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Hi Arena!
Don't ask me why but I had a sudden thought that this game would be really fun to play here, as a pony-based version  :biggrin:

If you've never played 20 questions before here's how it goes: as a team, you have a total of 20 questions you can ask the host, within which you have to guess which pony they're thinking of!

+Each person may only ask one question at a time (after you've asked a question, wait for someone else to ask before you post again)
+Questions must be closed-ended, i.e. they may only be answered with 'yes' or 'no' (e.g. "Is your pony blue?" is a good question to ask, whereas "What colour is your pony?" is not allowed!)

Whoever manages to guess the pony before the 20 questions are up, becomes the next host. If no one guesses by the time 20 questions have been asked, then the host goes again.

So, let's see if you can guess who I'm thinking of  :devious: ... (don't worry, I picked a fairly easy pony - I think!- to start us off haha)

Is your pony a G1 pony?


Is your pony pink?

Heart Of Midnight:
Is your pony a unicorn?

If G1: was your pony released later? 1987+?


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