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Title: Looking for G2 Baby Fern. Wantlists added
Post by: Ponybookworm on February 29, 2020, 12:55:44 AM
I will get to my Wantlist eventually, but for now I'm just asking for this. Druzilla emailed to say she'd sold out of this adorable Baby Boy, Maple, so I'm asking here. I'm in the UK if that helps to calculate postage costs. I can pay in just over a week & have a Paypal account. Cheers if you have this adorable Baby Boy looking for a loving new home.

UPDATE: though the Pony wasn't cheap, there IS a Maple heading my way right now woohoo!!! So this is now changing to the next MOST WANTED PONY on my list: the winter pegasus Snowel. And I MEAN the pegasus!!! If you have her in good condition (I might not even need her halo), then please let me know. So far eBay is failing me when it comes to finding this gorgeous Pony, so I'm asking here. Rest of Wantlist stays as normal
Title: Re: Looking for Maple the Baby Boy Canada HQG1C. Wantlist added
Post by: Ponybookworm on April 14, 2020, 03:10:24 AM
BUMP & Pony Wantlist addition!!!

G1:-   5*****= PRIORITY!!! 4****= Set Completers Or Most Wanted. 3***= Would Love This. 2**= Why Not? 1*= Barely made the list!!!
Peach My Pretty Pony**
Greek Ladybird**
Italian Re Unicorno**
Argentinian Baby Posey*
SSN Sweet Dreams*
SSN Pink Dreams**
MO Sweet Scoops & Charm**
MO Baby Pen***
MO Rapunzel**
Twins For Surprise Twins***
Butterscotch variants*** (have FF, CF, 25, 35, Smallest, McDonalds Bookmark, Mash-ems, Funko & IT)

G1 Accessories:-  Note ALL in capital letters means as many as I can get!!! Some accessories are wanted for my Customs too…
Splash's Float*****
Splish's Float*****
Orange Wagon***
Green & Purple D&W nappies***
Showstable Blanket***
Partypack Hats***
Partypack Card***
Slumber Party Game***
Slumber Party Spinner***
Any Baby Xylophones**
Any Baby Duck Toys**
All Toothbrushes**
All Toothpastes**
All Stack Toys**
Royal Tiaras x2***
ALL Barrettes****
ALL Curlers****
All Jewels for Jewel Babies***
Most Sweet Kisses Lipsticks** (have orange & blue)
All PQS Perfume**
All Makeup Items**
All Dance & Prance Earrings**
All Secret Surprise Jewels**
All Wedding Pony Rings**

G1 Costumes:- ****   Yep, that’s right all G1 Costumes have 4**** as I want every Earth Pony to wear something. Even the So Softs can wear a Pony Pack, plus of course the Pretty-Ups have barrettes!!! Please note A & THE are missing from names…
ALL Pretty-Up sets
ALL Pony Pack sets
8 Movie Star Shoes
5 Movie Star Chokers
7 My Valentine Shoes
3 My Valentine Necklaces
6 Champagne & Lace Slippers
3 Champagne & Lace Necklaces
3 Pony Royal Shoes
4 Tea Party Shoes
2 Tea Party Hats
4 Rocking Night Away Shoes
4 Rocking Night Away Gloves
2 Having Luau Hats
1 Having Luau Skirt
2 Snow Angels Adult Hats
2 Snow Angels Baby Hats
1 Pony Workout Baby Trousers
2 Complete In Centre Ring
1 Complete Pony-Naut
2 Elephant Pals
2 Showercaps
1 Duck Pal
1 Puppy Pal
3 Snowman Pals
2 Lion Pals
2 Teddy Pals
2 Wedding Garters
2 Pageant Queen Banners
3 Pageant Queen Tiaras
6 Scarlet Sensation Earrings
2 Wedding Rings
2 Get Into Groove Stereos
3 Get Into Groove Hairclips
8 Get Into Groove Socks
7 Great Skates Headbands
5 Flashprance Headbands
8 Flashprance Leggings
Megan Nightdress
Megan Swimsuit & Shades
Other Hats (except My Valentine)
Other Shoes/ Slippers/ Trainers
Other Pocket Pals
Any Greek/Argentine variants (ask what I have)

