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Author Topic: G1, G3, or G4 Want List - For Trades and Swaps  (Read 3713 times)

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G1, G3, or G4 Want List - For Trades and Swaps
« on: January 18, 2012, 08:22:24 PM »
My G1 Want List

 I update constantly so check back.
 I like my ponies to be in good condition. I like to rehair ponies.
 Im not very picky on ponies, I accept ponies with little haircuts, marks on bottom of hoofs, ingrain dirt, pin dot mold, things are not hard to fix to me.
 I dont accept, pony cancer, perminate ink marks, missing limbs, or mold.
 Bold - means I really like to have.
 Also wanted: any bait g1/g3/g4 baby poses.
 and dollar general/store newborn fakies. any of the HQ Collector Customs and
super want the white big brother one frost

Grail: lil cupcake

Wanted accessories:  all Princess wands except Princess Starbursts and Princess Primroses and big brother hats listed below.

Upgrades to be in Good Condition or up:
Bubblefish or fish charm if anyone has one.
Hula Hula

Sea Mist
High tide
Sand Dollar

Baby Mermaid Ponies:
Sea Shimmer

Baby sea ponies:
Sea Breeze

G1 35th anniversary ponies:

I only have two moonstone and skyflier. All the others I would like to have.

G1 - HQ Collector Customs:

Glitter Island



_Glitter Wishes
_Lucky Star

Love Collection

Puppy Love

_Matte  _Pearl

Kitty Love

_Matte  _Pearl

Playful Babies
*8 variations of each*

Tipper (stack toy)

_Pink   _Flocked
_Green   _Flocked
_Blue  _Flocked
_Yellow  _Flocked

Zipper (toy car)

_Pink   _Flocked
_Green   _Flocked
_Blue  _Flocked
_Yellow  _Flocked

Nipper (teething ring)

_Pink   _Flocked
_Green   _Flocked
_Blue  _Flocked
_Yellow  _Flocked

Flipper (toy airplane)

_Pink  _Flocked
_Green   _Flocked
_Blue  _Flocked
_Yellow  _Flocked

Farmer Boys

_Mushroom (name TBD)
_Watermelon (Name TBA)
_Citrus (Name TBA)

Date Night

_Honey Hearts
_Star Struck 
_Love Boat

Artistry Girls

_Flow _Alt.
_Pizzazz _Alt.
_Rhythm _Alt.

(Alt. Hair Versions - Katz Pony Shop Exclusive)

Holiday Collection

_Candy Cane
_Holly Berry
_Lil' Star

_Matte  _Pearl

_Matte  _Pearl

Sweet Treats

_Rainbow Puff
_Rainbow Twist
_Berry Buttercream
_Berry Torte

Ice Cream Soda Social

_Mint Chipper
_Orange Dream
_Keylime Surprise
_Cherry Fizz

Wishes Do Come True - Gift Sets

Fun At The Fair

_Lil' Treats

Limited Release

_Fair Feathers (2018 Pony Fair Exclusive)
_Genie 2.0 _Oria (Clipper's Sail Exclusive)

Create Your Own Pony



_1.0 Glow  _2.0

 _2.0 Glow

_1.0  _2.0 Glow

_1.0  _2.0 Glow

_1.0  _2.0 Glow



Glitter Blank

_Itty Bitty
_Little Boy
_Teen (Head Forward)
_Teen (Head Turned)
_Sea Pony (Head Up)
_Sea Pony (Head Forward)
_Unicorn (Genie Pose)

the Perm Shoppe
rock a bye bed
scrub a dub tub
sweet dreams crib
princess baby buggy
baby pony carry case

Playset accessories list:

Show Stable:
pink felt blanket
yellow heart shaped grooming brush
purple standard comb
purple hair ribbon

perfume poof palace:
bottle of red polish
pink lipstick
pink mesh bow
blue scarf with silver dots
bright pink flower barrette
orange beaded necklace
dark pink beaded necklace
flower stickers to decorate ponies
pale blue flower hair pink with light pink hair

Paradise Estate accessories:
stacking toy, white,blue,yellow,green then pink on top.
2 pink combs
2 milk cartons
2 pink spoons
2 pink forks
2 pink knifes
2 pink glasses
1 statue
patio table with umbrella and heart topper
2 hearts that sit on the front and back of pool canopy

US Mail Orders

Mail order Spike

(Wedding Ponies)
Satin 'n Lace (dark magenta)

