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What are you working on?

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After I finish up the pony custom I'm doing, I want to focus on miniatures. I'm dying to make a mini cat tree. I bought the supplies for it a long time ago. I also want to make some mini food because I haven't done that in a long time, and as they say - if you don't use it you lose it!

I'm also interested in getting better at digital art. I have a new tablet since my old Bamboo Splash had dead areas. I've been working in Photoshop and learning how to use it properly.

One thing that's still on my to-do list is sculpting a horse from scratch. I have so many fantastic refs and I really love the idea of being able to make realistic horses. They're such beautiful animals.

What projects do have going on? :)

Right now my biggest one is getting this jacket at least semi ready for its first comic con in Sept. I do need to pick up some more craft supplies when I get paid again, so I’m kinda at a standstill till I get what I need.

braiding  a rug made of socks and backing it to a pillowcase

MORE Pony jumpers!!! And blankets for them too!!! I'm knitting & crocheting away like a mad possessed yarn-demon!!! I keep seeing all this yarn & thinking "that would make great ones". Mostly G2 & G3 sizes (G3 in adult & baby, but mostly adult) of jumper as they're the ones who need them

right now, I'm working on a card/painting for a wedding this weekend. (two of our best friends /hubby's brother) . Also working on the layout for their wedding program & menu leaflet.
I've also got a couple knitting projects on the go ^^


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