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Seeking Baits Thread (Check before you Chuck!)

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This thread is to be used for posting baits you are seeking or are wanting to sell. Check it before you chuck it! Once you have posted your wants or offerings, please feel free to PM members who have posted something. Please feel free to edit you post if your wants or offerings have changed. Please include if you are willing to ship and/or buy international.

Too often we have a bait laying around, thinking someone might use it, only end up thinking it might not be worth the time to post it in the For Sale or For Trade threads. Too often we wish we had a certain bait, only to find there are no postings, and only to feel that it might not be worth the time to create a Wanted thread

So here we are! What baits are you looking for? And is there a specific bait that you would like to sell, trade, or be rid of?

I will look at all g1 baits, but here's what I'm actively looking for

Flutters- wingsong/tropical breeze pose***

G2 babies
G1 Rock n Beat ponies

Baits will lots of chew marks or missing pieces!

I don't have anything specific for trade right now, but I can dig through my baits to trade bait for bait if needed. Prefer trades in the US.

I don’t have a complete list of g1 baits I’m looking for, but I’d be willing to trade some ponies/other items off of my sales for anyone I’m looking for. You can PM me and tell me who you have, I’d be happy to trade! :heart:

I'm currently looking for white G1 ponies with good bodies, but poor hair. I'm very interested in Posey pose, but I'm willing to take others.
I've also got some baits in my sales. I'd prefer to trade, but I'm ok with buying if I must.

Not interested in international shipping at this time due to price. May be tempted by good offers for the following:

G4.5 any boys, any poses that mimic past gens, any unicorns with raised hooves
G4.5 Cheerilee or Rarirty walking pose
G4.5 Fluttershy with closed wings
G4.5 Celestia
G4 Princess Luna
G4 Shining Armor
G4 Stepping Twilight or Cherry Pie
G3 Seaspray Poses
G3 Crystal Lace Poses
G3 Strawberry Swirl
G1 Bride Poses
G1 Sweetheart Sister Poses
G1 Boys
Also G4 fashion style sizes at bait prices


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