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Author Topic: LadySiha's Wish List!  (Read 788 times)

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LadySiha's Wish List!
« on: August 01, 2013, 02:16:51 PM »
**I'm on a Buying Hold Right Now!**
Feel free to reference for swaps!

Over all, I prefer loose!  Condition, as long as it's able to be restored isn't too big of a deal to me, either!
-I'm currently looking for a bait G3 Pinkie Pie in the Diva pose (or Pinkie Pie II) to use for a custom!  Even if I'm on buying hold, PLEASE PM me and let me know!


-My army pony has become Pinkie Pie, so those are always great (G3 and G4!)
-Play condition ponies (especially G1's) for my niece!!

~Merry Go Round -
   -Brilliant Blossoms
   -Diamond Dreams
   -Flower Bouquet
   -Sunny Bunch
~Brush 'n Grow
    -Braided Beauty
    -Curly Locks
    -Pretty Vision
    -Twisty Tail
~Princess Brush 'n Grow
    -Brilliant Bloom
    -Glittering Gem
    -Star Gleamer
~Fancy Mermaid Ponies
    -Baby Pearly
    -Baby Sea Shimmer
~Sundae Best
     -Banana Surprise
     -Coco Berry
     -Crunch Berry
     -Peppermint Crunch
     -Swirly Whirly
     -Blueberry Baskets
     -Boysenberry Pie
     -Cherry Treats
     -Cranberry Muffin
  -Raspberry Jam
~Misc -
    -Baby Fleecy - Pretty Pal
    -Baby Leafy - Pretty Pal
    -Cherries Jubilee Earth Ponies 2nd Set
    -Gusty - Unicorn / Pegasus 2nd Set
    -Lady Flutter - Summer Wing Pony
    -Locket - Twinkle Eye Second Set
    -Yum Yum - Twice as Fancy 2nd Set
~ Year 1
   -Berry Bright
   -Morning Glory
   -Petal Blossom
   -Sky Skimmer
~Year 2
   -Moon Shadow
   -Satin Splash
   -Secret Tale
~Year 3
   -Hip Holly
   -Lady Light Heart
   -Princess Crystal
   -Princess Ivy
   -Princess Silver Swirl
   -Princess Sky Skimmer
   -Princess Twinkle Star
~Year 4
  -Baby Sweet Snowflake
  -Light up Family Silver Swirl (Princess Silver Swirl & Baby Swirly)
  -Magic Motion Family Light Heart (Light Heat & Baby Tickle Heart)
  -Prince Firefly
  -Princess Golden Light
  -Royal Twins Giggles & Wiggles
  -Royal Twins Fire & Flame
  -Twin Ponies Dart & Dash (with their bee costumes, please!)
  -Twin Ponies Drifer & Dreamer
  -Twin Ponies Polka & Dot (with their ladybug costumes, please!)
~Year 5
  -Copper Glow
  -Golden Glow
  -Princess Sapphire
  -Silver Glow
~Year 6
   -Her Majesty Pearl
~Year 7
   -Puff (with or without dragon pajamas)

~Scented Ponies
   -Citrus Sweetheart
   -Pretty Pop
   -Soda Float
   -Strawberry Surprise
   -Fairy Dust
   -November Nights
   -Peachy Pie
   -Any for the Lovely Locks Salon

   -Sweetie Belle
   -Cherry Berry
   -Cherry Pie
~Blind Bags
 *Wave 1
 *Wave 2
    -Tea Love
 *Wave 3
    -Glowy Pinkie Pie
    -Sprinkle Stripe
 *Wave 4
    -Metallic Pinkie Pie
 *Wave 5
    -Flippity Flop
 *Wave 8
    -Granny Smith
    -Princess Cadence
    -Royal Riff
    -Lemon Hearts
~Funko Blind Boxes
     -Pinkie Pie
     -Sweetie Drops
     -Glow-in-the-Dark Bubbles

Others -
I'm currently looking for Fairy Winkle toys.  These are intended for my 3-year-old niece so they don't have to be minty!

Tiny Swap Questions

Do you have any food or fragrance allergies?
Not that I am aware of, but I do have sensitive skin so I tend to stay away from inexpensive soaps, lotions and perfumes

What kind of candy or snacks do you like? Any dislikes?

