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Title: Shout Block Rules and Etiquette
Post by: Kiwi on March 16, 2012, 04:59:47 PM
Hello friends!

Recently we regained our exciting Shoutbox.  This tool may be new to some of our more recently joined members, and as so, we need to take a minute to introduce those members (and remind others) to proper etiquette in the Shoutbox.

We make the Shoutbox available for fun, light-hearted quick comments between members and the community.  We have, however, noticed that some conversation recently that steers away from the lightness, and some members are also being a little eager to post repeatedly.  We understand that it's fun and tempting, but here are some important guidelines for proper Shoutbox use:

-Do keep the conversation fun!  A quick grumble is acceptable, but for longer, drawn-out complaints, please post in the appropriate forum (What's Your Problem, for example) or PM a moderator.

-Do let others have an opportunity to speak.  Please do not "flood" the Shoutbox (ie. post more than 2 times in a row, or post excessively long comments.)

-Do make sure your comments fit within the community content and language guidelines; the PG-13 rule applies in the Shoutbox just as much as it does anywhere else on this site.

-Do be respectful to other members.  If there is an issue of rudeness in the Shoutbox that a mod or admin does not catch, contact us.  Mini-modding is not tolerated in the Shoutbox as well as on the forum.

If you cannot use the Shoutbox in a way that fits within our guidelines, your Shoutbox privileges can be removed.
Repeated violations of Shoutbox etiquette will result in a Shoutbox suspension.

Thank you all for your time!  :lovey:

-Your friendly mod and admin team at MLP Arena

(Note: the shoutbox becomes available to members once they reach 100 posts.)
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