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The spray sealant I used on my Nettle custom is still tacky after a year of her being on display. What should I do? Maybe I should go over her with Mod Podge? I don't want to ruin her paint job.
Any advice helps!

Nooooo Mod Podge! Mod Podge is glue, it will only make her worse.

I would get some polyurethane varnish and brush it on. Vallejo makes a good one.

I see! People have been getting mixed results from Mod Podge, so I was hesitant. I think the air I sprayed the sealant in is too humid, but I can't really control that. Thank you!

Mod Podge was once the recommended sealer, but it's really not good for most objects. It's great with paper. I live in a very hot and humid climate and have spent years looking for a sealer that won't go tacky. These days, I choose to leave my customs mostly unsealed, but when I do use one, I have the Vallejo.

I second BC's advice, polyurethane varnish should do the trick. :)


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