Likes - good dark chocolate, rainbow twizzlers, Hi-Chew (especially grape!), Pocky, anything raspberry or peach flavored.
Dislikes - white chocolate, anything green apple flavored

Tell us a little about yourself! Maybe your favorite color, music, animal. Do you collect anything besides ponies? Do you have any kids or pets? Are you into any crafts? Be creative here!
Girly, crafty, nerdy - good things to keep in mind about me! :biggrin:
I love Japanese street fashion (especially Lolita and Hime Gyaru) and absolutely anything "kawaii".  Pink is my favorite color and I love stuff with lace, pearls and floral prints.  I also really like stuff with strawberry or crown designs.  Fun colored and printed tights may be one of my favorite things ever!
In crafting, I'm sort of a jack-of-all-trades.  I do a bit of paper craft, sewing, costume making, drawing, jewelry making and I even bake and make bento.  I've tried to learn to knit but I just feel I'm too lazy for it  :lol:  Jewelry making is probably my forte.  I love wearing jewelry I've made as well as sharing it with other people.  I'm a big fan of baking/decorating cupcakes, but just don't do it often because then I MUST eat them :biggrin:
I have been slowly getting into pony customs and alternate rehairs, as well (I'm looking at you Pinkie Pie who's going to be a Green Ranger Pony :biggrin: )
I'm a big nerd, no lies!  I cosplay, play board games, video games and love cartoons.  My biggest video game loves are Gears of War, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Bioshock though I play a rather huge variety of games.  Some friends finally got me into Doctor Who, so I'm into that stuff now  :lol:  I also love anything Adventure Time or Sailor Moon.
My favorite music is pretty much video game soundtracks Mass Effect 3 and Bioshock: Infinite are probably my favorites right now.
Aside from that, I collect La-La-Loopsies (the tiny dolls, not the big ones, and am in love with the ponies), Hello Kitty stuff, honeybee things and have a thing for penguins.  I like steampunk-y stuff (like old fashioned keys and gears) that I can work into jewelry and craft projects, and to just have around.  I also adore silly (and good smelling) pens.
Finally, I share many of my ponies with my 3-year-old (almost 4) niece, so any lightly loved ponies I can add to her special shelf are always greatly appreciated  ^.^

What pony condition(s) are acceptable or unacceptable to you? (ie haircuts, rubs, spots, ect.)

I am so NOT picky.  I don't like anything too obvious, but as long as they still display nicely or I can fix them, I really don't mind.  I'm actually starting to love haircuts and bald ponies because I really like re-hairing and doing alternate re-hairs.
Bad smells are a no-no though - please no cigarette or mildew smell.

Do you have an army?
Yes - Pinkie Pie!  G3 and G4 though I'd love any alternate gen cutoms or altnerate rehairs!

Equestria Girls dolls?
No thank you, I don't really care for them

Do you cusromize ponies?
I try and like altnerate rehairs, so I'd appreciate supplies!!

Would you like customs or alternate rehairs?
Yes, yes!  Especially Pinkie Pie, Morrigan (the one in my sig), anything from my favorite games or my oc - Siha is a beige pegasus with pink gradient feet, long curly hair that's dark red with a pink underside and two crossed black feathers as a cutie mark

Generations you like/dislike
So far I mostly have g1 and g4 with a bit of g3, I've recently discovered a love of g2's.
I pretty much just don't care for 3.5 and eq girls

All time favorite ponies
Princess Cadence, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.  Also Baby Princess Sparkle, Princess Tiffany, and any of the g1 "berry butts"  :lol:

Extra from where my box came from?
So cool!!  Yes!!

Would you like something knitted
I absolutely love and appreciate handmade things!

Beaded jewelry sizes/types
I love handmade jewelry.  I wear anything, really.  I want to say my wrist is about 6" (I usually wear stretchy bracelets and cuffs so im not really sure). Necklaces, 10" or longer is good.  Anything for earrings, just nothing too heavy and my ears do rract to some inexpensive metals.

Nail Polish
Yes!!  I like primcess-y pimks and any dark colors.  Sometimes the weirder the better - I actuwlly have something called "fuzzy coat"   :lol:  I'm fine with glitter, too.

Funky socks
I love socks, and actually have a horde of penguin socks.  I especially have a thing for knee socks anc over-the-knee socks.  Im a US size 8-8 1/2

Random stuff
Sometimes that's the most fun stuff!!   :biggrin:

Pierced Ears
Yes.  I am senstive to some inexpensive metals, though, so I tend to be careful.  I like a lot of pink and blue jewelry, and love straight up metals (silver anc copper especially) since those can go with anything.

I love to share them with my niece.  I especially like sparkly or smelly kind.

Homemade treats
If you would like to send them, wow!  Yes please!!

I love Sephora brand, eye crayons, and fun colored eyeliner pencils.  I like pinks, golds, and browns.

Do you have a child, younger sibling, spouse, or roommate that may appreciate something extra in the box just for them?

I live with my parents, but with my dad's job most of the time it's just me and Mom.  She collects laybugs/things with ladybugs on them.

Do you have any pets? Would you like to receive any toys or treats for them as extras?

My mom has two Australian Shepherds, Quiggley and Kylie.  However, they are very spoiled and don't need anything  :lol:

Dear partner, Do you like/collect plushies, coloring books, stickers or any other pony themed things in particular?
Not especially.  I don't really care for many of the MLP plushies (aside from the Aurora, TY and BABW g4 ones).  Coloring books and stickers I'm more likely to share with my niece than keep.

