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Doll hair supplier matches for G1 ponies



I finished a project I'm working on for years now. You know that I did a lot of Hasbro inspired customs and probably too that I do restorations as well. Therefore I always needed perfect matches. So I created a matching guide with suppliers that I bought hair from. I included Thedollyhairemporium (UK), Dollyhair (US), mylittlecustom (UK) and shimmerlocks (US). Mylittlecustom carries the same hair as Dollyhair. The hair type is 99% nylon and 1% kiwi.

A few ponies are not matched yet (these are marked) but right now I didn't have the correct hair color or the pony itself to match them. If you did by chance, you're welcome to send me a PM and I can add it there.

The link can be viewed best from a computer. Phone is useable too but it's not so perfect.

Have a lot of fun using it and I hope you can use it for your projects.

All the best

Thanks so much, Panda! :D

That is an incredible resource, pandabear_chan, thank you!


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