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Author Topic: G1, G3 and G4 for trade, along with accesories  (Read 1340 times)

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Offline ButtercreamDream

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G1, G3 and G4 for trade, along with accesories
« on: July 20, 2016, 03:49:39 AM »
Everything on my sales page is available for trade.  My want list is in my signature =)

-MIP UK Mail Order Baby Ribbon and Hearts MIP
-MIP Mail Order Baby Stockings MIP
-Happy Glow
-Star Hopper
-Princess Royal Blue with Bushwoolie, wand, comb and hat
-Peppermint Crunch
-Mirror Mirror with comb
-Beach Ball
-Tabby with bird pick and brush
-Cloud Dreamer and brush
-So Soft Paradise
-Merry Treats
-Pony Bride with veil and cake
-Firefly with brush
-Cherries Jubilee 1 with brush
-Cherries Jubilee 2
-Windy with brush
-Half Note $14
-Mirror Mirror (symbol still changes) $10
-TAF Sweet Tooth
-TAF Sundance (faded hair, colour change works) $7
-TAF Sugarberry $14
-TAF Up Up and Away (faded hair) $6
-TAF Fifi (pink in symbol a bit faded) $5

-Baby Moondancer with accessories
-Baby Glory with accessories
-Baby Lickety Split with accessories incl. high chair
-Baby Noddins with bib and brush
-Baby Noddins 2 with brush
-Baby Sundance
-MO Blue Ember
-Baby Apple Delight
-Baby Brother Sweet Celebration
-Baby Nightcap
-Sparkle Baby Gusty (Tail trim)
-Baby Beach Ball (tiny cuts, kitty chews? to NDS ear, mark on NDS neck)

-Newbron Jebber and Jabber with accessories incl. sandbox
-Newborn Tumbleweed
-Newborn Speckles (Now rehaired, see spoiler)
-Newborn Tangles
-Newborn Dangles (Main trim)

-Backstroke's Float
-Pealy Sunshower
-Pearly Ripple

-Zig Zag $12
-Kingsly $14

-Baby Keen Bean
-Baby Flower Flash
-Gem Blossom
-Peachy Pie
-Desert Blossom
-Desert Rose
-Gardenia Glow
-Royal Rose
-Moondancer $2
-Piccolo $2
-Amberlocks $2
-Daisyjo $2
-Sunset Sweety $2
-Banjo Blue $2
-Toola-Roola #2 II
-Island Delight
-Golden Delicious

MiB G3
-Crystal Lake, Dress Up Evening Wear - Target Exclusive
-Silver Song, Super long hair
-Tea Leaf, TRU Exclusive
-Sunset Sweety
-Triple Treat
-Bee Bop
-Sweet Song
-Magic Marigold
-Ribbon Wishes
-Pineapple Paradise
-Sand Dollar
-Island Delight
-Desert Rose
-Crystal Lace
-Desert Blossom
-Valentine's Sweetie Belle
-Doseydotes -Easter
-Spring Treat -Easter
-Fancy Free
-Lovey Dovey
-Royal Bouquet
-Daisy May
-Royal Rose
-Rainbow Dash IV- 25th anniversary
-Starsong - 25th anniversary
-Sweetie Belle - 25th anniversary
-Fluttershy III - Sunny Adventures
-Sunny Dayz IV - Let's Go
-Breezie Parade - Azalia Bloom, Meadow Moon, Honeydew Hum

 -Newborn Cutie Sweetie Belle w/accessories
 -Sweetie Belle

-Shimmer Flutters Princess Celestia MiB
-Rainbow Power Fashion Style Daisy Dreams MiB
-Dewdrop Dazzle
-Honeybuzz and pet bee
-Plumsweet with pet hamster and comb
-Lulu Luck
-FS Applejack 2010, first release
-Rainbow Dash w/tinsel hair
-Fluttershy w/tinsel steaks
-FS White Celestia, Walmart Exclusive
-FS Twilight Sparkle, first release
-MIB TRU Exclusive Photo Finish
-Flower Wishes x2
-Shine Bright Pinkie Pie
-MIB Water Cutie Luna
-MIB Water Cutie Celestia

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Offline pinkity

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Re: G1, G3 and G4 for trade, along with accesories
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2016, 09:18:09 PM »
Hi! ^^ I'm interested in Lulu Luck and Honeybuzz. Who or what would you like for them?

Also, are your Flower Wishes ponies the glittery cutie mark editions? I'd be interested in one of those as well. :]
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