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Author Topic: WTB; G1s US, M/O and UK  (Read 2171 times)

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WTB; G1s US, M/O and UK
« on: January 23, 2012, 01:10:28 AM »
Welcome to my VERY LONG want list.  I love to trade, but I'm looking to buy as well. Please shoot me a pm if you are looking to sell or trade any of these.   Ponies in blue are ones I have, but could use upgrades for.
 I love Minty ponies, so if you have any that are Mint, or NM, chances are I'll trade for them, even if I already have an excellent version of the same pony =)
 non-MLP wants
 My husband and son love lego, so I'm always looking for characters, animals, interesting lego parts (technics pumps especially) and complete sets as well.

 :lovey: G1s :lovey:
 -Show Stable

 -Brandy the dog

 -FF Blossom
 -FF Cotton Candy
 -FF Minty
 -FF Snuzzle
 -Long haired Apple Jack
 -Secret Beauty
 -Sweet Blossom
 -Chocolate Delight with float
 -Tap Dancer
 -Red Roses
 -Dainty Dahlia
 -Lavender Lace
 -Purple Princess Pony (eyelashes)

 -Twice as fancy Megan
 -Oakly the Moose

Baby Ponies
 -Fancy Pants Baby Bows
 -Fancy Pants Baby Splashes (US)
 -Fancy Pants Baby Starburst with yellow streak

Adult Sea Ponies
 -Sand Dollar
 -Sea Mist
 -Wave Jumper

 -Purple shell
 -Green shell
 -Yellow shell
 -Purple Conch shell
 -Turquoise shell
 -Bright Green shell

Baby Sea Ponies
 -Water Lily's purple/green frog float
 -Seawinkle's Pink/green alligator float
 -Sea Breeze's pink/ purple lobster float

 -Dipper and turtle float
 -Surfy and aligators float
 -Sea Spray
 -Salty and lobster float

Sweetheart Sister Ponies
 -Fancy Flower
 -Frilly Flower
 -Cha Cha
 -Daisy Dancer
 -Pretty Belle
 -Sweet Sundrop

Fancy Mermaid
 -Baby Sea Princess

Upgrades wanted

 -CF Blue Belle
 -Seashell (upgrade, true purple)
 -Bowtie (upgrade, true blue)
 -Moondancer (upgrade, bright white)
 -Sunbeam (upgrade)
 -Powder (upgrade)
 -Gusty (upgrade, bright white)
 -Starshine (upgrade)
 -Tickle (upgrade)
 -SS Wind Whistler (minty)
 -SS Bangles (upgrade)
 -SS Twilight(minty)
 -SS Angel (minty)
 -SS Taffy (minty)
 -TE Gingerbread (Minty)
 -TE Sweet Stuff (upgrade)
 -BnG Pretty Vision (upgrade)
 -MM Windy (upgrade, unscratched symbol)
 -MM Magic Hat (minty)
 -Raspberry Jam (upgrade)
 -TAF Night Glider (upgrade, no regrind)
 -Troplical Sea Breeze
 -Princess Dawn (upgrade)

 -Baby Surprise (upgrade, bright white)
 -BBE Tiddly Winks (upgrade)

Summer and Windy Wing
 -Cool Breeze (upgrade)
 -Glow (upgrade)
 -Sky Dancer (upgrade)

Big Brother
 -Quarterback (upgrade, no cancer)
 -Chief  (upgrade, no cancer)
 -Barnacle  (upgrade, no cancer)

Mail Order
 -Mommy and Baby Set
 -Sweet Scoops
 -Spike w/cartoon eyes
 -Tux 'n Tails
 -Baby Sugarcake
 -Baby Gametime
 -Pearly Baby Blossom
 -Pearly Baby Cotton Candy
 -Pearly Baby Firefly
 -Pearly Baby Glory
 -Pearly Baby Surprise
 -Star Hopper (white hair)
 -Birthflower ponies
    -Daffodil (March)
    -Lily of the Valley (May)


I don't have many, but my most wanted are...