Pretty Mane Ponies

Baby Sisters
Li'l Sweetcake
Li'l Cupcake

Baby Birthday Ponies
Baby Sugarcake
Baby Gametime

Mommy and Baby Pony

(Individual Ponies)
Stockings, the Holiday Pony
Sweet Scoops

US Adult MLP Accessories Checklist

Surprise's and so softs
purple cresant moon comb
purple ribbon

Special: slumber party gift pack I have 0 items

play and care set accessory list:

baby blossoms:
pink bear brush
aqua bottle with white trim
pink with white top rattle
pink elastic

baby cotton candy:
lavender bear brush
duck pull toy
pink baby necklace

baby firefly:
blue with top rattle

baby glory:
dark pink bear brush
white bottle with blue trim
Stack Toy (Blue stand, White, Pink, Green, and Yellow Pieces - order varies)
Purple Star Blanket

baby moondancer
white bottle with lavender trim
duck pull toy

baby surprise:
yellow bear brush
white bottle with green trim
stack toy: blue/green/pink/white/yellow

newborn accessories:
dibbles and nibbles:
aqua bassinet with yellow canopy
aqua rattle with yellow trim
pink rattle with aqua trim

doodles and noodles:
yellow snail rocker
yellow dish with white inside
2 aqua spoons
1 white nightgown with a pink bow

jangles and tangles:
purple snail rocker
pink snail rocker
purple dish with yellow inside
2 pink spoons

milkweed and tubleweed:
purple bassinete with pink canopy
light pink rattle with white trim
purple rattle with aqua trim

rattles and tattles:
pink stroller with purple awning

sniffles and snookums:
aqua stroller with yellow awning

big top and toppy:
yellow dish with white inside
2 aqua spoons

jabber and jebber:
pink sandbox

puddles and peeks
aqua and pink seesaw or pink with yellow ect
light pink rattle with white trim
purple rattle with aqua trim

speckles and bunkie
aqua snail rocker
yellow snail rocker
light pink rattle with yellow trim
aqua rattle with yellow trim

sniffles and sticky:
pink with yellow seasaw or pink or yellow aqua seasaw
2 light pink spoons
purple dish with yellow inside

baby sea pony floats
backstroke's aqua and orange fish float
sea shimmer's purple and green turtle float
sea star's pink and purple duck float
splasher's green and blue turtle float
surf rider's blue and purple fish float
tiny bubble's yellow duck float
ripple's green pink frog float
pearly's sea shimmer's purple green turtle float
sunshower's blue and yellow alligator float
pearly surf rider's blue and purple fish float
celebrate's purple and orange turtle float
dipper's aqua and blue turtle float
salty's yellow and orange lobsters float
sea breeze's pink and purple lobester float
sea spray's green and blue float
surfy's blue and purple alligater float
wavy's pink and green frog float
foamy blue and yellow frog float
misty's purple and orange duck float
sealight's green and pink turtle float
seashore's orange and blue fish float
seawinkle's pink and green alligator float
wavedancer's yellow and purple lobster float

Princess Ponies:

Princess Royal Blue
O wand, purple-pink

Princess Serena
O wand, purple-pink

Princess Tiffany
O wand, blue

Princess Dawn
O wand, green

Princess Misty
O wand, light aqua

Princess Moondust
O wand, pink

Princess Pristina
O wand, raspberry pink

Princess Sunbeam
O wand, darker blue

Princess Taffeta
O wand, yellow

Big Brother Ponies

Barnacle -
O pirate hat

Slugger -
O baseball cap

Steamer -
O conductor's hat

Wigwam -
O headdress

Pony Wear:

City Kids - all is missing

Strike up the Band - all is missing

Neon Lights - the black belt

From the designer collection - all is missing

Hearts and candy - all is missing

Lights, Camera, Action - all is missing

Pagent Queen - all is missing

Something Old Something new - all is missing

Sweetness and lace - all is missing,  all I have is the sheer purple robe.