G2:- NO unique G2 Pony has less than 3*** & most have 4****, as the “adults” are my Ponyworld Tweenagers!!! Babies cute as well.
Baby Fern (moved to header)****
Nosy & Click***
Study & Play***
G2 Schoolhouse***
Slide Twins Sunshine & Sunny***
Seesaw Twins Rose & Lily G2***
Mansion with Mum & Baby***

G2 Accessories:-****   Yep, All G2 Accessories have the same rank of 4**** as they are for Ponies already here (except Ballroom).
Eve's Accessories
Bride's Ring Pillow
Miss Teacher’s Accessories
Dizzy Lizzie's Accessories
Snowball's Cape
Castle Ballroom & Accessories (without Pony or with baity Pony)
Junior's Accessories
Jolly's Accessories
Globe Trotter's Accessories
Spring's Accessories
Rocky's Accessories
Melody's Accessories
Mimosa's Accessories
PR Firefly’s Crown
Puff's Shoes

G3:- Please note G3s have a lower priority than G1s or G2s at the moment, except a few, like the dressed ones.
Beach Belle DRESSED****
Caribbean Delight DRESSED****
Breezie Day Lily****
Breezie Knick-Knack****
Breezie Lady Slipper***
Breezie Snippety Snap***
Fun Fairy**

G3 Accessories:-
ALL Costumes (not plastic)***
Bumblesweet’s Bottle****
Rainbow Dash’s Hat***
Rainbow Dash’s Scarf***
Rainbow Dash’s Tea Set**
Skywishes’s Cape***
Beebop’s Hat***
Triple Treat’s Hat***
Triple Treat’s Wrap***
Dance Slippers Tiara****
Bedroom Blanket***
Tiara for Snowdrop Swirl****
Striped Hat from Portobella & Lickity Split****
Butterfly Island Playmat***
Green & Purple Opaque Breezie Petal Cars****
ALL small bits for Meadowbrook’s Shop***
ALL Clips***
ALL Curlers***
ALL Hangers***
ALL Mobile Phones***
ALL Cakes***
ALL Small Cups***
ALL Beakers***
ALL Small Plates***
ALL Cameras***
Minnie Mouse Shoes****
ALL Buckets***
Disney Balloon***

G4:-***   All G4 Ponies have 3***. Unless otherwise noted complete or MIP preferred.
Sweetie Swirl
Queen Novo & Seaquestria
Canterlot Castle
FS Hasbro Exclusive TS
Daring Do Normal Size
RETRO Twilight Sparkle
Twilight & Twilight Sparkle two-pack
School Of Friendship
Pony Life Twilight Sparkle & Potion Nova (brushable only)

Set of six with four brushable girls to start (more to be added later)

PLUSHIES:- *** This covers all soft toys related to the Ponies I don’t have yet. They’re more like 2 ½ ** than 3 tbh…
Beanie Morning Glory
G3 Basket Royal Bouquet
3ft Star Shimmer (or other, but Star Shimmer preferred)
Some G3 Clip-Ons (have 2 early & 2 Core 7)

Custom Baits:-** These have a 2** rating to put them above any 1* or 2** item on the list. ANY means lots btw.
1 Pegasus in Whizzer's Pose
Other random Unicorns (HQG1C blanks preferred)
Other random Pegasi
ANY Adventure Boys/LF Dads (HQG1C Blanks preferred)
ANY “coathanger” Pose G3s (not Starsong)
2 Newborns in Nibbles's Pose
1 WHITE Newborn Earth
Random G3 Earths (nb this excludes Earths with raised symbols)
ANY Basic G2s (can also accept sitting & leg-kicking G2s)
Random G1 Earths (nb this excludes Earths with raised symbols & most mechanised)
Custom Bait note: if these can be gained as HQG1C blanks I prefer that.

