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Off Topic / Re: The Trivial Complaints Thread ... #3
« on: Yesterday at 07:18:33 PM »
My dad bought a European DVD not realizing that it was European and wouldn't play on US DVD players.  It will play on the portable DVD player, but none of the others.

I finally decided what to spend my Amazon gift card on.  Now I have to figure out how to do it. There used to be a code on e gift cards but now there's just a link in my email that says "click here to redeem."   It was an e gift card from and friend and came directly from Amazon so I know it's not a scam.


They were there when I posted, but now I can't find them either.  :what:


Pony Corral / Re: GAME: Pony 20 Questions!
« on: Yesterday at 07:04:53 PM »
Does your pony have a gimmick?


Off Topic / Re: The Trivial Complaints Thread ... #3
« on: February 24, 2024, 07:58:45 PM »

:hug: :hug:

That's terrible.    :enraged: :enraged: I hope they give you a chance to clean up before they kick you out.  Is there any way you can appeal?
Getting charged for replacing the floor when it was already broken when you moved in reminds me of when I had to pay a fine in jr high or high school because a book had a page torn when I got it at the beginning of the year.  When it was time to turn in books the teacher said I had damaged the book and had to pay a fine.  I told her that the tear had been there since I got the book, but she said I had to pay it anyway because I didn't report it being torn when I got it. I think it was only $.50 or something, but still...

This is going to be long....

My parents waited all day yesterday for the exterminator to come.  When my mom called 2 weeks ago they sent her an email conformation that they were supposed to come yesterday between 8am and noon.  When lunchtime came and no one had showed, my mom called the company and they said she was on the schedule for the afternoon.  Fast forward to around 4 pm and my mom got an email and call that the exterminator is coming another day.  The home inspector did come though and said he found evidence of mice. He said the exterminators could set some type of traps/bait for the mice.

Last night, my earrings started feeling uncomfortable. I took them out of my ears and was shocked to discover green flakes of oxidized metal on  one of the earring backs.  It also turned one of the earring posts green.   There was even a green spot on my piercing. Needless to say, those backs are in the trash. I kept the earrings, but now I'm wary of using those backs on other pairs.  I looked through my jewelry box and found a different pair that still had the other backs on and put them in.

I wanted to go to the bookstore today but didn't get a chance to. 

I used to light Bath and Body Works candles on the weekends, but I haven't for months.  Part of the reason is because I forget because it seems like my dad is in a big hurry on Friday and Saturday nights to get game night started.  I'm so bored of playing the same games every Friday night.  My dad never wants to play anything different.  The last time we tried a new game I think we played it maybe 3 times before my dad put it out in the garage and said, "nobody likes this game."  He just assumed that. The truth is probably that he didn't like it and because he didn't, he decided that no one else did.

My parents usually give me something for Valentine's.   This year though, my dad decided what to get me and ordered it without me knowing.  It's not that I'm not grateful, but I would have rather picked out something that I wanted instead of what my dad thought I wanted or needed.

Taffeta, I'm sorry that happened to you. :hug: I'll never understand why some people think it's okay to act like that when they're old enough to know better.


Off Topic / Re: Let's help motivate each other to reach our goals
« on: February 24, 2024, 06:37:17 PM »
I lost 2 pounds last week, but I gained it back this week.


The Twilight and Applejack plush are on US Amazon for preorder.  I didn't see Medley yet. It looks like Basic Fun reversed Twilight's mane from the prototype to make it white with a pink streak instead of pink with a white streak.


Off Topic / Re: Anime? Thread #2
« on: February 22, 2024, 04:57:53 PM »
I always forget that Albert is supposed to Swedish. :lol:

Those scenes with Haru and Rin in Australia do seem slow and a little unnatural in places (It was a bit jarring to me to get used to everyone speaking Japanese and suddenly most characters are speaking English.)

I agree the English during the Daiya game is much worse. A lot of it could have been fixed by just changing the sentence structures a bit or getting rid of redundant lines.  Did they really need so may lines about Mei being a Japanese pitcher?  I tried to find a clip of the game on Youtube, but there's none that are useful.

I found part of the clip I was looking for from Sign of Affection.   Itsuomi is the one that appears at :13.  Eijun's va is at around 1:44.   The person that posted this has cut some scenes so the "It's wet" dialogue is missing.


Pony Corral / Re: GAME: Pony 20 Questions!
« on: February 22, 2024, 03:52:22 PM »
Q 17:  My pony is the Birthday Pony.  :cheer:  Your turn BC.  :D


Off Topic / Re: Anime? Thread #2
« on: February 22, 2024, 03:48:43 PM »
This discussion also reminds me of when Albert and Haru met in Free Dive to the Future.  I don't think Haru understands/speaks English fluently and Albert doesn't speak Japanese.  Despite that Albert is able to ask Haru how to order food in English and Haru is able to respond in Japanese as if they aren't speaking two different languages.   Haru is pretty preceptive though so it could be he realized Albert didn't know how to order without needing to understand English.


