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Swap Regulations!


Responsibilities when participating in an Arena held swap.
The MLP Arena holds several member swaps every year!
They are a huge amount of fun, and we try to have as many people as possible participating.

However, as with any swap we do expect to have a standard level of effort when assembling your packages.

You must be financially prepared to shop for your swapper.
- The ponies must meet or exceed the swap value. This does not include extras.
- You must be prepared to cover the cost of shipping (not included in swap value).
- All gifts must be wrapped (ponies in baggies or white tissue BEFORE wrapping in anything colored).
- You must include a card or note with your Arena name on it.
- Ship your gifts in a sturdy box to prevent damage.
- You must have the time to participate from start to end, without dropping out.
- Gifts must match the swap standards and your partners specific requirements.
- Wishlists may NOT be changed once submitted. Doing so will gain you bad feedback and duplicates!


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