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Author Topic: Wantlists for swap purposes  (Read 865 times)

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Wantlists for swap purposes
« on: September 03, 2013, 12:07:52 AM »

I'm okay with missing teeth on combs and brushes, stretched fabrics, slight discoloration, normal play-wear. I'm not fond of holes, teared up outfits, missing parts of one-piece outfits, very discolored items - especially white things yellowed to dark cream and mold.

G1 Accessories & Ponywear: (no particular order:)
  • UK Wedding Bells Confetti ring
  • UK Wedding Bells Confetti garter
  • Something Old, Something New garter
  • G1 Bride's veil
  • Bridal Beauty's bouquet
  • light blue flower brush
  • 3 Year Rainbow ponies blue comb
  • blue flower pick
  • blue fish comb
  • blue sun pick
  • any of the heart shaped brushes
  • Princess Pack: tiara, earrings, shoes, purse
  • From the Designer Collection outfit
  • Hearts & Candy outfit
  • Pageant Queen outfit
  • Tea party outfit
  • Prima Ballerinas outfit - only for the baby
  • Transparent bow shoes
  • Barnacle's hat
  • Tex's hat
  • Tex's bandana
  • Tex's Grasshopper comb
  • any I Luv U barrette, except yellow
  • any ribbon, though especially the gold-trimmed ones are lovely
  • Princess aqua or blue hat
  • Princess purple wand
  • Baby Cuddles buggy
  • Baby Cuddles bonnet
  • Baby Cuddles rattle
  • Baby Cuddles teddy-bear brush
  • Baby Cuddles bottle
  • yellow duck pull toy
  • pink mesh bow
  • aqua/blue baby necklace
  • yellow baby necklace
  • purple baby necklace
  • bibs with heart in the center, preferably aqua/blue ones
  • pink 1234 comb
  • Year 3 brochure (with Megan)
  • Year 8 brochure (with Raincurl)

I don't care what is under the pony hooves, nor do I care for small marks as long as they are not mold. I don't really like when the pony has cancer but even then, but it doesn't bother me much if I really want the pony and the marks aren't super visible. I don't like eye-rubs, but symbol-rubs are okay. I don't like hair trims - I prefer missing plugs to them, but I also don't have problems with rehairing. The thing that bothers me the most is a head-body discoloration, especially on ponies other than white. Retouched symbols are okay to me, as are rehairs, repinked hair, or ponies opened to take care of tailrust, as long as the head is then glued back. Tailrust doesn't bother me too - I can take care of it myself.

G1's: (alphabetical order:)
  • Baby Bouncy (might have a haircut - I want to rehair this little one)
  • Baby Bows
  • Baby Bridesmaid
  • Baby Fifi (again: a haircut is fine)
  • Baby Firefly
  • Baby Gusty (sparkle)
  • Baby Moondancer
  • Baby Pockets
  • Baby Stockings
  • Baby Sunnybunch
  • Confetti - I'm always looking for her, no matter in what condition, even with mold and missing body parts, she'll have safe home with me
  • Petal Blossom flutter
  • Sundazzle Sister Sunglory

Ideas for extras, likes & dislikes: (no order)
  • pony nylon hair, extra tails, etc are always a great gift
  • pens, pencils
  • notepads, notebooks, post-it notes, memo-notes
  • lipgloss - you can never go wrong with it, I wear almost any color besides crimson and black
  • bath supplies - I'm a bath addict
  • any jewelry making supplies (especially beads made of fimo/clay, shaped like flowers) or scrapbooking materials
  • dislikes: strong scents, flowery scents in general, honey, licorice, anise, scented candles, too girly stickers (the 'cute kinds' with kitties and flowers and overly pink - I have way too many of them), the color yellow
  • likes: chocolate: especially milk, mints, lollipops, vanilla fragrance, tea: especially green or ginger flavoured, all shades of blue and purple and red, pale or hot pink, vintage style, handmade things
  • pony merchandise: I like all gens, even G3,5 stickers or pencils will make me very happy

My Dear Sweet Culture Swap Partner,
I hope this list won't be too intimidating for you :blush: I'm very, really, very easy to please and you don't have to worry about me being unhappy with my box for sure. I've crossed out ponies from the list that I believe are way above the swap limit. I want you to have fun with this swap - so try not to stress and take your time to plan, plot and buy things. I'm easy to shop for, I believe and hope you won't have any problems with hunting down things for me :hug:

Here are the Q & A from the swap thread. I've put them all here to make it easier for you to have everything in one place and will update this regularly :)

Do you wear jewelry? any allergies related? No allergies here! I loooove jewelry - I make some myself! You can check some examples of my work on :heart: I don't have my ears pierced though - so please, no earrings. Earclips though are my addiction!

Army pony? Confetti of course :) And few others: Rainbow Dash (G3 and G3,5 ones), Starsong (again: G3 & G3,5) and G2 Princess Twinkle Star.

specific things that are or are not ok on ponies? As in marker on bottom feet, flocking rubs in normal areas, small hair trims, a missing plug.. etc? Apart from my army ponies, I think it's natural to want the ponies to be in the best condition possible. I'm both fussy about some ponies - I like them to look like freshly off the card - and I don't care about the condition of some as well.
Generally it's like this: if a pony has a haircut - I will probably rehair it.
If a pony has a mark under their hooves - I won't care at all.
If it has got cancer marks - if it's a boy pony or a pony which is priced for more than $15, I won't fuss about it at all. If it's a common pony and it has flaws, I won't be happy to get it as I will probably seek a replacement :(
If it's a G2 - I want it to be mint: no missing eye gems, rubs, missing hair plugs or marks.
If it has a small body-head discoloration - it's something that really is a deal-breaker for me :( I sort of can understand it when it's a white pony - and if it isn't too bad, I will just make the pony a necklace or something ;) or if it's a G4. But I would rather not get ponies with that flaw, sorry
If it is dirty, has pin dot, is covered in marks - well... I always think that those kind of ponies, no matter how rare are in bait condition and can only be counted as extras to the package. If it's a Confetti pony, I won't care. If it is any other pony - I will probably get rid of it as I don't want to spend time on restoring it. Sorry :cloud:

What do you like to do in your 'spare' non-pony time? I make jewelry, scrapbook and study.

Do you prefer one big item or multiple smaller items? Doesn't really matter - I'm okay with both.