Mom and baby wear:

Sun and Fun - I just need the (adult) yellow bikini swimsuit

Sunday Stroll - all is missing

Ready for Rainbows - all is missing

Baby Pony wear with pocket pals:

Sunsuit - all is missing

Lion suit - all is missing

Sleepwear - all is missing

Elephant Suit - all is missing

Party Dress - all is missing

Megan and Pony wear

Country Jamboree - I need Megan's outfit

Flower Darlings - I need Megan's outfit

Ice Princesses -  all is missing

By the sea - I need sundance's outfit

Sweet dreams - all is missing

Play N wear

Sidwalk surfer - all is missing

Pretty as a picture - all is missing

Milk n Cookies - I need Kitty printed nightcap
blanket and cookie plate

Pony Holiday - - all is missing

Hit The Slopes - all is missing

Get into the groove - all is missing

Abra-Ca-Dabra -  - all is missing

Rockin the night away  - all is missing

Academy Award - - all is missing

Pony- Naut  - all is missing

Galaxy Glamour  - all is missing

In The Center Ring  - all is missing
Plush Ponies:
Moondancer open mouth
or Moondancer closed mouth
Lofty Mother
Parasol open mouth
or Parsol closed mouth
Starshine open mouth
or Starshine closed mouth


UK Seaponies:
Surf Dancer
Wave Breaker
Sea Spray

Variations to Little Ponies:
Woosie (lavender)

Megan & Sundance
any uk megan and sundance will do.

Non-So Soft Ponies:
Magic Star

Non-Beddy-Bye Eyed Baby Ponies
Baby Gusty
Baby Heart Throb
Baby Lickety-Split
Baby Lofty
Baby Cherries Jubliee
Baby Hopscotch

Baby Dragons
Fiery (red)
Smokey (blue)
Prickles (green)
Sparks (pink)
Flash (yellow)
Spiny (purple)

Starlight Baby Ponies
Baby Explorer
Baby Stella

Early Ponies
Posey with dark tulips

Rainbow Ponies
Night Light

Mountain Boy Ponies

Activity Club Baby Ponies
Baby Fun 'n Games

(Ponies who came with Playsets/Accessories)

Cascade (with UK Waterfall)

Birthday Party accessories from tutti fruiti playset

Bed N Cribset

1990 Ponies

Flower Ponies

(Individual Ponies)
just the picnic set needed

1991 Ponies
Good Weather, the Holiday Pony

Romance Ponies
Love Token

Cookery Ponies
Nice 'n Spicy
Cherry Sweet

1992 Ponies

My Little Pony Tales
Bright Eyes
Bon Bon

Rollerskates Ponies
Hip Hop

Sweet Kisses Ponies
Candy Kisses
Kiss & Make Up

Best Friends Ponies


Baby Katie

Baby Billie

Bedtime Newborns

Princess Sparkle

Family Friends/Family Babies
Daddy Berrytown
Mommy Berrytown
Baby Berrytown
Daddy Meadowsweet
Daddy Sunbright
Mommy Sunbright

1993 Ponies

Sweetie Babies
Baby Candy
Baby Licorice
Baby Lollipop

Seaside Babies
Splish (orange)
Splash (green)
Splosh (pink)

Jewellrey Babies
Baby Ruby
Baby Diamond

Great Hair Ponies

Nurse Ponies
Nurse Sweetheart

Surprise Newborns
Baby Bouncy
Baby Cuddles
Baby Snoozy

Surprise Twins Pony
with her two babies

G3 Want list
Bold for what I want:

Twilight pink
snow el

Ribbons and Bows
Northern lights
Jingle Jangle
Winter ice

Cinnamon breeze
Caribbean Delight
beach belle
sunny salsa
goodie goodie
dibble dabble
misty blue
strawberry sunset
yours truly
Finger Paints
bay breeze
sunny sparkles
sweet sparkle
rhythm and rhyme
chocolate delight
wish I may
wish I might
berries and cherries
spring carnival
sunshine parade
rainbow sunrise
Pumpkin Tart
Velvet Bow
Winter Wish
crowning glory
pretty palace
Daisy Paisley
Rhapsody Ribbons
bashful bonnet
flower wishes
lovely ladybug
jolly lolly

flower ponies:
February Violet
March Daffodil
May Lily of the Valley
June Rose
July Larkspur
August Gladiolus
October Calendula
November Chrysanthemum
December Poinsettia
Gem Ponies:
Fantastical February
March Mischief
May Belle
June Blossom
July Jubilee
August Breeze
October Dreams
November Nights
December Delight

G4 Want List
Starbeam twinkle

water cutie - princess Cadance

Fashion styles:
Rainbow Dash
Coco Pommel

Sliver Spoon

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Re: G1, G3, or G4 Want List - For Trades and Swaps
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2019, 07:13:00 AM »

Are you currently buying, I have a few on your wishlist, will PM you for more details  ;)