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Pony Corral / Re: Emoticon/Smiley Pony IDs
« on: January 05, 2024, 02:22:07 PM »
Completely inappropriate. Please read our site rules. -Loa

Pony Corral / Re: Emoticon/Smiley Pony IDs
« on: November 29, 2023, 04:22:08 PM »
I'd forgotten about the hidden Minty! I knew we had Bubbles, but not Sunburst. I'll add them.

Pony Corral / Re: Emoticon/Smiley Pony IDs
« on: November 29, 2023, 01:40:01 AM »
yep yep!

And the turquoise pony should definitely be Hopscotch :) I love the pony emoticons, they're so cute ^^

Thanks for clarifying!

Pony Corral / Emoticon/Smiley Pony IDs
« on: November 28, 2023, 06:56:35 PM »
Just for those who are curious- a collection of IDs for the pony emoticons here on the Arena!

 :nerdy: - Seashell
 :happy: - Sundance
 :jealous: - Tootsie
 :whoa: - Surprise
 :newpony: - Minty
 :silly: - Hopscotch
 :lovey: - Tambourine (G*psy)
visitors can't see pics , please register or login
 - Bubbles (unadded)
visitors can't see pics , please register or login
 - Sunburst (unadded)

 :sad: - Blue Mist
 :work: - Bubblecup
 :devious: - March Mischief
 :redface: - Fluttershy
 :drunk: - Daffidazey
 :art: - Candy Cane
 :yikes: - Bumblesweet
 :enraged: - Waterfire
 :frolic: - Moondancer
 :awake: - Gem Blossom
 :enthralled: - Twilight Twinkle
 :accomplished: - Star Catcher
 :cold: - Minty
 :what: - Periwinkle
 :cloud: - Silver Glow
 :good: - Coconut Grove
 :hope: - Wish-I-Might
 :hot: - Sunny Daze
 :stressed: - Sparkleworks
 :relaxed: - Sunny Sparkles
 :think: - Sunset Sweety
 :zzz: - Crystal Lake
:socks: - Minty (this is a hidden emoticon!)

Pony Corral / Re: PC/help? G3 Plush Starcatcher Backpack
« on: November 28, 2023, 06:38:09 PM »
this is a uk exclusive and pretty valuable! i got mine for 15 gbp (38 gbp with shipping), which is about 17 euro.
shes pretty highly sought after!

o7 Generally just running her under cold water and letting her return to white is a good temporary solution, especially if you want to keep the thermal paint.
Blotching just appears to be a side effect of age! I haven't heard of Star Catchers going permanently blotchy pink, but I know some rather remove the thermal paint and keep her permanently white that way.

Magic Erasers can also remove the thermal paint, just a lot less effectively.

For me, at least, mine hasn't returned to blotchy pink for about two years and is still (off-)white to this day.

It's true, Alabama sucks (and we're in the middle of a heat wave), but at least we have horse.

My phone's dead-dead so I can't get images, but here's my full haul:

G1 (its a lot so its spoilered. this boosted my g1 collection from 36 ponies to 58)
- Masquerade
- Sweet Pop
- Tic Tac Toe
- Slugger
- Steamer
- Fifi
- Night Glider
- Ringlets (BnG)
- Swirly Whirly
- Romper
- Barnacle
- Chief
- Daddy Apple Delight
- Sundance (TAF)
- Sea Breeze
- Sunblossom
- Cha Cha (SHS)
- Goldilocks
- Princess Royal Pink
- Firefly (Firefly's Adventure)
- Bridal Beauty
- Cotton Candy (25th Anni)

- Rainbow Dash (SS 2007)
- Sunny Daze (Tiny Tins)

- Twilight Sparkle (Rainbow Power Styling Size, w/ cape)

- Rarity (Magical Mane)

- Izzy Moonbow (6in Shining Adventures)
- Sunny Starscout (6in Shining Adventures)

I also got two Kenner Care Bears PVC figures, an Animal Jam plush, a Bambi plush, and a Simba plush.

If you haven't tried already, run her under cold water!
Mine was blotchy pink but I was able to restore her to white by simply turning her fully pink and then waiting for her to return to normal. She does have a very, very faint pink hue, and while she'll likely return to blotchy pink at some point, for now its lasted a good while.

Hi collectors local to Alabama! I come with some great news- a local collector has opened up a shop that sells ponies for $0.50 to $2, and my haul from yesterday was MASSIVE, with tons of rare finds including 2-3 Big Brothers, a Sweetheart Sister, several Year 10+s, a 25th anni repro Cotton Candy, and some Twinkle-Eyes (the entire Sundae Best set was there too, but I didn't get any of them)! I NEEDED to recommend this place!

In the Lorna Brook Village shopping mall next to Lorna Rd, there's a place called "Nostalgia" (or "Nostalgia Toys", my memory escapes me) that's next to the Mexican restaurant. It's run by a very sweet woman who is a recovering hoarder and her kid. They were so kind to us!