Any type of food/candy you love/hate? I cannot stand licorice, anise, anything honey-based or with mandarins (allergies!)I enjoy chocolate (especially mint!), sour stuff and anything with ginger. I'm addicted to lollipops and Raffaello :blush:

Coffee? Tea? I love both, but tea a bit more ;) Especially green or white, spicy-flavoured black, fruit flavored and tea that goes nicely with milk

What sort of handmade goods might you like partner?  Soaps?  Candles?  Honey?  Incense?  I have a local handmade market here I go to every few Saturdays, and I can get the most divine honey.  Do you like flavored honey by the way?  Their blueberry honey is to die for.  I mean, I eat a spoonful of it a day.  << >> 
No, no, no, no. Sorry, I don't like too strong fragrances (they tend to give me very strong migraines) and anything honey-based might lead me to an allergic reaction (some flowers have that effect on me, especially acaccia). I only use liquid soaps and candles are pretty plain when they cannot be scented, right? 
BUT: I love handcrafted items: knitted, scrapbooked, anything from handmade jewelry or decoupage objects up to sketched art and small material token bags :)

Children/Pets? No children, one adorable and lovely shelti girl and an awesome Significant Other :heart:

Do you have one concrete style which you like? Like vintage, kitsch, goth, etc? I love vintage things :heart: I also adore folk style and to some extent kitsch and cute 'dolly'. I do not like: goth, punk or steampunk styles.

What colors are your favorite and which ones dominate in your room/house? I love all shades of blue and my room has plain white furniture and all kinds of blue or silver extras like bed sheets, small carpet, pillows, frames.

Do you like scrapbooked albums? Or maybe you like scrapbooking yourself? No, I don't like them - I LOVE THEM. Yes, in all capital letters. I love scrapbooking and always look forward to seeing the styles of other people.

If you have favorite music bands, favorite book authors, online writers or artists, who are they? Favorite music band... Maybe Florence & The Machines? I have a weak spot for her voice :blush: I adore Jeremy Clarkson and the other Top Gear boys (actually, I'm a huge fan of almost everything that comes out from BBC: Doctor Who, Silent Witness, Life on Mars, etc...). I'm not a huge fan of online writers anymore and I'm not into manga/anime either. I love comic books though! Especially the ones from the good old 90's :silly: Jim Morrison and Gail Simone are in my top favorites and the Bat-family are my favorite superheroes ever.

Is there something you collect from every place you visit? E.g. fridge magnets, bookmarks, postcards, stationary, keychains? I do collect a variety of keychains and postcards. I like town maps, brochures with info about the local interesting places to visit. I also like small porcelain figures which show the city's landmarks like churches, castles, etc.

What are your favorite landmarks or places you visit when visiting other cities/states/countries? Castles and churches. One of my favorite places on Earth is Bavaria in Germany and Austria, because of their castles - seriously, you have one castle for each small hill or mountain. And in Bavaria you have the wonderful, stunning castles of Ludwig the II - the Fairytale King. I love things like that! I also adore churches and monasteries - learning their history, who founded them, which monks reside in them.

Scents? Please, no scented items for me :(

Do you like rehairs? Customs? I LOVE THEM! Yep, capital letters again as it's my current favorite thing in the world :silly: I'm lucky to own an alternate rehair of Wavedancer (salemsparkler made her) and Pina Colada (Elwarden's work :heart: ) and two wonderful G2 rehairs made by Sunshine and one beautiful rehair that Saja made. I also have her custom G2 Nightglider, Sandaookami's Blind Bag customs: Nightglider, Prince Firefly, Cooper Glow, Golden Glow and Clever Clover, G2 Wind Whistler, various Confetti girls (G4, G3, G3 baby, G2, two G1 babies, petite, blind bag, and a clay figure and a pink with tinsel alternate rehair), customs of my pony persona - Tsunami, a sitting Sweet Scoops that is named Silly Scoops Skycakes made :silly: A g3 blue and green polka-dot custom and one of my faves: a reverse Gusty baby made by divalei :heart: I also made alternate rehairs myself: My Sunset Desert Tex and Icey Rarity are in the rehair gallery and Black Baby Paws was recently finished. I'm working on rehairing baby Schoolbag currently but after balding her I haven't got time to do any work :blush: So if you want to give me an alternate rehair, do not hesitate! if you want to give me hair hanks or tails or a re-rooting tool or even better, pony customs - I'll gladly accept them as well :D   

What is your favorite time of year? why? Hmmm... I think winter. I love the snow and Christmas... But I also like spring and how it gets warmer. Summer is wonderful too because of the longer days and vacations and warm temperatures... Oh, but autumn in Poland is beautiful with the still warm days and golden leaves on trees... Ummm, I think I can't pick one season, sorry :drunk:

do you like mlp merch etc/ craft/ art supplies if it is some how relevant to the swap box? Yes! I love any kind of MLP merch - especially if it's G2 :blush: I'm always in need of craft supplies (right now I'm hunting for various fimo or clay flower beads, to make more bracelets like this one:

what are your favourite colours? (sorry had to ask the question) *points up*

Do you use journals, standaries and note card? Yes! I can never have enough of them :)

If I were to get you a shirt, would you prefer male/female/unisex and what size? Female, Small or Extra Small. I'm seriously Tiny :silly:

Do you enjoy history? Probably my favorite school subject. I love history! Leaning something new but historical is always making me happy :) That's why I love churches and castles - they always carry an interesting story with them.

what kind of comic con exclusive would you like?  Pins, one of the bags you get given for all your goodies, a poster? a bag, a bag, a bag! A poster would be awesome too, but transporting it might not be the best idea :silly: I almost never use pins, but I adore bags and have a variety of those promotional ones with only the brands name on it - I think a comic con one would make me extremely happy :blush: The idea of getting comics (like anything concerning the Batfamily would be cool, or about the mutants form the Marvel universe) or brochures or stickers or any kind of merch which is easy to fit into the box would give me goosebumps :heart:

Would you prefer just one expensive pony on your list or a few cheaper ponies on your list? Changing the question a bit, to fit the rules more ;) I'm happy with both ways - if I get just two more expensive ponies: that's okay with me. If I get a small army of inexpensive babies, I will be as happy... Though there is a saying 'the more the merrier' :silly: I have to admit - that I think that ATM, I would be most happy with either purple ponies (as I lack those in my collection!) or babies (because I've sold almost all of mine during the Christmas time and miss them dearly).

