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Bump! Added tons of moc and mib g1s for sale.

Thanks LadyMoondancer, that's a good idea :) I'll try that tomorrow.

Also thank you Taffeta and Lady Starflower for your kind words.
Not sure yet if I will keep her or sell. The yellowed bubble kinda annoys me. Yeah I def need pony karma! I've had a string of bad transactions this year and ALL packed ponies poorly. Might write up a message to send all sellers before they send, even if they ARE long time members you can never be sure. :/

Thanks! *hugs everyone*

Thanks Ringlets. I actually ended up messaging her back again and I told her I'd just accept the 65 euro partial. Though she said she can't pay it to me until sometime after the 25th of April.

Thanks again everyone! Sorry I'm not replying to you all personally I'm just feeling like I can't think straight to reply properly.

I just want to add.. that as far as I know the package has insurance. I asked her how much shipping was and she told me 18 euro, so I paid it. Maybe I should have said "does this come with insurance?" but I forgot to. Or "please make sure you pack the pony well", but she's been a seller and collector in the community for 10+ years! I thought I could trust her. :(

I agree that the pony had NO chance of arriving to me in the condition I bought it and that is mainly due to her packing it into a box that was nearly a third smaller than the size of the card. If she'd packed it into a reasonably sized box, wrapped the card in bubble wrap and then securely packed it inside... then I reckon it would have been okay cause I personally think NZ Post is very good and I've never ever had this happen to me when I received mocs and sent mocs (cause I make sure to pack it well, I sometimes spend an hour packing it). Sure the post office is to blame somewhat, but I'd say by only 10%. The box was susceptible to weight due to all the empty space in the box, of course a half empty flimsy box would get crushed.

UPDATE, finally heard back from the seller since she read my message 32hrs ago. She said this:

Hi you can retour Sunbright and i refund you.this is a normal procedure in comparance to paypal transactions.
Or if you want to refunded and keep Sunbright,i want to suggest 65euro to refund

Just let me know

I was thinking of counter offering for 70 euro refund, mainly cause I want this out my hair!

What makes me really sad and a bit annoyed is the seller still hasn't acknowledged her mistake and has not said sorry :(

Thanks everyone for your comments. I'm still very upset  :cry: Trying to process everything but I wanted to write a post to acknowledge that I saw your comments and appreciate them. :) Will reply properly later tonight.

Very small update; the seller saw my message on facebook about 14 hours ago but I have not received a reply yet.

Hi all!

I posted about this problem in the My Little Pony Australia and New Zealand Collectors group, but it was recommended by several people that I post here as well.

Please forgive me if I ramble lol, still feeling a bit shaken and upset over all this.

I bought a MOC Mummy Sunbright off a well known seller on here and ebay, I saw the listing on ebay and she took the auction down and allowed me to pay her off. I did take a bit longer than I would have like to pay her off, maybe 6-8 weeks (this is the only thing I think she could use against me)... but I did send one with fees added on and the rest as gifts, which I totally regret now :( but I thought I could trust her because she's been in the community for so long. I paid 102 Euro for the pony and 18 euro for shipping.

Mummy Sunbright arrived yesterday and the card and bubble are ruined :'( I was very shocked at how she had been packaged. She was stuffed into a box that is way too small for a MOC, the only way you could fit her in the box is to angle her in diagonally and even then I had to push her in. There was only one small piece of foam stuffed into the top.

Here is an album of lots of pictures of the damage, the ones with the pony in the box diagonally are just to show the ONLY way you can fit her in the box.

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

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visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Also this is a picture of the pony I thought I was getting, she has a clear bubble but the pony I received has a yellowed bubble. So as well as receiving a severely damaged pony due to poor packaging, I feel I have not received what was advertised. If it is the same pony and her bubble had yellowed after taking the photo, then I should have been told this.

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

I sent this message to the seller yesterday:

Hi ____,

I received the package today, thanks for that. I am very disappointed though. :( The box arrived extremely squashed and was too small for the pony so as a result of that the card and bubble are very damaged. The card was so squashed that the bubble was ripped off the card in some parts. I was also surprised at the lack of packing. I know you've been selling for a long time so I thought I wouldn't have had to tell you to make sure she is securely packed.

