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Title: (Baity) Pegasi of all generations/general wishlist!
Post by: liberalSpaceship on April 19, 2013, 10:09:13 PM
Right now I'm looking for bait Pegasus ponies from all generations. I'm really only looking for one/two ponies from each generation, though~

I am located in the US and would prefer not to spend a lot more on shipping than the ponies themselves cost...

I don't have a lot of feedback around the Internet... the only thing in the last few years would be on Den of Angels, which you'd need an account to see. I do have ebay feedback here ( but I'll be the first to admit it's old as dirt (for instance none of it counts toward my percentage).

I will take any kind of bait condition except missing limbs!

G1: I am less interested in the Firefly pose for bait than I am in others. I am interested in pegasus babies and newborns/teeny tinies but NOT BBE. I am also interested in Flutter and Winger bait without wings (I won't be using them!) except for the Buzzer pose.

G2: I know I'd need to sculpt wings and that's okay! I'm not interested in magic motion/posable pony bait or modding a unicorn. I am also interested in babies.

G3: I'm not interested in StarSong or Honolu-Loo but other pegasus ponies are good. I am not interested in G3.5 at this time.

G4: My only consideration for getting G4 is not paying more for a pony than I would if I popped out to Wal-Mart--around here they're about $5, and we have plenty of Dash and Fluttershy, and even some Glimmer Wings here and there, so... the price point has to be pretty good, sorry! I am interested in filly bait regardless of type, but I'm not ready to try customizing a Fashion Style.  I don't strictly need any blind bags, but again... the two fillies are wanted!

General Wishlist

This is mostly for my own reference -- I'm not actively seeking to buy any of these ponies right now, but if you have one... feel free to let me know! Please do note that I am not "allowed" to be a collector of expensive ponies right now.

Firefly (movie release)
SS Twist (deflocked or bad flocking)
Big Brother Bait
Sweetheart Sister or Bride Bait
Brightly colored ponies !


Other pony stuff
Dolly Mix Firefly
...customs related to Firefly (help I seem to have a problem)

Title: Re: (Baity) Pegasi of all generations/general wishlist!
Post by: girlyponce on April 19, 2013, 10:18:10 PM
PMing you!
Title: Re: (Baity) Pegasi of all generations/general wishlist!
Post by: himmie on April 19, 2013, 10:53:23 PM
I have a couple baity Flutters, and a SHS Gardenglow who is a bit grubby and has a hair cut...
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