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Author Topic: Kiwimlp's want list  (Read 3300 times)

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Kiwimlp's want list
« on: January 15, 2012, 01:10:13 AM »
ETA: Please note the only items I am actively seeking are the G1 accessories and Sunny the Bush woolie. This list is intended for reference for my future swap partners and also so I can keep a track of things.

** means over priced for $10 swap but I need to keep them on my list so I know what I want for myself
Anything written in red means I really, really want it!

Ponies G1

TAF Baby Milky Way **
TAF Baby Sweet Tooth **
TAF Baby Up Up and Away **
Ruby **
Saphire **
Diamond **

SS Crumpet **

WW stary Wings
WW Whirly

TE Quackers
TE Sky Rocket
TE Sweet Stuff
TE Sweet Pop


MM Magic Hat

Baby Surf Rider

Pumpkin Tart (with accessories)
Abra-Ca-Dabra (with accessories)
Chilly Breezes (with accessories)

Bush Woolies
Sunny (purple, green crown)

Heart throb
Pretty Beat
Sea Flower
Rainbow Curl Streaky
Rainbow Curl Rain Curl
Flower Boquet
Braided Beauty
Love Melody
TAF Baby Up and Away **
SW Buzzer
SW Glow
MO Sparkle Napper
Raspberry Jam
Toe Dancer
Baby Rainbow - Rain Ribbon
BBE Baby Halfnote

BB Accessories (NB: Ponies not needed)
Salty: Hat, Bandana
Barnacle: Comb
Wigwarm: Bandana
4 Speed: Hat, Bandana,
Quaterback: Comb
Tex: Bandana
Slugger: Hat, Comb
Salty: Hat, bandanna

Lights, Camera, Action (choker)
Rockin' the Night Away (blue pants, guitar, silver headband, 2 magneta bow shoes)
Neon Lights (black belt)
Get Into The Groove (4 socks)
Pretty as a Picture (red beret, red plastic brush)
Sidewalk Surfer (visor, head phones, 2 knee pads)
Pony Holiday (sun hat, yellow suitcase)
Milk 'n Cookies (pink heart blanket, pillow, white plastic cup, white plate with cookies)
Hit the Slopes (ski hat, magneta ski suit, goggles)
Ready for Rainbows (adult purse)
Abra-Ca-Dabra (all)
Pony Naut (helmet
Adademy Award (all)
Galaxy Glamour (silver headband, 4 silver sparkle shoes)
In the Centre Ring (mask, bodysuit, cape)

Player - Pink Boa, earrings (yellow/pink)
DJ - White Boa, earrings (pink/red)
Twirler - Bow hairclip (pink/yellow hair/gold tinsel), earrings (aqua/pink)
Songster - earrings (blue/purple)
Swinger - all
Tap Dancer - all

Baby Fifi - blue toothbrush, purple duck comb


Please note, I only want the following accessories, not the pony unless listed above visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Coco Berry - barrette, comb
Swirly Whirly - barrett, comb
Crunch Berry - barrett, comb

Twisty Tail - Yellow hearts-in-a-row barrette
Songster - Aqua ear rings, purple gems. Light aqua star brush
Baby Paws - Orange car comb, dark pink ribbon, orange mallet, Yellow stipe bandanna, pink/purple dish, yellow spoon
Baby Leaper - Magneta race car comb, Yellow Mallet, yellow ribbon, light pink bandanna, light yellow dish, pink spoon
Baby Countdown - Blue mallet, pink ribbon
Medley - pink ribbon
Romper - Dark pink bird pick with lime green hair, dark blue squirrel tail clip
Moonstone - Blue ribbon
Powder - aqua stars/moon comb, pink ribbon
Parasol - blue comb

Scrub-A-Dub-Tub - Accessories
Soap, star sponge, shower cap

Baby Buggy - Lace for umberella

Puffy Stickers
Baby Blossom. Seashell. Starshine. Sunlight. Posey. Tootsie. Heart-throb. Sparkler. Confetti. Flutterbye. Pinwheel. Starflower. Tickle. Trickles. Wave Dancer. Sealight

Baby Bonnet School of Dance Accessories:
pink ballet bar
blue butterfly brush
2 pink legwarmers
Wooly wiggle waltz sign

Lullabye Nursery Accessories:
white bowl
Baby Tiddley-winks NBBE

Slumber Party Pack Ponies:
Pink Dreams
Sleep Tight
Sleepy Head

Slumber Party Pack Accessories:
Teen Magazine
Rainbow Hop Game
Record Player
Milk Carton
Blue stars comb

Dolly mix ponies: Applejack, Snuzzle, Powder, Mainsail, Glory, Medley, Gusty


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