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Introductions / my introduction!
« on: April 26, 2020, 09:18:29 PM »
 I hope I am doing this right ;w; i'm new to the site and struggling a little bit with navigating but I'll get there !!!

My name is Newt! I'm 22, and I'm from Houston !

I'm a freelance illustrator currently, and I work from home !

I'm currently living in Houston- but set to move to PA with my wonderful boyfriend in the near future!

I only have a few ponies at the moment! I had a larger collection as a kid- but I moved around a lot as a kid and often had to leave my things behind due to unfortunate circumstances and lost a lot of my collections over time :(
Right this moment I have Pillow Talk, Sunny Bunch, Sugarberry, Scoops, Galaxy, and the Target Stranger Things Applejack! My most favorite pony is Night Glider and I hope to be able to add her to my collection one day :)

I prefer g1 ponies!!! But I also really like some of the g3 ponies- and in general I love moon and space themed ponies the most !

I also love other horse-themed vintage toys like breyer horses, fashionstar fillies, etc!

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