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eBay Seller Canceled My Purchase

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This auction is ended, so I believe I can post it here. I won this MOC Baby Starbow earlier today, and the seller immediately canceled my purchase. I messaged to ask them why, and they said that it ended too low for them and they would rather keep it. It is now relisted at a higher BIN price. Exercise caution if dealing with this eBay member.

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Oof, will keep an eye out, thanks for the heads up!

I would definitely give them a negative review and contact eBay/PayPal for the incident.

If they wanted more money for it they should have started the bid higher or placed a reserve price on it.

Absolutely appalling, we've all had auctions go for lower than we were hoping for but that's the risk you take when you run an auction! >_< Thanks for the heads up, will keep an eye out for them.

I just got off the phone with an eBay representative, and the seller has been reported for fraudulent selling practices.


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