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My Little Pony Christmas Tree Color

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I would like to see what color you would think would be the best. I am thinking of doing one this Christmas. Just not sure what color to order.

And if you have one please share pictures! :)

I don’t have one, but I voted white. It seems like the ponies would :glitter: POP :glitter: more.

Plus it’s a bit more versatile in case you decide to switch it up one year and do something like black on white, or candy theme on white, or whatever else you dream up.  ^.^

I prefer my trees in green, but white is doable too for me!!! So I voted white

I think white would look nice as a base for a pony tree :)

Love pkw xxx

Thank you everyone. I am thinking white also. Just not sure how much I want to spend. I did just sell a green 6ft one today. Maybe I ca use the funds form that. I don't want to really spend a lot either. 


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