Hypothetically speaking, if I got you a pony that is a bit on the rarer side, and it has some small fault (only ones you have stated you are okay with of course) but it's also something I think I could quite easily fix (some missing plugs, tail rust, things like that) would you prefer me to restore them for you, or would you rather get the pony as it is? You know, I'm okay with either scenario: if you want, restore it to it's former glory :heart: If you are not sure if you'll be up to the job, leave it to me ;) Whatever is more convenient to you! If you do restore it - just please mention it in your note if you can :heart:

Do you have a favorite fragrances or smell? The only three fragrances I can tolerate: vanilla, ginger and cinnamon. I'm good with spicy-themed scents and I cannot stand flower fragrances :(

Do you have any favorite animals? pigs, tigers, owls

Do you have any other collections besides MLP? Not really.

Partner, how do you feel about Flutter Ponies? Hmmm. I like them, used to have a lot of them but now only my Morning Glory which will be soon costumized stayed with me... I don't think I have a flutter pony on my wantlist... I think I'll pass on having any for the time being, unless they're some nice rehairs with custom-made wings or something like that :)

Partner, are there any particular ponies you would like most for me to get?  No guarantees, of course, but I would love to know which ponies you would most like to add to your herd! <3 I'll mark them in purple for you :heart:

Partner, if you have a pony on your wantlist which has a variant that is different, for example in Europe than in US, which one do you want? Or do you prefer CP ponies to have concave or flat feet? Or, if you collect variants, would you like both? For me it depends on the pony. I love German boys as much as normal ones but for example would prefer US ponies rather than UK/Euro ones and always pass on BBE ponies and go for NBBE ;) I mostly marked which pony variant I would love the most though~

How do you feel about a minimal body-head discoloration?
I've kind of already answered that :blush: but I'll repeat: if it isn't a G4 factory error or it isn't a Confetti pony (or other white pony and it has to be minimal then), I'm not okay with it. This is the thing that bugs me the most and makes me sad and miserable :( Please, no body-heady discolorations for me!

If I got you a pony which has a small haircut to few strands of hair in their mane, would you like me to add it as an extra pony as it is, or restore it by rehairing it? If you have time for it - I would be the most grateful! Just let me know if it was rehaired if it had been and you can feel free to add it to the overall swap value :heart: I told you, I'm easy to please!

Hey, Partner? If you're in a country that isn't getting the McPonies, would you like them? Any single one of them, or all of them? If anyone - Rarity. I'm not too crazy about them though :blush:

Hey, Partner? Gots me a pony that is on your wishlist...she's in good conditioon, but she's one of those ponies who are...kinda painted all over (trying not to give away who it is) and has a few typical rubs because of it.  Are you against touch-ups? Her hair is long and lovely, and she isn't a common pony AT Whaddya think? Feel free to do anything you want which might help the pony display nicely ;) I usually have no time for touch ups with any type of paint and sunfading has never worked for me, even when I put the pony in the sun for half a year (spring and summer), so all restoration I can do is with hair. Plus, if it's a pony that still displays nicely despite the rubs, you can leave them if that's too much work for you.

I am just starting to look around for extras for you box partner is there anything special that you would like me to get? Ummm... You know, that's difficult to say :blush: I already (I think) mentioned many things that I collect and want. If there is something that represents the culture of the country or city you're from - pick a souvenir, a brochure, a notepad or postcard that represents it. Or maybe a candy that isn't so popular in Poland/Europe? Or you can stuff the box with Magic Erasers (as we don't have those in Poland) and that will make me happy as well :blush:

If all of your pictures have a theme/story, would you like them organized in a small photo album or loose with info written on the back of the pictures? As I've wrote before, I love scrapbooking - so either way is fine with me :) If you'll take your time to create an albumn, that's awesome! If you don't have that much time on your hand or just think about sticking pictures into an album I'm okay with that too - especially since I can make the scrapbooked album out of what I'll get from you Partner :heart:

Dear Partner who I am shopping for, I found one of the ponies on your wish list that is quasi hard-to-find, but she has a couple of issues.  Tiny rubs to a symbol (very hard to see even when only a foot away), and a tail rattle.  Otherwise she is in fabulous condition.  Thoughts? None of that bothers me :) Feel free to add her in - I will love it, no worries about that.

Partner would you like a special tea cup that you can drink your tea/coffee/wine etc and stick your pinky out with? I would actually love that! I'm always in need of new cups and I cherish each one I have because of my love for tea :)

Dear Partner, I live in central Florida and have recently visited some pretty cool places (i.e. the Manatee Viewing Center in Apollo Beach, Disney World, Lakeridge Winery, and the Winter Garden Spring Festival).  Sadly, I haven't brought any of your ponies with me for photo ops because I only have two so far and was thinking I should maybe wait until I have the whole crew with me.  But this got me thinking...
If I'm your partner, what types of places would you like to visit vicariously via your ponies?
Some options are:
Disney World
roadside orange stand
St. Augustine ("oldest continuously occupied European settlement in the U.S.")
Kennedy Space Center
Wizarding World of Harry Potter @ USO's Islands of Adventure (no promises, we still need to get passes)
somewhere with gators ( :yikes:)

They all sound amazing, they really do, but the one which I would immediately head to would be St. Augustine. I'm most drawn to historic places, even though there is no way I could visit any theme park, I feel like at home in historic places.

I currently have two ponies in hand.  One of them has an unexpected visible marker mark on her NDS.  My question, partner, would you like me to send her flaw an all as an extra? If the pony still displays nicely then go ahead :)

I have a question, this swap is about more than the culture right? Like as in scenery, architecture, animals native to the area etc?
If that's the case, partner would you like photo's of wildlife (birds, deer, bugs etc)?
Yes! I'd love to see everything I can - from architecture to the plants that are growing outside your home ;) But please, no pictures of bugs. They creep me out and I really dislike them - anything with more than 4 legs kind of creeps me out :(

Would you be interested in animal bones if I clean them up right?
It's not allowed for me to receive such things in packages, sorry. It sounds kind of cool, but I'm also very sensitive, so everything animal related must show that the animals are doing good not bad... And bones = dead = I'm thinking how they died and it might get depressing...

