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hey i purchased some ponies from ya but i see you still have sand castle and shovels? i'd like to get them if you do still have them. let me know :)

how much are you looking for?

For Sale - For Auction / Re: Harder sea ponies for sale.
« on: December 21, 2020, 09:14:08 PM »
you got any pics???

Introductions / introduction? from Canada
« on: December 09, 2020, 07:55:19 PM »
my name is Anne-Marie. as a child my very first mlp was Sunlight but being the creature i was/am i named her Cloudy. hence the handle and profile pic. i'm 38 (ICK!) and i live in ontario canada. i've never stopped collecting, i started when Cloudy was gifted to me at the age of 3, however i've ramped up my collecting in the past couple years cuz i want em. all of em. and i decided acquiring the entire north american set is probably one of the only life goals i may be able to achieve. lol.
my 2nd mlp was bbe Gusty. again a gift. i still remember where i was and what the box looked like before i ripped er open. i had alot of practice with that haha. i was lucky, an only child my parents bought me quite a few mlps. well over 100. ponies instead of siblings...companions in the life of a lonely little girl. i think i have an almost complete set of petite ponies. yay me. i have an argentinian version of Cherries Jubilee mint in the box. it was one of the first ponies i bought on ebay when i was like 20 and didn't know there was a difference b/w north american release and nirvana (why are her cherries upside down?! duuuuuurp). i have no idea how much she's worth. probably not as much as i'd hope. i find the prices of mlps have really gone up recently and it worries me a bit (lot) cuz i don't make much and here i am, spending all my money on them. i was told it's a solid retirement plan. i wonder though lol... what will happen when we all get old and our generation isn't buying G1's any anymore/competing with one another to finish their collections? are they gonna be worth anything to anyone? or will the prices bottom out? hmmmmm...i mean, it wasn't just mlp as a toy that sucked us all in right? there was a tv show. and my god does that opening song bring a sense of joy and excitement within the depths of this soul....i can't remember if my love for them began with Cloudy or the tv show (chicken/egg). that show taught me how to use a VCR as a child since i had to go to kindergarten and if i didn't tape it i'd miss it! the movie was my favourite movie. of course. i still occasionally say something about pulling the wings off of flies haha. no one ever gets it :(
i have a dog, who's basically the love of my life. he's worth more than ponies, although if he ever chewed one (he wouldn't he's an angel) i might implode. i belong to a paranormal group, i usually only wear black and i like mlp. like, a lot. i hope i can manage to achieve this crazy goal of acquiring them all. that's why i'm here i guess. i've googled this, but never found an many people on here (or in the world) have the whole set? or is that a secret? anyways, here's to wishing in the wishing well. you all now know my wish.
cheers. and merry XMAS!

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