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Nearly a month since order. No item, no shipping confirmation, no word

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Back on the 26th of November, I won an auction for a railway wagon from the UK. It has yet to arrive. It has yet to be even marked as shipped. I have messaged the seller multiple times by this point, but have not heard back even once. All their recent feedback is positive (and fairly current), so I don' think they're a scammer... but they certainly haven't been communicative. They also have no other listings currently.

I'm worried.
Is it time to tell eBay "I didn't receive it"?

Yes, sooner rather than later!

Alright... I sent it.

I do hope this ends in me getting the item, bargains on British-outline models are hard to come by if you live in the 'States.

I never really understood why people take a long time to send items out. Yea, I get it if something happened that renders it impossible to ship out, that's where communication comes in.
If they never communicated with you in that time frame, then yes, contact Ebay and get it on record.

So, an update on this situation.
The seller finally got back to me on the ninth of this month. Apparently, they'd been hospitalized shortly after shipping the item and had only recently been discharged... and when they got home they discovered the item had been returned to sender. They re-shipped it ASAP (and marked it as shipped), and it arrived today. So, the matter has been resolved.

I hope their recovery is going well.


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