Partner if i found one of your most wanted and impossible to find ponies, and it has a little trouble standing (this pose tends to have this problem) and has a tiny hole in one of the ears, (which could probably be hidden when the hair is styled) would you still want her?
Why of course I would still want her :heart: Nothing that a custom-made earring and some time with a marker can't fix ;)

Okay, another pony came in. . . She has tail rust. I can fix it, and really quite easily, but I don't know if my partner will mind or not.  She's not the most hard to find pony BUT is a international exclusive.
Go ahead if you want - that saves me a lot of trouble :heart:

Partner, do you like cars? Sometimes they have an antique car show when the weather gets better and I have a pony for you that would look awesome with them!
I am a car enthusiast, though I'm not that familiar with US cars apart from few muscle cars. American cars are fascinating but are so rare in Europe, I would love to learn more about them.

Do you like art? Do you have a favorite artist or type of art? I think I like surrealism best. I have a soft spot for Salvador Dali. I remember being all crazy about his works and being lucky to see an exhibition of his works and about his life in Barcelona few years ago. It was a wonderful experience. I also like the work from the Renaissance period, especially painted by Michelangelo. Also, my uncle who paints replicas, had made me a replica of this painting: which is the only thing hanging that I have in my room (not counting the pics with me and my SO :blush: ). The original print is 'Interior With Open Windows' by Raoul Duffy. I love the soft oils that were used, the blue's, the detailing and the warm feeling the picture gives, especially since my room is in white with blue accents.

Partner do you like flavored popcorn (caramel corn, fruity, cheese, chocolate etc.)? If so what kinds do you like? Any kind you don't like?
I actually never had tried any type of flavored popcorn, because I love the original salty version of it too much to try and spoil it with an another type :blush: I'm open to trying new things, but not with cheese, please.

partner we have some amazing sunsets here. how would feel about receiving a print without ponies in the pic?
Actually, because I'm taking pics with and without ponies, I'm okay with receiving pics without them as well :) And I love sunsets! It's one of those things I love photographing.

(...)I was thinking of sending along some non-perishables to make some favorite drinks (...)Wondering if my partner would enjoy something like that? Personally, I would love that :D It sounds pretty cool and I really enjoy making drinks.

Also, wondering if my partner would like some Florida flipflops!  If so, partner, what is your shoe size? Don't laugh at me, but I had to google what flipflops were! I do love to wear them and have a pair of them as well, but... My shoe size is tiny. Like seriously, I wear children-sized or custom-made things because it's impossible to find anything that would fit my feet and it is a bit of a pet-peeve for me, so I would actually ask you to pass and not get me any :( Sorry!

How do you feel about a small painting/drawing of your favorite pony? I would be delighted to get one :heart: 

Partner, i'm sorry if this has been asked, but do you collect any little knick knacks, like salt and pepper shakers, dragons, turtles, spoons, etc? I do love small porcelain knickknacks: like miniature vases, elephants, dogs, anything in a vintage style and small items that could be used for doll houses :) I have quite a collection of those, but they're stored at my summer house with the rest of my porcelain dolls. Oh. I forgot to mention - I collect those! Here is a pic of them: 

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

I also love spoons, especially if they are silver (or rather: silver in color ;) )

Fav Disney songs? One of us from Lion King II, I see the Light from Tangled and everything from Hercules and Beauty and the Beast.

Do you own any ponies who could use a replacement tail? Not really, but I would welcome any :heart:

1. What Scottish things do you like best? (i.e. castles, Scottish terriers, bagpipes, thistles, tartan, etc.)
2. Would you be interested in things like lemon curd, jams, or honey?
3. Favourite scents?
4. Heather tea, whisky tea, or neither?

1. Castles!
2. Um, no, thanks.
3. Not have one... maybe vanilla?
4. Both sound delicious!

Do you like pickled items?
Yes, but those would be too expensive to ship... and I don't think that Poland allows me to get them via post.

Do you like Veggies?If so what types?
erm, I'll pass.

Do you like try Native or Farm Wildlife Jerky?
I have no idea what that is :blush:

Do you enjoy cook or try out recipe?

Partner, do you like Liittlest Pet Shop toys, or other "fill the little spaces" fun things? What would some of those things be? No, not really... But I like elephants so any any small figures would be cool :)


Hi there! I hope that you will have fun with the army swap :) Here is my Confetti army that I've already posted in the thread, but it's a good idea to have her picture here as well (I think!)

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

As you can see I have much more ponies than any merch, so I'd love to expand my collection of it as well - I know partypony566 has many G1 comics she wants to sell and few of them feature Confetti - so if you'll be stuck on extras or have a problem with ponies, feel free to find them for me :)

And I've just got this beauty in mail:

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

She looks like a mix between my pony persona, Tsunami and Confetti and I love her so much, it's insane, as I've just got her. She's so beautiful...

And! I've just bought myself an another Confetti girl - the NC one with metallic symbols :heart: But as I said: I don't mind doubles in my army at all!

Ahem :blush: Here is a list of the ponies I own (including the not-yet-complete customs I'd like to prepare myself:
5 US trotting pose girls - all are the same versions, with only glittered symbols, one is an alternate rehair, one has bleeding symbols due to her plastic breakdown
4 UK shy pose - 3 are the glitter-only variants, 1 is a glitter & paint underneath variant - and if you would find one more of her, I would be overjoyed! Mine is cream colored so she goes around wearing her Wedding Bells outfit :heart:
2 Italian girls
2 Spanish, or rather NC girls: one with painted ordinary symbols, one with painted metallic symbols
2 White Peruvian girls   
1 Yellow Peruvian girl
4 different Argies: orange Paseo, orange CP, 2 babies: Semillitas and Pirmere Diente.
G1 baby - out of Baby Stockings
G1 baby - out of Baby Quackers - in making
G1 newborn - out of Baby Dangles - in making
G1 alternate pose -out of TAF Sundance - in making
G1 alternate pose - out of Pony Bride - in making
G1 'washed out' Argie baby - out of Baby Cuddles - in making
G1 washed out Argie flutter - out of Morning Glory - in making

G1 Petite
G1 SHS Tsunfetti (Tsunami/Confetti crossover pony :heart: )
G2 out of Princess Sapphire - in making
G2 babies - for Argie ones - in making
G3 baby pony - in making

G3 pony
G4 pony
G4 Blind Bag (Pinkie pose)

Merch that I have:
light switch cover
Puzzles x2 with UK Confetti in her Wedding Bells outfit and UK trotting pose one
UK Confetti puffy sticker

You can see some pics (and learn about Confettis too!) here:,351006.msg1121383.html#msg1121383 and here: And here is a thread showing some merch that I'm missing:,352876.msg1151995.html#msg1151995

Here is a list of the variants/versions I don't have - the Argie ones are very expensive, but I would be completely okay with receiving customs of those :heart: :
1. US Confetti variant with painted symbols underneath the glitter
2. Spanish Confetti with glitter (metallic) symbol (got her - I was surprised it was this variant and not the ordinary painted one, the picture was misleading :( but I would still love to get one more of her, because she's such a beauty :heart: )
3. Adult Argentina Confetti: green with blue hair, white with blue hair, white with green hair
4. OOAK Italian Confetti with a red streak of hair


Are you open to accepting customs?
I'd love to receive customs :heart:

Are there any generations you do not like?
I love all gens.

