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Finally getting around to sharing some of my art here! I mostly draw in the g4 style, though I want to try doing g3 soon!
School has me super busy, so I haven't really found time to finish any pieces. I've also been working on a pony plush pattern, but I hit a snag with embroidering on minky. It always bunches or gets stuck! I think I need new stabilizer.
Anyway, here is River with her hair down. She's had it up for years!  :hope:
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I apologize for the awful quality, it's really hard to get a good picture with overhead lighting  >_<

very cute! i like your art style a lot  :art:

She's so cute! I really like her eyes :D

Thank you all!  :P I've felt pretty burnt out lately, maybe its art block again...

That's such a cute art there xxx


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