 -UK Sea Spray and purple shell

Baby Sea Ponies
 -UK Ripple and green/pink frog float
 -UK Water Lily and pink/green frog float
 -UK Pearly Tiny Bubbles and duck float
 -UK Pealry Sea Star and duck float

 -German Raindrop
 -UK Cascade
 -Vanilla Treat
 -Bon Bon
 -Surprise Twins mommy and babies
 -Argentina Baby Posey

 UK Princess Dragons
 Pony Accessories
 Too many to list, but here are my most wanted ones

 Newborn twin accessories

 -pink rattle/ aqua top
 -light pink rattle/ yellow top
 -9 Newborn diaper boxes
 -4 aqua spoons
 -2 pink spoons
 -2 light pink spoons
 -2 purple dishes/ yellow inside
 -2 nightgowns w/ pink bows
 -2 nightgowns w/ green bows

 -Orange wagon with pink handle from Pockets and Hoppy

 -Teddy Bear bib w/ purple trim
 -Teddy Bear bib w/ yellow trim
 -Butterfly bib w/ blue trim

 -Blue w/ white text BABY necklace
 -2 Purple-pink w/ white text BABY necklace
 -3 Baby Diaper boxes

 Princess Accessories
 -Serena's light lavender wand
 -Dawn's light green wand
 -Dark pink ribbon with metallic trim
 -Pink ribbon with metallic trim
 -Yellow ribbon with metallic trim
 -Lavender star pick
 -Blue star pick
 -Aqua star pick

Other Accessories
 -All guitar brushes
 -most keys for Secret Surprise ponies

 Flutter Pony flower picks
 -Dark Maroon with pink centers
 -Brushes, combs and picks
 -Stickers (puffy and scented)

 Playset Accessories

 Paradise Estate
 -pole for patio umbrella
 -dresser with mirror
 -2 cups, cutlery, 1 milk carton, 2 combs. etc.

 Pretty Parlor
 -intact white door, or whole playset is ex condition
 -name tags
 Waterfall **************
 -The whole set (except Sprinkles and duck soup), in Ex condition or better
Dream Castle
 -1 blue goblet
 Lullabye Nursery
 -1 wooden block
 -pink bowl
 -Diaper box
 Baby Bonnet School of Dance
 -Dance bar
 -Dance cards
 Brush Me Beautiful Boutique
 -Pink grooming brush
Sweet Dreams Crib
 -1 wheel

G1 Books
 -1986 Annual
 -1989 Annual
 -1990 Annual
 -1991 Annual
 -1994 Annual

 -My little pony and the Mystery Chase
 -Baby Firefly's Adventure
 -The Picnic pony
 -Surfdancer and the little mermaid
 -A Shock at the Show Stable
 -The Little Ponies and the Pixie Sea Pirates

 :silly:G2 :silly:

 -Puff with dragon costume
 -Prince Firefly
 -Princess Silver Rain
 -Baby Fern
 -Baby Jewel and Sparkle

 :enthralled:G3s :enthralled:
Special Edition/Art Ponies
 -Giant blank pony
 -Underwater pony
 -Junko art pony

Fair Exclusives
 -2008 Sunny Grace
 -2010 green meadow/ dandelion pony

Comic Con
 -2010 graffiti (loose teal-haired version)
 -2011 Tattoo

 -snowflake w/accessories
 -finger paints
 -march daffodil
 -dream drifter
 -northern lights
 -winter ice
 -Rainbow Bubbles
 -Snowdrop Swirl
 -Rainbow Treat
 -Royal Beauty

 Mail Order

 -playmat #2
 -starcatcher poster
 -butterfly island poster

  :awake:G4 :awake:
Playful Ponies
 -Rainbow Flash

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Re: ButtercreamDream's super long want list for trades!
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2012, 04:05:45 PM »
I have a Blossom and Cotton Candy for trade...not sure if they are the ones you are looking for:)
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Re: ButtercreamDream's super long want list for trades!
« Reply #2 on: December 11, 2012, 05:43:26 PM »
I have sea shimmer with float, I am interested in your barnacle
Do you have any sea ponies / floats for sale
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Re: WTB; G1s US, M/O and UK
« Reply #3 on: June 10, 2014, 02:22:50 PM »
*bump* now buying

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Re: WTB; G1s US, M/O and UK
« Reply #4 on: June 11, 2014, 01:12:56 AM »
Hi, I have NM Li'l Cupcake for sale or trade if your interested

Edit to add that she just sold
« Last Edit: June 13, 2014, 03:20:43 AM by Unicorn_pops »
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Offline ButtercreamDream

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Re: WTB; G1s US, M/O and UK
« Reply #5 on: January 11, 2016, 02:09:52 AM »
Looking to buy and trade


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