Which poses (any gen) do you like the best?
G1: Confetti's pose of course :heart: Gusty pose, baby Glory pose, any SHS pose, CP pose,
G2: one leg up pose
G3: Seaspray pose
G3,5: Mom pose, all NC
G4: (RD) pegasus mold, Blind Bag Applejack pose

The least?
In all gens I have mainly G1 dislikes: Moondancer & Glory poses, Gnigerbread pose, Tootsie pose and I'm not too keen on Dance n' Prance ponies. If I'm honest, I'm more concerned about not really getting a lot of the poses I dislike, than rather getting all of the poses I like, if you get what I mean :blush:

Would a custom made from a fakie be okay?
Um yeah! Though I'm not that fond of Lanard fakies. I love the Remco ones! and the ones that are using the original Hasbro molds.

Do you like alternated colored rehairs?
I love them :D

Do you like plushies?
Yes I do ;) But I only own now G2 beanie babies and a plushie of my pony-persona, so any new additions would be great!

Do you have any specific ideas for customs you would like to have done?
  • I would love a G1 Confetti in the CP pose. And an adult boy-Confetti :heart: Or a unicorn one :dribble: Basically, I'd like to own A confetti in all G1 poses that there were - probably also the ones I'm not too fond of. 
  • And I want to have G2 Confetti girls made from Berry Bright (to be like one of the CP orange girls), Gardener (Paseo) one and one from Ivy (a green CP girl). And also G2 Giggles and Wiggles turned into G2 white Confetti babies :)
  • I also really, really want an Italian Confetti rehaired in the colors that the red-streaked one has: - in the mlparena link I've added earlier, you can see more comparison pics. I bought one Italian for the purpose of rehairing her, but I fell in love with her small forelock and couldn't do it in the end :blush:
  • I also would like a Confetti custom girl (ideally made from Mirror Mirror). I would want her to be washed-colors version of a green-bodied and blue-haired Argie Confetti. As a pose I would pick the TAF Sundance one (Mirror Mirror's) or a CP one. For her hair I would like a shade of a light blue - maybe Daiquari Ice? And for her symbols to be a mix of blue and purple confettis.
  • And I would love a walking pose Confetti that would match my Tsunfetti custom :heart:

Is there anything else you'd like to add about customs that I forgot?
1. I am not picky about conditions - e.g. if you have a cream-colored white bait pony with cancer spots - as long as the pony doesn't have marks on its head I will love it. I won't care about the condition of my girls, any marks that aren't visible on the first glance when the pony is on display, are fine.
2. Confetti symbols are easy to replicate so even if you aren't a customizer, you can try to do the custom yourself :) I'm sure I will love it :heart:
3. Go wild if you want! How about a Goth Confetti? How would she look? How would she look with a TAF symbol? Or as a MGR pony or a BBE? Do you think she would like nicer in a completely different color combination? Maybe monochromatic? Maybe she would look better with round confettis rather than straight ones? Be creative and do something you'd be comfortable with doing :)
4. If you're crafty with fabric - I already have few custom made veils from my customs-in-making and would welcome more :)

What about twists on ponies? Like a zombie, steampunk, pirate, goth, ect version of ponies from your army?
As I said - go wild! Though a snail or insect or something very icky is not for me. I love zombies, steampunk is a great look on ponies, a pirate Confetti might go hang out with my Tropical girls... You know, I think I would love that - a Tropical Confetti... :inlove:

How do you feel about receiving a custom as part of one or more of the three required ponies?
Well, sure! I would be okay with receiving only customs as well :)

How do you feel about customs being made to incorporate multiple ponies from different armies? Well, I asked only for my Confetti army to be the focus in this swap, so I'm not sure if this counts for me :blush: But um, if you would take e.g. G3 Rainbow Dash, G3 Starsong, my pony persona Tsunami or G2 Twinkle Star and twist their designs to make a Confetti, I'm sure I'd love it. :)

And art? How do you feel about small art pieces to go with ponies? I LOVE pony art :blush: And I have quite a collection!

who is going the the Pony Fair???? well... not me. Wrong continent :silly:

If i know of a variety available for one of your armies, and it's not in your picture, Can i consider it fair game? well, yeah :lookround:

Is your picture up to date? Yes! And the description as well :) I'm in other swaps, so it might change but I'll try not to buy any Confetti girls which are within the budget.
will you buy any new additions for your army before i send my box, so you'll end up with a double? Well, I'm okay with doubles, but I wouldn't be cool with us bidding against each other, so I'll probably only bid on expensive OOAK or Argie ones :blush:

Are you ok with baby versions of your army pony? vice versa? Adult versions of babies?
Of course I am, as I love baby ponies :)

Which is your fave army? and why, and who is your fave pony or 3?
I feel a bit bad now that I have picked only one army. You see, I love all of my Confetti girls and I want to have at least 100 of them. Each different and unique. And if I could have a pony to say that I had got as a swap gift, it would become more special. My fave ones... Oh, that is hard! Maybe my Paseo Argie, yellow Peruvian, one of the shy posed ones - which came to me with bad pin dot and yellow body which I restored partially and my Tsunfetti :heart:

If you're able to get one of quest ponies, but it cost most of the budget, are you ok with less impressive ponies to fill the gap?
I love the term 'quest ponies' XD of course I'm okay with it :)

oh partner. how do you feel about mohair for rehairs? like a perfume puff?
I love perfume puffs but don't own any. I would love a perfume puff rehair of Confetti.

What kind extras would you like with theme of your army?
Something rainbow related...? Seriously, I don't know. Just give me tea (maybe your favorite kind?) or jewelry supplies or nylon hair, stickers, pens, notebooks, stationary or something handmade and I'll be happy.

