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Need help with shipping eBay item to Puerto Rico ~solved


I sold an item on eBay tonight, I have international shipping set to eBay's Global Shipping Programme to save time etc - I don't get many international buyers anyway so it's not usually a problem. However today the buyer contacted me and explained they're from Puerto Rico and eBay won't let them pay for the item - it's saying shipping to their location isn't an option.

How can I proceed from here? I'm assuming the GSP doesn't ship to Puerto Rico (but then why did it let them bid on it? o.O) - I'm happy to send it via normal international post (assuming the buyer is up for it of course - I'd need to get a postage quote) but I'm not sure how to change the listing to reflect that/send them an updated invoice with the postage included/etc. :x Help!

Likely relevant thread:

I'd imagine you'd have to make a new listing with the proper international shipping and have them purchase it.

That thread was posted by a US seller though, so GSP wouldn't apply for them in this case anyway - I can't find anything saying if GSP doesn't ship to Puerto Rico or what. :x

edit: Well, I gave them a shipping quote and made a new listing, but they ended up backing out since they didn't realize they'd have to pay import tax too (they were very nice/apologetic about the whole thing though). Ah well! Thanks for the help anyway Tailrust :)


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