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To Alternat Re-Hair or Original Re-Hair? That is the question...

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I brought a couple of Ponies from the flea market and they need hair. there bodies are in excellent condition but they need hair to help them out. I know that Bride Pony is a common pony so should I alternate her hair? I have a couple Ideas or should I do original?
I was thinking of Customizing Bride pony but that symbol is just too perfect...

others that need hair are:

Caramel Crunch
Up Up and away

same question for them as well an alternate rehair for Them or original rehair?

Bride is common enough that I think an alt rehair would be fun :)

Not sure about the other two. Were you planning on keeping them or selling?

I was planning on selling them...
Thanks BC

Up Up & Away I'm inclined to say alt rehair, although I feel like she's fairly common either way.

Caramel Crunch I'd personally opt to alt rehair, but for selling, I think some freshly done curls in her original style may be sweet, especially if her body is very well off.

Thank you tailrustedtealeaf

I just added a poll for everyone to participate in about Bride Pony. I'll leave Caramel Crunch and Up Up and Away normal hair.


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