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Title: Warning about Photobucket
Post by: BlackCurtains on October 19, 2020, 06:17:38 PM
I've purged all my media from Photobucket but they kept sending me emails about how I'm still hosting images. Anyway, I followed the unsubscribe link in the email and the page it sent me to logged my password. The email was legit from Photobucket and the page it sent me to was also.

Luckily, Chrome alerted me to the password hack and I changed that one on all accounts using it.

A few days later I got some spam from someone who knew my old password, it was the subject of the email. They were claiming they had video of me doing... things, that they were going to send to my friends unless I gave them money. This, of course, is a total scam and besides, joke is on them, my PC doesn't have a camera :| So I simply blocked it and haven't gotten anything else.

But they definitely had my old password which they got from Photobucket.

I have Ad-Block Plus so it must have been something running on the site itself? I'm not sure, but I know some people are still using PB or still have an account with them. I'm just giving a warning to be extra careful when visiting the site, and if your PB password is used elsewhere I would change it just incase.
Title: Re: Warning about Photobucket
Post by: Carrehz on October 20, 2020, 04:16:28 PM
Ughhhh Photobucket just keeps getting worse!! Sorry this happened to you, and thanks for the heads up :)
Title: Re: Warning about Photobucket
Post by: LadyMoondancer on October 27, 2020, 04:27:08 PM
To me that sounds like a phishing scheme, not Photobucket.  They can make the email display as a legit one, though if you hover over it or right-click on it, you can display its true origins.  (I vaguely remember this from a phishing training at work.)

As a rule of thumb, never follow a link in an email that claims that you suddenly need to log into your account.  If you think the issue is genuine, open a new tab and manually type in the website.
Title: Re: Warning about Photobucket
Post by: BlackCurtains on October 27, 2020, 04:30:05 PM
Nah. This was Photobucket. They wanted me to pay 5 bucks to continue hosting my images. Before I purged everything, it was the same thing but the 5 bucks was for more space since I was over the image limit. It was the unsubscribe link at the bottom in teeny tiny print.

edit: visitors can't see pics , please register or login


Title: Re: Warning about Photobucket
Post by: Taffeta on October 27, 2020, 09:00:26 PM
I admit, I had the same reaction as LM when I read your story, unless PB got hacked by someone which is always possible.

Even if this was valid, LM's advice is still sound about opening a tab and going to the site direct if it seems a bit off.

Phishing emails usually reveal themselves by the links inside them and them not linking to valid PB pages when hovered over. But it sounds like if this was one, or was a hacking, they had attention to detail.
Title: Re: Warning about Photobucket
Post by: BlackCurtains on October 27, 2020, 09:27:29 PM
A lot of people think it's a scam but if you poke around the internet about the email, it's real.

But yes, it's good advice not to go clicking links willy-nilly. I didn't think much of it since unsubscribe links are normally fine, and indeed, I seem to have been unsubscribed to those emails. Like I said, I think something must have been running on/over/however to say it the legit PB site. Because I didn't even sign in. I was already signed in, and Chrome freaked out and was like 'all these sites need the password changed now!' and they all shared that same password I used on PB. It was like it read the automatic sign-in or something. Because again, I didn't sign in. I typed nothing on the page. I clicked 'unsubscribe' in the email above and bam, Chrome warning comes up. A few days later I got the email with my old password as the subject in my spam folder. I've not had anymore of that either since I blocked it.

Honestly, with all the pop-ups and just general ickyness Photobucket has turned into, I'd avoid them entirely.
Title: Re: Warning about Photobucket
Post by: ZeldaTheSwordsman on November 27, 2020, 12:45:32 AM
Photobucket needs to just drop dead already. I remember back when they greedily tightened their bandwidth cap way back in 2010...
Things started to get extra-nasty around 2015 or 2016, by which point they were so unbearably clogged with the worst kind of ads (you know, the kind that reduce high-speed broadband to speeds worse than dialup) and they made it so that if you wanted to download an image without it being corrupted you had to visit its actual page on PB... And then breaking embeds... And now this.

Even though Eclipse is a godawful interface, I still use DeviantART as an imagehost. Because it's actually useful, whereas PB just gets more and more worthless.
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