Pony Corral / Re: GAME: Pony 20 Questions!
« on: February 22, 2024, 12:32:12 PM »
Q 16:  It's not TAF Sundance


Pony Corral / Re: GAME: Pony 20 Questions!
« on: February 22, 2024, 11:38:34 AM »
Q 14: My pony does have a symbol that spreads over its body, but it's not 3D.

Q 15:  My pony is white. :D

5 Questions left....


There's something special about my pony. 

One of the items she came with was meant for the child that got her.


Pony Corral / Re: Rainbow Ponies Cartoon?
« on: February 22, 2024, 06:01:18 AM »
Here's the description from the Viewmaster reels package.

"Dark shadows descended over a happy day in Ponyland. A spiadon raid captured two little ponies.  At Midnight Castle, the spiadon leader Scorpan presented the captives to evil tyrant Tirek, who demanded two more ponies to pull his chariot.

In the meantime Firefly flew to Earth to get the help of a little girl who loved ponies.  Megan wan't sure she was brave enough, but with the help of the friendly Sea Ponies, Megan and her new friends went to Mushroom Land.  There Mr. Moocheck gave them a magic charm called the Rainbow of Light.

Back in the castle, Tirek was unhappy with the second spiadon raid.  They'd captured ponies who wer too small to pull his chariot as he spread Darkness over the the world.  Tirek, through Spike, the baby dragon into prison as a hostage. Scorpan could stand no more evil. He released Spike and the captured ponies just as Megan entered the castle.

Tirek flew out of the castle with the power of Darkness. High above the towers Scorpan tried to stop him, but was thrown to the castle below. Megan on Firefly soared to the mighty chariot. Firefly snatched the Rainbow of Darkness, but it was knocked to the castle floor where a great battle began between the Rainbows of Darkness and Light.  The Rainbow of Light destroyed the Darkness and its owner Tirek.  Back home, the ponies and Megan discovered that Scorpan had been under a spell. Now he was a prince -happy in Ponyland.


Off Topic / Re: Anime? Thread #2
« on: February 21, 2024, 07:26:36 PM »

I'm also remembering the horrible Engrish in Daiya's American/Japan baseball game...which was also censored from the manga iirc because I'm pretty sure the manga included an expletive.

I was thinking about that when they starting speaking so slowly in A Sign of Affection.  It was such a jarring contrast to the way Itsuomi spoke in the first few minutes (although he says later he's fluent in English )  Let's not forget one of the American players in that Daiya game is named C. Weed.  :shocked:

Another one was Sugar Sugar Rune (fansubs not official, but still) translating "stick" as "wand". Yeah, I agree, that sounds better, and if it was a dub/manga translation/anything without the original audio I'd wholeheartedly support it... but it's just so silly reading "wand" when you can clearly hear the girls yelling "stick!" :silly:

I found out recently that the new Eternal edition of the Sailor Moon magna has changed Moon Stick to Moon Wand because an editor thought it sounded more "magical" than stick.  It seems silly to change it after all this time just because someone decided that wand sounded better.


Off Topic / Re: Rate the last movie you watched?
« on: February 20, 2024, 07:08:01 PM »
Flight of the Navigator.  8/10.  It's a fun movie.


Off Topic / Re: The Trivial Complaints Thread ... #3
« on: February 20, 2024, 07:00:21 PM »
I agree.  Mane-ga sounds off to me too.

I was going to open Disney + today on the Smart TV, but by the time my mom got done with everything she wanted to do, my dad got up and decided to get on the computer. My mom got really good news today so I was trying really hard not to spoil her day.  I mentioned that I wasn't sure where the dog had gone and everything fell apart.  My mom started looking for her which caused my dad to start looking. I kept telling my mom that I was 99% sure that the dog was still inside the house or the backyard.  Mom decided to walk down the street to look for the dog. I finally found the dog under my parent's bad sound asleep.    My dad was looking in the backyard so I went and told him I found the dog.  I went outside to find my mom and tell her I found the dog, but I didn't see her when I outside.  I tried to call her, but she left her phone on the kitchen table.  My dad started getting worried.  I tried to tell him that I would start walking down the street to find her if he'd stay at the house, but every time I started to set out, he went outside.  A few minutes later my mom finally came back and said she'd walked all the way to a busy street to make sure that the dog didn't get out.  My dad was upset that my mom walked down the street without her phone because he was afraid something might have happened to her when we didn't see her up or down the block.  My mom came in and said I should have texted her, saying it would have come through on her watch.  She was way too far out of range for that to happen.  My dad put a key tracker on the dog's collar. Now she keeps getting the tracker wet when she wants to drink water.

I logged on to Hulu (no problems yay :D) today but couldn't decide what I wanted to watch.


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