HQ Ponies & Blanks:-*** Originals listed as 3***, blanks as 2** to go wi Custom Baits.
ANY Plain Blank Boys
Plain Blank Rearing Earths
Plain Blank Pegasi (any)
Plain Blank Unicorns (some)
Several Plain Blank Earths
Plain Blank Head Forward Seapony
Plain Blank Head Up Seapony
ALL Fun At The Fair
ALL Future Farmer Boys
ALL Future Glitter Island Ponies
ANY Future Releases
Assorted Blanks

This is my full & complete Wantlist for Ponies. I obviously can't afford everything on it right now, or even in one lot (I don't do the Lottery), so reasonable offers for some of the items on this list will be accepted.
Title: Re: Looking for Maple the Baby Boy Canada HQG1C. Wantlists added
Post by: Ponybookworm on May 19, 2020, 08:21:16 PM
BUMP & addition of full Library Wantlist

G1 Books: US Colouring books MLP & Friends, Follow The Rainbow, Sea Ponies First Colouring Book, Birthday Wishes, ABC Colouring Book, US Dot-To Dot Book. UK Colouring Book (Seashell on the cover, we used to have this), UK Magic Painting Book (mountain boys), UK Mini Colouring Book (Baby Ponies on the cover), UK Activity Book (Firefly on the cover, we used to have this too), other early UK Colour & Activity books (have some so please ask), UK Tales Colour & Activity Book, UK Cookery Pony Colour & Activity Book, Movie Diamond Sticker Album stickers (no longer all of them), Most stickers for Merlin Sticker album, Stickers 102 & 175 for Panini Sticker Album. Storybook Dancing Butterflies & The Bad Tempered Butterfly, Board Books Fun In Ponyland, Sparkling Show Stable Show, Listen & Look book Ember’s Dream, & cassettes for Glory The Magic Unicorn, Night Before Christmas, Dance Recital & Adventure Book.

G2 Books: Have 1999 Annual, G2 comics 2 & 4, & three colouring books. Other G2 literature wanted.

G3 Books: G3 Jumbo Colour & Activity Books wi Cherry Blossom & Triple Treat, most G3 Board Books, reusable sticker books based on films, Princess Promenade Panini Sticker Album in English & stickers.

G4 Books: I HAVE Annuals 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, Big Book Of Equestria, Daring Do Chest Set, Under The Sparkling Sea, Dragons Of Dazzle Island, Elements Of Harmony 1 & 2, Journal Of Two Sisters, TS Crystal Heart Spell, Pinky Pie Rocking Pony Party, Rarity Curious Case Of Charity, RD Daring Do Double Dare, AJ Honest-To-Goodnes Switcheroo, Fluttershy Fine Furry Friends Fair, Celestia Royal Rescue, Discord Ponyville Players, SG Secret Suite, Luna Winter Moon Festival, Trixie Razzle Dazzle Ruse, Tempest Shadow Story, Movie Story, Return Of Harmony Comic Book (it's a book but drawn like a comic), CMC Doodle Book, Princess Pony Wedding Sticker Book, Bumper Sticker Book, Best Friends sticker book, Holiday Fun sticker book, Sparkly sticker book, Rainbow Power Sticker Book, Rarity Fashion Sticker Book, 1001 Stickers Book, Movie 1000 Stickers Book, AJ Jumbo Colour & Activity Book, Alligator Colour Book, Alligator Colour Pad, Mini Colour Book that came wi Daisy Dreams Scooter Set, Sticker Colour Book TS, Sticker Activity Fluttershy, Sticker Book wi colouring pages PP&RD, Activity Book PP & Fluttershy, Friends Together Colour Book, Pick You Colour Pad, Holiday Xmas Colour book, Cutie Mark Crusaders Sticker Book Colour, German Mandala Book wi TS Mandala on cover, Creative Colour Book, Ultimate Creative Colour Book, Magical Creative Colour Book, Movie Colour Book, Movie Activity Book, Panini Sticker Album 1, Panini Sticker Album Movie, Panini Sticker Album Friendship School. Also Adventures In Friendship Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, IDW Twilight Sparkle & Rarity Spotlight books. Anything NOT listed is wanted eventually, but please let me know if you have the storybooks that came wi Storyteller TS (I have that Plushie).

Collector Books: How To Draw The Playful World Of MLP, plus if Hayes comes out wi a sixth book I'd want that too, as well as any book covering G3 & G4 Merchandise (Birge covers a large amount of G1 Merchandise, & Sanne Van Schie Melenkamp has a good book on G1 Merchandise, while in her G2 book Hayes has a decent enough G2 Merch selection).