On the subject of customs, would you like a custom with reversed colors? (i.e. Posey with a pink body and yellow hair.)
Sounds interesting, I wonder how Confetti might look as a reversed one :)

For your armies, would you like a dolly mix of your pony?
Oh yeah! I love them! 

How do you feel about clay hair on customs? i have nothing against it but it can fall off sometimes :blush:

How do you feel about European or Asian exclusive plushes for your army?
I don't think that Confetti had any plushies made officially, but I love plushies and beanie babies, so any custom made would be great :)

do you mind getting more ponies from one army than the other?

What paint color and hair color matches closely to your army pony?
Paint color: white body, lavender eyes, bottle green glitter & dark lavender glitter for symbols.
Hair colors: Peaches and Cream, Tea Rose, Mermaid & Electric Banana

Dear partner: please tell us about kids/pets/spouses that might enjoy a little somethingorother as well.
I don't have kids, only a Godson :blush: But I have a wonderful shelti girl, Andromeda, which is a truly wonderful dog. She loves running and is very good at agility, but she had jumped from a first stock balcony few years ago and damaged one of her front legs. She had been to rehabilitation and now can run without problems, but we're trying to not overwork her as she loves running after her ball so much :heart:

I also have a SO. A truly generous and wonderful person, but I'm not sure what to tell you about him :blush: He likes zombies though and has his own, small collection of ponies: his persona pony, Baywatch custom made by lovelauraland, Baby Honolu-loo, G3,5 Blind Bag transparent Pinkie Pie and a G2 keychain Ivy. He seriously needs a G4 pony and he does have a soft spot for Fluttershy for some reason :silly:

do you only want one plushie for your army/armies?
Not necessarily! I really just want you to have fun - if you're skilled with plushie making, I'm happy with getting three of them (and nothing else) in the box. If you're not really into customizing - just get me regular ponies. If you're crazy about customizing and rehairing and you have so many creative ideas that you can't decide which ones you think would be best - go crazy about it :) I'm sure I will be happy with anything you decide to get for me.

Does my partner mind if I behead ponies if it means that I fill all the space?
Actually yes, that does bother me, quite a lot :( If those are G1's or customs, breaking them down to fit in the box would truly upset me. Furthermore it is creepy and I would rather just be able to take a picture of a full pony with his head and body attached as I take a pic just as I unwrap things when bragging. Sorry, but part of the fun is to be creative and put things in the box so they fit in there and that kind of brings the joy down if I have to reassemble them :sad:

how to you feel about cross generation customs?
LOVE THEM. No seriously, just look at my list above :D

Do you customize at all and would you like any supplies such as gems/hair/needles etc?
Oh I would love any customizer supplies! I customize (love rehairing - but have no tool for it :( ) but usually only during the summer holidays when i actually have a bit of free time.

I have spent over the budget (oops  :P ) and i know that it's required to have 10$ worth of extras for the box. first off. what would you like as extras, and how would you feel if a few dollars were shaved off to use for a wish list pony?
Erm... Well, the $10 limit is a requirement, so I'll focus only on the extras, okay?
*I love tea. Fill the box with $10 worth of tea and I'll be happy :silly:
*I also like mint, milk chocolate and lollipops.
*I make jewelry. Some of my works can be found here: (I really need to update it though :( ) an I'm always on a lookout for unique fimo beads, like for example clay roses like the one I used in this bracelet:
*I love vintage stuff, one of my favorite jewelry designers is Michal Negrin ( I love baroque angels and merry-go-rounds (I have a small collection of those, all made in Germany and Austria, so they play the music of their compositors mostly :) )
*you can never go wrong with giving me stickers, notepads, pens, pencils, any scrapbooking material, ribbons or stamps
*you can also never go wrong with getting me make-up supplies for lips (I'm a huge lip-balm addict), nail polish (I love crazy colors, especially in shades of blue and pink), bathing supplies (nothing beats a relaxing bath :heart: ) or cute flowery hair supplies (especially in turquoise or black)
*I already mentioned the customizing supplies, but if you for example have some original MLP tails (even from G4's) you can throw them in as extras too.
*I'm also an accessories freak since recently. I'll update my accessories wantlist in a sec, so just scroll down this thread to see what I don't have :)
*And finally: I love handmade things! From tinkets and boxes to bracelets to scrapbooked cards to ponywear to something even more unique that I couldn't think about when posting here:)

Question: dear partner would you be interested in a monochrome custom pony of you army: maybe in reversed colors as well??
Yep, that sounds great!

How do you feel about customs of your pony that just turn them into so softs?
Actually I would love one as I love so softs :blush:

How about factory errors or prototypes? For example wrongly stamped symbols, in case of g3's and g4's some factory runs of the ponies before their releases, etc.
They sound cool! I would like to one day own an argie prototype of the trotting pose :blush:

Are there any accessories for your army pony you would be happy to receive as one of the extras?
Any wedding-themed things either handmade or original would actually rock my world :heart: And I would also love Confetti's brush and comb and backcard...

How do you feel about handmade jewelry? Something you like or dislike? Which pieces do you actually wear? Silly me, not answering my own question... I don't have my ears pierced, so I only wear earclips. I like bracelets, but my hand is thin, my wrist is 15cm, co I usually wear 19-21 cm bracelets. Those made with elastic threads are the best pick for me. I'm not a fan of too big pedants or necklaces.

Would you like a little army ponywear outfit for one of your ponies? Very much so! It's a great idea :D

Dear Partner, do you sew? knit? crochet or cross stitch> Not really. I know how to cross stitch and sew with the machine but that's it.

so basically, aside from the surprise gifts i'm getting for you, would you like some ceylon tea directly from Sri Lanka? As a tea addict, I would be absolutely delighted to receive tea :heart:

hair length preference for customs? Don't have one ;) I like to save hair when rehairing so most of my alternates have factory-length hair, but I like the long hair on ponies as well (like my blue-haired Rarity or my G2 customs/rehairs have), so whichever you prefer will be ok with me :)

I want to try sculpting. Not like full 100% sculpting but a good but more than what I've done in the past. Are you ok with getting a pony that has will be a learning experience for me? Oh Sweetie, I would be 100% okay with it :hug:

Sooo, dear partner: would you like to receive pony hair and such as extras? YES! :D

Partner are you ok with ponies not being wrapped so that I can fit everything in the box? Ummm, okay? Just make sure they're secured during the postage.

