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Yesterday at 06:35:03 AM by Koudoawaia
Views: 97 | Comments: 4

A pair of colored sketches of Misty. This is my first G5 fanart and I definitely relate to Misty the most as she's the introverted character of this generation.

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Yesterday at 03:10:44 AM by Mar1978
Views: 72 | Comments: 1

I know this is a long shot, but I am trying to find a title of this animated series? from the 80s I assume.
It could have been a mini series (not sure about that) it looked a bit MLP G1 style of animation (perhaps more detailed as I remember)
It was 4 children, the oldest was a girl, and the youngest a baby brother who was crawling. And there were another girl and boy in between the siblings.
So somehow those children were on a magical adventure outside of their home in another land? maybe. I remember a scene they were underwater. I don't remember any of the magical creatures I assumer were on.
I hope this rings a bell to anyone :)
April 23, 2024, 09:38:30 AM by dippindot | Views: 159 | Comments: 6

My local used bookstore has a used toy section, and I picked up a G4 Minty and Mrs. Cake! Both of which I wanted back when they were available and never got. First addition to my collection in *counts years* urgh.... anyways, in a long while.

Yay, ponies!

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April 23, 2024, 07:45:28 AM by Kitcatepic
Views: 164 | Comments: 5

there are so many instances in g5 where it feels like they are trying to sell toys but then don't

they went out of their way to give all the dragons names when most of them are pretty much just background characters with no development they also made the dragons more pony like and even though it was stated that it was just because they wanted to reuse the pony rig for the dragons it also makes them look a lot more toyetic as a result it seems like they were using the dragons to sell toys yet they only made one of them as a toy as far as we know

the auracorns and blue thunders (or whatever that one pegasus band was called I dont remember) have a design similar to that one mane 5 set with the translucent glitter plastic ...
April 22, 2024, 07:29:14 PM by SleepySeed
Views: 73 | Comments: 0

Hi friends! I’m looking for a specific Misty Brightdawn mini toy that I found on Instagram. It looks like she was included in the foreign MLP magazine issue #179 with a bunch of accessories. In all honesty, I wouldn’t care for any of those, just the pony. I think she would be the perfect fit for my 5 Below mini set. Please someone tell me you’ve got a spare!  >_<

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