Comics: all UK issues
G1 My Little Pony And Friends Issues 26, 28, 29, 31, 32 and all from 35 on.

G1 My Little Pony Issues 76, 78, 120, 130, 131, 134, 136, 137, 138, 148, 153, 157, 159 & all from 166 on.

All G2 My Little Pony Issues except 2 & 4.

You've guessed it, I now have a load of G3 comics!!! Still seeking all but one Sparkle World G3 comic, but have most of the others. Will have to check exactly what I'm missing of these.

G4 My Little Pony Egmont UK Issues 1-40, 42, 43, 44 and 46.

Music: G1 Picture Disc on cassette format, any G4 soundtracks on CD, any G3 soundtracks on CD except Very Minty Christmas.

Films: Starsong & Magic Dance Shoes preferably Region 2, Rainbow Dash's Special Day preferably Region 2, Through The Door in Region 2 or downloadable (I see no point in buying a whole Region 1 set just for one film). Also hoping for missing Tales series (have 12, the ten on the Tales DVD plus 2 more on Girl's World 2) & a few others in either higher quality download or Region 2 DVD. Will also be buying up FIM DVDs as & when released in region 2 (have the first 7 seasons, the Movie, Tales From Canterlot High & the first 4 EG films).
Title: Re: Looking for Maple the Baby Boy Canada HQG1C. Wantlists added
Post by: Ponybookworm on May 28, 2020, 04:01:23 PM
Breezie list made more accurate
Title: Re: Looking for Maple the Baby Boy Canada HQG1C. Wantlists added
Post by: Ponybookworm on August 08, 2020, 10:44:46 AM
 :bump: New breezies arrived!!!
Title: Re: Looking for Maple the Baby Boy Canada HQG1C. Wantlists added
Post by: Ponybookworm on September 03, 2020, 08:09:44 PM
More Ponies & comic list updated xxx
Title: Re: Looking for Snowel the G3 pegasus winter Pony. Wantlists added
Post by: Ponybookworm on September 27, 2020, 09:00:43 AM
Maple on his way!!!
Title: Re: Looking for Snowel the G3 pegasus winter Pony. Wantlists added
Post by: Ponybookworm on December 31, 2020, 03:10:55 PM

Updated for New Year
Title: Re: Looking for Snowel the G3 pegasus winter Pony. Wantlists added
Post by: paramedicJen on January 19, 2021, 09:14:25 PM

So I happened to be looking at your wish list, then eBay and came across this mostly fakie listing.  **however** there seems to be a snow’el buried in there!!  Can’t tell if she’s Pegasus or not but figured it must be serendipity!!
Good luck!

(The link might help :blush:)

(Edited - never mind!  I didn’t realize the Pegasus looked completely different from the original!!  Oops!!)
Title: Re: Looking for Snowel the G3 pegasus winter Pony. Wantlists added
Post by: Ponybookworm on January 20, 2021, 10:27:56 AM
Yep my entry in the list says Snow'el Pegasus, so does my header. And I mean the 2007 version with a halo accessory
Title: Re: Looking for Snowel the G3 pegasus winter Pony. Wantlists added
Post by: Ponybookworm on April 07, 2021, 11:57:47 PM
Library Wantlist updated as knocked a couple of things off it
Title: Re: Looking for Snowel the G3 pegasus winter Pony. Wantlists added
Post by: Ponybookworm on May 21, 2021, 09:21:31 PM
More things acquired & knocked off the lists
Title: Re: Looking for Snowel the G3 pegasus winter Pony. Wantlists added
Post by: Ponybookworm on August 06, 2021, 12:56:58 AM
Little acquirement  :bump:
Title: Re: Looking for Snowel the G3 pegasus winter Pony. Wantlists added
Post by: Ponybookworm on November 24, 2021, 09:58:46 PM

New things gained & new things added
Title: Re: Looking for G2 Baby Fern. Wantlists added
Post by: Ponybookworm on December 23, 2021, 02:32:00 PM
Header changed!!!
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