Ok partner I have a question for you, I know that your condition preference is near mint but would you like any flawed items I have bought for you as an extra maybe? These were very HTF and expensive, I hate to not send them since I did buy them for you afterall Awww, of course that's okay with me :heart:

Dear Partner, do things like leather or feathers bother you? Just want to ask before I proceed with a project. No, they don't bother me.

DEAR partner, Do you prefer pony NIB/ MOC or debox?
I'm a 'free the ponies' person. I do like G1's MOC/MIB though.

Partner would you like me to pick you up anything special from the pony fair?
That's sweet, but you don't have to - I have no idea what extras one can find at the fairs actually :blush:

I received one of your ponies and her hair is frizzy/poofy and faded but I was able to still style it very nice, she is otherwise GORGEOUS, do you want it or is it a no? She is harder to find so I think a replacement might be tricky
Personally, to me, the pony sounds lovely :heart: It would be a great addition to my army.

Hi swap partner! I hope you will find something from this wantlist and that the accessories which I'm looking for won't be too difficult for you to obtain :hug: If you have any miscellaneous G2 accessories or merchandise that isn't on this list, feel free to add them - my G2 collection is always in need of more things, especially when it comes to ponies from the 2000 year onward :) have fun with the swap!

Here is my wantlist and my general collecting preferences. I've made it a bit longer to make it easier to pick from :blush: It's in no particular order:
  • UK Wedding Bells Confetti ring
  • UK Wedding Bells Confetti garter
  • Something Old, Something New garter
  • Confetti's blue comb
  • Confetti's US sticker
  • UK Confetti's brush
  • US Confetti's ribbon
  • US Confetti backcard
  • any type of pony merchandise with Confetti
  • G1 Bride's veil
  • any G1 baby pony necklace - the more the merrier!
Here is a pic of the ones I own:
  • baby Cuddles buggy
  • From the Designer Collection outfit
  • Hearts & Candy outfit
  • any G1 or G2 brochures and pamphlets
  • any G1 pony ribbon
  • any G1 or G2 stamper (minus Clever Clover)
  • any G2 Basket Surprise accessories
  • any G2 Birthday magic accessories
  • G2 Moon Shadow's purple necklace 
  • G2 Moon Shadow's purple bracelet
  • ONE G2 Wingsong's dove
  • G2 Flash roller-skating outfit
  • G2 Princess Trixibelle's wand
  • G2 Princess Trixibelle's two-sided brush
  • any G2 Magic Motion Bright Bramley accessories (headboard, skirt, shoes, ring, chalk, booklet, bag)
  • any G2 Magic motion Petal Blossom accessories (fruits, basket, grass-picnic-base)
  • any G2 Masquerade Ball accessories (masks, skirts, picture-screen)
  • G2 Rainbow Forest's blue telescope
  • G2 Rainbow Forest's purple skyflier/kite
  • any G2 Babies Princesses Sweetheart and Trueheart accessories
  • any G2 Babies Princesses Fire and Flame accessories
  • G2 Dainty Dove II (Romantica's) doves & bird bath
  • any G2 rings or crowns
  • any G2 barretes or hair accessories
  • table from the G2 castle
  • any G2 backcards or the identity cards of ponies from the backcards
  • the G2 figure of Sunsparkle/Sundance that came with the PC game
  • any G2 figure that came with the French perfume sets: Floral, Silver Rain, Sky Skimmer, Spring, Tender Nuzzles (I have the Sunsparkle/Sundance figure and Light Heart's ;) )
  • the G2 tins (minus the one with Light Heart)
  • G2 watches (minus the one with Morning Glory)
  • G2 Moon Shadow beanie baby plushie
  • any MLP stationery (any gen)
  • any kind of pony-stickers: all gens and all kinds are gladly appreciated
  • G2 Bride's pillow with rings - can be in a very poor, baity condition
  • any G1 or G2 comics and magazines and comics featuring Confetti

I would like the G2 and Confetti-related accessories to be as mint as possible, but at the same time I don't care for any sorts of color fading, glitter-loss, or rubbing, nor do I care for any kind of wear to stickers. Broken teeth on combs and brushes don't bother me either - but the bigger the accessory is, the happier it will make me to see it mint :blush: For example if the baby Buggy you have found has a broken part which isn't fixable with a bit of glue - I will be surely looking for a replacement.

For checking out the G2 accessories, I would recommend browsing or - both girls have more or less complete sets of G2 ponies and you can check which accessory goes with which pony ;) If you have the G2 collectors inventory it's a great help as well :)

ETA (09.03.2014):
My Dear Sweet Swap Partner, I hope you aren't having troubles with me as your partner? If you do, let me tell you something:

1. If you have any sort of pony jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, earclips, boas, scarves from ponywear sets) - feel free to add them to the box! I'm very easy to please, really. I'm crazy about wedding accessories (you have a spare pony wedding cake? Awesome! I want it!) and Confetti as you know - and I have 25 Confetti girls already (not counting the customs and customs-in-make...) and at least 20 of them need tail ribbons! :drunk: Maybe you can help me out by filling the box with those?

2. If you're having problems with the G2 accessories, I'm so sorry - I know they are tricky to find, usually hidden in lots of ponies and usually in Europe... But! I'm missing some stuff from the first two years of ponies that had been on sale all over the world and that i haven't mentioned in the first wishlist above:
- Clever Clover's backcard, ID card, comb and the stickers
- Petal Blossoms card & ID card
- Berry Bright back card & ID card
- Sundance accessories: the yellow flower barrettes and the flower comb
- Ivy's I accessories: green crown & purple earrings & blue grape comb
- Satin Splash's blue flower comb (I can't find mine :( )
- Sugarbelle's accessories: yellow heart purse, flowers, green rose comb

