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Title: Looking for G2 Sweetberry Plush! Willing to trade Sundance/Art in return!
Post by: RainbowHeartUnicorn on February 10, 2021, 06:15:48 PM
Howdy, I'm currently having a tough time tracking down a reasonably priced Sweet Berry Plush! I want to complete my collection of the core 4 ponies at least, she's the only one I'm missing ;w; I have a duplicate of my Sundance/Sunsparkle plush that I'm willing to trade, and potentially art as well if you're not interested in that! I'm also willing to listen to offers of both trading + art, or even purchasing outright, I've been having a really tough time finding it! My plush is in good condition, though the butt tag/care tag has been cut off and it does not have the original removable sales tag. I'm willing to consider sweet berry plushies that aren't in the best condition! here's my portfolio too in case you are considering trading art instead, thanks! (

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