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Yesterday at 06:38:59 AM by Waves And Water | Views: 40 | Comments: 0

There are the ponies I have for sale. They are all patiently waiting for their forever home.

Brows my Gallery to See their overall condition ( Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Right Side, Left Side, ) on my Kofi Page. I’m on the fence Weather I should let my Glittering Gem pony Go.

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Mrs. Prospector
Yesterday at 12:32:53 AM by Mrs. Prospector
Views: 302 | Comments: 21

So today on Reddit, I saw someone post their massive collection of Bluey related merchandise. While I agree that the amount of things they own and probably will never use is a bit overkill, the comments seemed to have an anti-collecting rhetoric to them. Many people said that this much merchandise was overconsumption and ultimately wasteful.  That it’s selfish for adults to keep toys on a shelf when there are kids that would love to play with them. That it’s just another 60 tons of plastic headed for the landfills. That their obsession of something made for kids is unhealthy, and cannot be compared to collecting merchandise for something “adult” like Star Wars. Any rebuttal of “it makes them happy!” was followed by people criticizing happin...
November 30, 2023, 05:20:23 PM by Kitcatepic
Views: 87 | Comments: 2

A few months ago I got some g4 ponies from a garage sale including lyra rainbow dash pretzel and lily blossom they had some red glitterly stuff that I think might be nail polish on them but I didn't inspect them too closely because they were only one dollar each and I didn't have any of them apon closer inspection the red stuff is also in their manes the glitter is very fine and doesn't come out when I rinse them the manes feel very sticky and greasy I was able to save pretzel which I am pleased with because she is my favorite but I'm not sure about the others. Is there a way to get this crap out of their manes or are they doomed to my pile of bait ponies for when I eventually get around to trying customizing
November 30, 2023, 03:25:46 AM by kingluke
Views: 137 | Comments: 6

Hello everyone,

I made this poll for fun and to see what everyone thinks.

Personally I pick piggies but maybe because I don't own any takara ponies.

What do you pick? And why?

I would love to hear it.


November 29, 2023, 01:50:10 AM by Shaiyeh
Views: 121 | Comments: 2

Hi ponies! :lovey:

So, I'm looking for a planner for next year. I've been doing bullet journalling since 2016, I think, and I need a break.
Last year (and I think before that?) there were pony planners.
(like this one that's on amazon)
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I've been looking around and I can't seem to find one for next year - am I missing something or are we indeed not getting a pony planner? :sad:
I can find wall calendars but that's not interesting ^^'

Also, if anyone has used the pony planners of past years - did you like them? was the quality ok?
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