3. And here is a list of ALL G2 accessories I'm missing and which I hadn't mentioned on the list above - you don't have to look for any of them, but if you manage to have anything from the list out of pure luck, I would love to receive any of these as well:
- the golden holder for Clever Clover's royal wedding cape
- the golden ring with diamond from the Royal Wedding set
- Princess Silver Swirl's hot pink star clips
- Princess Morning Glory purple or lavender brush with a mirror
- Lady Light Heart pink hair-gems
- Lady Sky Skimmer purple ring
- Hip Holly's comb, pager and flower barrette
- Merry Moment's smaller picture frames for the saddle
- Princess Morning Glory's pearly necklace for the pony (again: can't find mine :( )
- all accessories for the Light up family of Baby Dew and Morning Glory
- baby Siwrly's unicorn horn headpiece
- all accessories for the magic motion family of Baby Sunbeam and Sunsparkle
- all accessories for the family of baby Tickle Heart and Light Heart
- all accessories for Lady Ivy (Magic Motion pony from 2000)
- the sun barrette for Princess Golden Light
- all accessories for Royal Lady Satin Slipper
- All Sweet Snowflake's accessories (minus the tree)
- all baby twins Stardust and Moondust accessories (minus the headpieces)
- Baby Flitter's clown toy, teddy bear and chalk
- changing tail and mane ponies accessories (I only have Sun Sprakle's, Sky Skimmer's and Sweet Berry's hairclips. Need any others!) Also missing: purple tail for Golden Light, pink and orange tail for Light Heart, Night Shine's pink tail, Sweetberry's dark pink tail, green and purple mane for Apple Pie) - also missing all of their combs :(
- Floral and baby Petal's flower swing & leaf hair decorations
- all of Princess Fuchsia's accessories
- all of Princess Sapphire's accessories
- comb for Romantic couple of Prince Fauna and Princess Flora
- all of Lady Dragonfly accessories (minus the vanity)
- lady Elegant's: pink treasure chest, big pink crown for the base, star wand & star comb
- lady Rainbow's all accessories
- all of Lady Waterfall's accessories
- all of Junior's accessories (minus the headband)
- all of Spring's accessories
- all of tender Nuzzle's accessories
- all Nosy & Click and Study & Play's accessories (no, not really! Those can be crazily expensive!)
- Cooper Glow, Golden Glow and Diamond Glow combs
- everything from the Birthday Playset from the 2001 (including the playset itself)
- everything minus the chairs from the Wedding Playset from 2001 (including the playset itself)
- Night Glow's & Night Shine's accessories
- White Pearl's accessories
- Medicin's accessories: stethoscope, medicine jar, spoon, comb
- Magician ponies accessories: all but the ones which came with Magician Dragonfly (childhood pony FTW :heart: ) and the amulet + wand for Magician Diamond Glow
- Melody's accessories (minus the comb)
- Muse's accessories
- all accessories for Her majesty Ballerina (minus the crown), Great Romance and Star. Also the comb for Her Majesty Flower
- comb for Glittery Skater
- all accessories for Glittery Heart
- all accessories for holiday ponies (at the sea/beach and countryside) beside the playset settings, the pink bucket and pink sunscreen
- accessories from the pony school playset: yellow ruller, yellow pencil, 2 books, glasses, jump-rope, 2 mallets
- all accessories for Miss Teacher (minus the necktie)
- Springdy's comb
- Jazzy's saxophone and comb
- Rocky's comb
- all Bubble's accessories
- the slide & comb for the slide twins
- the tricycle twins comb & ball
- see saw twins comb
- Snowball's accessories (minus comb)
- Autumn's comb
- Bride's accessories (minus veil)
- Butterfly Hunter's accessories (minus the sunflower plants pot and butterfly net)
- anything from the Sailing Boat playset
- Aqua bib for the Mansion baby pony
Personal Questions...

- Do you have any allergies?
Yes, sadly: no mandarins for me! And no flower-fragrances. I'm very allergic to acacia so please avoid anything with flowers or honey.

- What are your fragrance and candy/sweeties likes and dislikes?
I don't like strong fragrances at all - I prefer delicate scents (strong ones can lead me to a migraine), especially vanilla. No licorice for me!  I love lollipops, chocolate, everything mint-flavoured, sour or spicy (but a chili chocolate might be too much for me :silly: )  I love tea though! Especially green or ginger tea :) You can skip the sweets and just give me tea :silly: 

- What are your hobbies? Do you have pets? Do you collect anything else?
I'm a scrapbooker and I make jewelry - some few examples of my work are here: . I have a shelti girl, which I love to no ends. Currently I'm not collecting anything else, but I love vintage stuff and merry-go-rounds and stickers! My favorite animals are owls, cats, pigs and dogs, I also like items with a rainbow-theme (Confetti is my favorite G1 pony and I'm working on an army of her :heart: )
My current obsession is rehairing - you can send me a rehairing tool, hair hanks or tails and you will make me happy and grateful :heart:

- What are your favourite colours?
Blue, blue, blue! All shades, especially turquoise or teal. The only color I actually don't like much is yellow. I'm very fond of white too and I love neon colors! And as I mentioned above - I adore anything rainbow-colored or with an AB effect.

- Or anything else which you think will help your partner pick out some extras for you…
You can never go wrong with make-up or bathing supplies, cute little stationery or pens/notebooks/stickers. I'm easy to please, really! I also love handmade stuff - if you knit or make jewelry, scrap or love any other type of craft, you can send me handmade items as extras and I will be in heaven :D

- And of course can you clarify what flaws are acceptable to you? And not acceptable? [broken teeth on combs, missing paint on a Big Brother hat, fraying on a ribbon, chews etc??] Please specify how picky you are and if you prefer mintier than mint accessories
:blush: Well, I've already wrote that - but if you had found an accessory that you don't know if I'll be happy with, you can ask a general question in the swap thread and I'll try to get back to you asap - I'll answer each question posted there :ninja: so you'll be able to surely accommodate my needs and wants :silly: Seriously though, I'm not very picky and don't worry that much about the flaws I mentioned above - and if the accessory has some flaws but you don't need it in your collection, feel free to add it - I'll surely will be happy with it :)

- Would you be happy to have one or two expensive accessories or lots of little accessories?
Either is fine with me :)

- Would you like a small plushie with fun accessories? If so, what pony would you like?
Sounds fun :) My pony of choice would of course be Confetti!

- What is your birth month?
November :) i was born on the 6th and that makes me a Scorpio~

-If you are looking for a couple of items from one set would you prefer your partner to find all items from one set or is it ok if you get one item from multiple different set that you want?
I'm okay with either - you can pick each item from each set and that will make me happy :heart: or you can give me a complete set - I will be as happy: everything on my wishlist is something I really, really want - so getting anything from it will make me equally happy. 

-As extras, how would you feel about backcards or brochures or pamphlets, perhaps featuring your favorite ponies?
Oh, I would love them! Anything with Confetti on, or Tropical ponies or Baby Count-a-lot or any G2 pony :drunk: I love backcards! They can be in a pretty

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Re: Wantlist - Sundazzle Sunglory, Paradise Babies, Confettis!
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Anyone has Sunglory for sale/trade? :(


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