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Trying something a little different - customizing baby buggy

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I thought about customizing this the moment I got it about a year ago but I wanted to give collectors a chance first. I’ve advertised it in many different places and never got any interest in it so I decided to go ahead and customize it.

I have seen a couple customs before but not been able to talk to the customizers so I’m going in blind. I thought I’d document the process in case anyone else wants to try it in the future.

I managed to carefully disassemble most of it but I’m stuck in this spot at the moment with the axle assembly. It looks like it should come off but moderate force hasn’t been successful and I’m terrified to break it so now I’m pondering.  I could technically paint it like this but it would be difficult to get all of the white in the little nooks and crannies and I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my work and I know even the tiniest white spot would bug me.

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This is the connection spot here - the two tabs are holding it from sliding out. I’m wondering if I were to carefully heat it with a heat gun if that would make it flexible enough to get them out.


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Then I’m wondering what I should use to paint. At the moment I’m thinking of using a spray primer meant for plastic and then using my airbrush over that and sealing with Mr Superclear.

Feel free to chime in with thoughts and suggestions! 😂

Forgot to mention that I’ll also be de-BBEing and customizing the baby Cuddles that comes with the baby buggy.

Ooh, exciting! What colors are you going to use?

I think your idea with the primer and airbrush is perfect. So is heating the tabs, I think that'll work :bigups:

I haven’t totally decided yet but I’m leaning towards a galaxy/celestial theme so I’d start with a black base coat. I just know that I want to use black and purple and glitter and crystals!  😂

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Got the buggy apart (I had to shave just a hair off each tab to get it apart) and I sprayed one side with a coat of Adhesion Promoter and then a coat of Rustoleum paint for plastic in a semi gloss black.   I’m giving it a couple of hours to dry before I try doing the other side.

I’ve settled on a galaxy theme and I’ve decided to make a full set of mom, baby and buggy. I got the eyes out of the BBE and here’s a little nightmare fuel in the spoiler:

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Here are the  victims volunteers:
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Galaxy theme sounds awesome! I love that you're making a mom and baby too :heart:

Gah! I've never de-eyed BBE mainly because I don't like any of the poses. I've got like a dozen from various lots over the years. I really should unload them.

I’m not excited about the pose of this baby but I don’t hate it either so I figured it was fitting that baby Cuddles stay with the carriage. 😂

Spray painting went well!  I’m letting it cure overnight, possibly another day then spraying with Mr Superclear before adding more colors.

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