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Who is your favourite Celestial pony?

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Tell us why!

Oh that’s a good one! Curious for the answers :coffee:
Because I can’t decide between Polaris and Aurora!
I am not a fan of the Tootsie Pose so the other two don’t count for me :blush:

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Nova, because she's all blue and her symbol kinda reminds me of Samus Aran's space ship. My only super tiny nitpick is, I wish she was on the Posey pose but that is okay.  I'm hoping I'll find her at Crackerbarrel.

Which one do you like best Loa?

I don't know which one is which :P

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--- Quote from: BlackCurtains on August 19, 2023, 08:40:23 AM ---I don't know which one is which :P

--- End quote ---



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