I noticed too that the bubble is yellowed. In the picture of the pony you had for sale her bubble was completely clear. So I also feel like I don't have the pony that was advertised.
I would really appreciate a partial refund. Of at least 75% of what I paid plus the full price of postage, so 84 euros in total. Cause I'm most likely going to have to de-card her, and a mint loose Mummy Sunbright is not worth 120 Euro. That's the whole reason I buy moc/mib ponies, so they are perfect in every way.

I hope we can resolve this, I really don't want to have to make a post in the pony groups and also in trader support on the mlparena.

I've added pics so you can see the damage and how the box arrived.

Thanks for your help,

And this was her response:

I have send well packed as i always seems that the box has been extremely smashed during transport.this is not my can send the pony back,and i refund you.

So basically she is saying she packed the pony well.  :shocked: With some help from my friend I sent this message today:


The box unfortunately had very little packing material to support the pony.  It was also too small.  Even if the pony was angled, there is not near enough packing material to keep her from moving around or to keep the box from being compressed during transit.

If I send her back I only feel comfortable doing so if she is sent with tracking which will cost 35 euro, but I ask that you please cover the cost of return postage as well as refund me the full amount of 120 euro. 

If not I would be willing to keep the pony and except a partial refund, though I am requesting no less than 80 euros since I will likely have to de-card her and possibly resell her, and if I sell her I will be out additional money due to fees and purchase of packing material.

I hope we can come to a resolution soon.

She has not read it yet.  :|

This has affected me so much that I couldn't get to sleep last night. I feel so stressed and upset by it. Pony collecting shouldn't be like this.  :cry: I was so excited to buy her and now she is ruined! I didn't think I had to tell people who have been collecting and selling ponies for years the proper way to pack a MOC.  :huh:

I really would like a partial refund because I feel like it will be the easiest option for the both of us. If I send her back I only feel comfortable sending tracked and that will cost NZ$50 :/ I do not think she will want to pay for that, and it's not fair that I should lose out on money. I think my offer was fair too but I don't feel like she is being very helpful to me. I just want to keep her but a mint loose pony is not worth 120 euros :( really upset.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading :)

Thanks for letting us know :) I was tempted to bid but then I noticed her head looked like it was brown, so decided not to.

What if you put the user ID in and tick the "forgot password" option, then they'll send a link to your email to change it. If that works, you can change the password and delete the account lol.

For Sale - For Auction / Re: MOC G1 Posey For Sale.
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Bump! MOC Posey for sale.

Trader & Shipping Support / Re: Just about done with ebay
« on: February 05, 2015, 11:20:39 PM »
It won't let me open a case. All it does is instantly go to a page to request to return the item...

I recently found out that you can open a case with ebay items directly through paypal. It took me ages to figure it out cause I had the same problem with it saying to "return the item".

Find the payment in paypal and click on "Details" and this message should be at the bottom:

"Having problems with this transaction? Please talk directly to the seller and try to resolve the issue with them. You can still report the problem in the Resolution Centre within 180 days."

Click on the Resolution Centre link and then you can open a case. :)

Hey everyone! I'm the friend who needed help. I just want to give you an update on the situation and express my thanks and appreciation for all the advice :)

I ended up sending him a very direct and straight to the point message about what I'm unhappy with and the partial refund I would like to receive. I ignored his "GF is dead" excuse, did not mention it at all. Btw she is definitely NOT deceased because I checked her FB profile the other day and she has posted a new profile picture and is replying to comments on how beautiful she looks, so most definitely a LIE. Anyway I think he got the message that I didn't buy his excuse and he offered to pay what I requested if I put through a paypal claim, so I did that.

I'm not too sure on one thing though; should I leave him a negative or a neutral? I kind of want to mention his lie but feel like it might not be appropriate. Not sure though :/ feel like he deserves negs after how he treated me.

Thanks again :)

BUMP! Lowered the price!

For Sale - For Auction / Re: MOC G1 UK Baby Stargaze, MOC G2s :)
« on: January 09, 2015, 03:39:37 AM »

Off Topic / Re: Disney Legos!
« on: January 08, 2015, 07:11:18 PM »
You're all welcome to visit my back yard anytime.  ^.^ The daisies are so pretty :) I really want the Rapunzel tower set too, and the Aurora one.  :heart:

For Sale - For Auction / Re: For Sale: MOC G2s ***LOWERED PRICES***
« on: December 09, 2014, 03:38:32 AM »
Bump! Lowered the prices a bit.

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