet? Or, if you collect variants, would you like both?
variants are always accepted

How do you feel about a minimal body-head discoloration?
if it is hard to tell i wouldn't mind

If I got you a pony which has a small haircut to few strands of hair in their mane, would you like me to add it as an extra pony as it is, or restore it by rehairing it? I'm not sure if it's okay to add that pony to the overall swap value, so truly think of it as an extra only
i can restore it

If you're in a country that isn't getting the McPonies, would you like them? Any single one of them, or all of them?

luna or dj pon would be cool

Are you against touch-ups?
i prefer to do my own touch ups

would you be interested in seeing pictures (and getting a story from) a small museum raid?

I am just starting to look around for extras for you box partner is there anything special that you would like me to get?
i'm sure i'll like whatever you send

If all of your pictures have a theme/story, would you like them organized in a small photo album or loose with info written on the back of the pictures?
i'm good either way
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