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If you have something that was only available locally, you’ll get a lot of interest and customers from all over.  And if it’s something they can’t get anywhere else, shipping becomes less of an issue. I have no issue paying for shipping for items I need from overseas.  The only exception is I don’t do ebay’s global shipping. It’s always stupidly overpriced(2x-4x the real shipping costs) and someone else opens the box and repacks is, often badly from what I’ve read.

Some items won’t sell internationally well. Nobody’s going to pay international shipping on something they can get at home for much less.  But if you have things that you can’t get in the Americas or elsewhere, you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers if you exclude nonEuropeans.

Thanks so much everybody!!! All this is so helpful! Ebay is indeed charging some irrational amounts for shipping! I'm also doing my research here too when it comes to tracking and shipping charges. I agree that if sth is rare and not accessible is normal  "to go the extra mile" to get it, but for the accessible stuff it makes no sense paying so much  :blink:


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