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Author Topic: G1s,G4s, and more for Trade :) -every pony must go-  (Read 448 times)

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G1s,G4s, and more for Trade :) -every pony must go-
« on: April 20, 2018, 11:49:10 PM »
Here are my ponies for trade. I will be moving sometime in June. Just a heads up. I am flexible and try to get the ponies out on time. :) The moc megan and pony wear that I am trading I would like to trade for any megan/sudance wear that I need even the one on the picture. I have plenty of ponies on my want list that I am looking for.

Here are the pony photos:

here is my wantlist:

G1 ponies Adult:
BB Barnacle hold
bowtie hold
star glow-hold
posey SS
sand digger
sweet pop
quackers te she has some issues hold
princess tiffany
princess royal blue
twirler dance in prance tail broken :/
mail order sunspot - hold
ringlets hold
windy magic message
Truly SS with curly hair - HOLD
cupcake SS
shady SS

Friendly the bushwoolie -  hold

mlp beach bag - hold

G1 accessories:
party time pack - 6 plates 1 green balloon 2 yellow cup, 4 pink candles
paradise state:
blue dresser 2 of them.
purple coffee table
yellow dressing table
pink sink it doesn't have a sink
purple stereo 2 of them
blue tv
toy box
yellow speaker 1

g1 flutter ponies:
rosedust rehaired
rosedust with faded pink hair

G1 babies:
baby quackers off white
baby quackers hold
m.o:pink and lavender haired baby ember
baby tipytoes
baby stripes
baby seapony tiny bubbles  -hold
baby seapony beachcomber pearly -hold
baby sleep tight

G1 baby accessories:
lofty's blue wagon with white dots yellow wheels.  hold
blossom's aqua blue rocker
moondancer's purple grey rocker
red saddle
yellow hat from pretty parlor
yellow basket and yellow table from dream castle
Megan but she has broken legs.I think she would make a good mermaid.
aqua rocker (w/Doodles + Noodles or Speckles + Bunkie's)

Lily lightly works with dresshold

Strawberry shortcake buttercookie doll. hold
G4 pop ponies and accessories - pinky pie, 2 rarities, 1 apple jack, fluttershy, princes candance, princess luna.
some strange mermaid thing I cant ID. with a little baby mermaid.

G1 pony wear: sweet dreams terrycloth pjs and tea time party hat and pink shoes
Party time present, purple dotted dress and pink bow shoes 4. yellow hat complete and a second dress and 4 pink shoes.
baby wear: snowsuits 2, clown suits 2,overalls pink 1, 2 pink hats. red jumper, dragon suit.
red saddle.
flash prace 2 rainbow striped mini dresses 1 is complete the other isnt.
4 leg warmers 3 baby leg warmers
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Re: G1s,G4s, and more for Trade :)
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2018, 06:21:55 PM »
Good luck! Jealous of that Cutesaurus. Wish I had more from your Wishlist to make US-Canada shipping worthwhile.
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Offline SkyCakes

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Re: G1s,G4s, and more for Trade :)
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2018, 07:06:06 PM »
thanks khoufu , I know right everybody wants her even with her flaws. Shes the cutest dino in the world. :)