Partner, are there any small extras or non MLP items that you would be happy to receive in your swap box?
Anything?  Any of the candy I listed (or anything delicious you think I should try).  I always appreciate nice bookmarks since I'm almost always reading something.  I also love the following: Adventure Time, Hello Kitty, La-La-Loopsy, Sailor Moon, Gears of War, Bioshock, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Castlevania, Borderlands, Pokemon, Archer, Doctor Who (I'm a 9th Doctor girl, but I also LOVE the War Doctor), Disney (Frozen, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast & Aladdin are my faves)

Do you like Mobile Phone covers & Mobile Phone charms? If this is a yes what make is your phone?
I do, on both, but I have the hardest time finding covers for my phone unless I go online. I have a Motorola Droid Razr XT912
However, I'm of two minds about a case, since my contract is up in June and I'll be getting a new phone then (since this one is having issues with it's charger plugin)
Charms are always great though!

Do you collect Monster High items?

I haven't, but I have recently discovered the character Rebbecca Steam and am completely in love with her.... She's a steampunk robot!  So awesome!!  :biggrin:

Are you a coffee or tea drinker?  What kind do you like?
I'm a both!  I really love flavored coffees and love the smaller local-type companies.
I drink loose leaf tea, and mostly herbal kind since I tend to drink tea at night.  I'm just getting to old to drink caffeine after 7pm....  ^^;

Partner, do you like pony or any other fan art? If so, what would you like drawn?

Yes, if you can and feel up to it.  I'd love to see ponies combined with my other fandoms.  Especially Gears of War, Mass Effect (omg James Vega riding a pony lol), Doctor Who (I have a silly thing about the 8th Doctor riding ponies).  Also, I love Pan's horse form in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and would love to see it MLP style

Do you like/want some pony wear? If so, are there favorite outfits you'd like?

Not really.  I got my baby snow suit, so I'm pretty set.

What's everyone's favorite types of animals real or myth?
Honeybees (I'm counting it as an animal and you can't stop me  :lol: ) and penguins

Anyone opposed to ponies not being wrapped up pretty if it means I can fit more in the box?

As others have said, fine as long as it's in a ziplock bag or something of the sort.

How do you store and/or display your ponies? For example, in boxes, on shelves, on playlets, with accessories . .
I have a small shelf I keep them on, and my few MIB/MOC hang on the wall with command hooks.
My plush Spike lives on my bedside table (with my plush Pokemon, it's pretty cute) and my bee-butt pony collection (Honeycomb, Bumblesweet, and Honeybuzz) are on my vanity dresser so I can look at them while I'm getting ready for work in the morning.  ^.^

favorite movies/ music
Disney (Tangled, Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin) Miyazaki (My Neighbor Totoro, Ponyo, and Howl's Moving Castle are my favorites), The House of Flying Daggers, Hero, The Princess Diaries (even though the books are way better), The Wedding Singer, Sophie's Revenge (it's a foreign romantic comedy staring Zhang Ziyi and it's hilarious), Memoirs of a Geisha
I mostly answered this in my original post but I will add that I like a lot of classical and pop music.  I'll listen to pretty much anything but country and rap (and I even have exceptions to those) as long as there's not screaming in it. 
I will add I found a YouTube playlist for Bioshock that had all of the music that will play on the various phonographs throughout Rapture... it was sort of Heaven to listen to at work.

OK, question for my partner... I found a pony that I am almost 100% sure you don't have, from what you described on your list, but it has drier hair than planned.  I got it anyway, as I really think you will love it...will the hair be an issue, especially if it is an army pony that I think you are going to just go nuts over?OK, question for my partner... I found a pony that I am almost 100% sure you don't have, from what you described on your list, but it has drier hair than planned.  I got it anyway, as I really think you will love it...will the hair be an issue, especially if it is an army pony that I think you are going to just go nuts over?
I don't even worry about hair, since I like re-hairing  :)

What are your hobbies?
Video games, costuming/cosplay, nearly anything crafty (lots and lots of jewelry-making) reading - currently the Percy Jackson books.

Just I want to know if it is ok to take things out of packets so I can get more in?
Absolutely!  I was planning on doing this myself, if I needed to  ;)
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Re: LadySiha's Wish List!
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2013, 02:22:11 PM »
I think I have an extra Citrus Sweetheart around here somewhere. :)
WTB: MOC and Nirvana Boy Ponies
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Re: LadySiha's Wish List!
« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2013, 02:52:53 PM »
Pm'ed you  ;)

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Re: LadySiha's Wish List!
« Reply #3 on: August 02, 2013, 10:56:05 AM »
I have  brush and grow long yellow dots and hearts brush if you're interested? Pm me if you are! ^.^


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