This place has waaay more than just ponies. You can find anything in there- Disney, Care Bears, Barbie, Pokemon, Garfield, hell this place has dedicated areas for everything! Dolls, plush, you name it! Their oldest stuff is from the 50s.

So if you're nearby, definitely swing by! I know I wiped out most of their pony inventory yesterday, but if you're a collector who isn't picky about condition or isn't afraid of lots of restoring they're great. There are some perfectly mint condition ponies though- one of the Talk-a-Lots was GORGEOUS and her hair was so so soft.

The owner specifically stated she doesn't sell for Ebay prices so that it's easier for local, small, and/or beginning collectors to pick up some of the rarer ones. My haul that was probably worth over $500 (at least $150 with those Big Brothers alone) rang up as $200. They also buy, so if you have doubles, they're likely a good place to go!

10/10 would stop by again!

Pony Corral / Re: Unofficial Renaming of G*psy?
« on: July 07, 2021, 12:02:16 PM »
with regards to "g*psy* being used in official contexts, it's not unheard of or even uncommon for words that are considered slurs to have been used in everything from diagnoses to legal paperwork.

"mental r*tardation" was still a diagnosis that was in use up until the early aughts, when the DSM-5 changed it. the US census used to include terms for people of color that are recognized as slurs nowadays.

doesnt mean we have to dig in our heels though, language changes! its not a bad thing to adapt :-P

Exactly! It’s just that these official documents are using outdated and offensive terms, which happens and has always happened. Just wish they would change it.
It’s just very frustrating when people use that outdated language under the guise of “that’s what it was officially called.” But we’re not here to discuss that!

Pony Corral / Re: Unofficial Renaming of G*psy?
« on: July 07, 2021, 11:20:32 AM »
While I'm here I'm also going to bring up Wigwam.
His name ISN'T a slur which is fine and okay. But he is based off a blatantly racist caricature. Of course, different times, but we also need to acknowledge this too, because it's in the same vein as G*psy.

But Wigwam isn't supposed to be a Native himself, he just likes to play Cowboys and Indians with Tex.

Your location says you’re from Europe, so perhaps you don’t understand. Wigwam is based, undoubtedly, off a racist caricature. I will reiterate, without doubt.
“Cowboys and Indians”, when it was a thing here in the States (perhaps still is, but I do live in Alabama, a notoriously awful state, and I haven’t heard it of it being played in a few years), was a game reliant on stereotypical, racist portrayals of Native Americans. It’s among the reasons we are trying to end “Indian Day”s at schools- it’s promoting an offensive view of Natives that has actively hurt Native people (esp. Native kids).

Wigwam shouldn’t be a point of argument at all. He’s just noteworthy in this case.

I never gave any conclusion to my previous comment. I was just saying "It doesn't sound offensive to me. Does it sound offensive to the targeted people ?" I never said it's okay to use Gypsy just because I don't think it's a slur. Like I said, only the targeted people have the final word on this debate.

Aside from this specific topic on the name "Gypsy", I'm not too huge on taboo-fying every word for x or y reason. It feels forbidden to openly and respectfully talk about some subjects because of that and that doesn't actually prevent people from using those in a disrespecful way. Because the issue isn't usually the word itself, but how and in which context it is used. I feel like that would decrease the awareness on our history in the long run and we'd repeat the same mistakes instead of learning from the past.

Thanks for the clarification.

We should still recognize that many, many Romani people consider G*psy a slur! I’m on mobile at the moment, but if someone wants me to find sources of Romani people saying it is and why, I can find some when I get back on my computer.
Slurs are ABSOLUTELY context-dependent, but even when you say the word non-offensively (such in the case with our pony G*psy), it can be offensive.
Slurs, being said without being censored/the hurt its done not being addressed/said offensively, are never okay. Honestly, I’m going to tear into the next person I hear say “mental r*dardation” to refer to autism and other mental disorders who then adds “I didn’t mean it offensively”, precisely for this reason (sorry for slight vent, again I’m autistic and this is the only connection I can make to this argument that I have experience with). Slurs are not okay, in most if not EVERY context. /nm /nbr

I think, at least in the US, it’d be better if we called her Tambourine, I’m glad some people agree with me here!
For those in the UK: perhaps use Tambourine to remain on the safe side until we get a proper opinion from a Romani person in or near the community.

Pony Corral / Re: Unofficial Renaming of G*psy?
« on: July 07, 2021, 09:46:18 AM »
We definitely need a Romani's view on this, it seems.

I never found her name offensive.  Gypsy is a word for a free spirited, mysterious woman too. And its a popular horse name besides.

How about we let them decide, and follow their lead on it?

I'm also really tired of people using toys/media for a source of their social outrage and pet projects, because it takes energy and focus away from real life issues.

I know hyper focus on petty things goes back hundreds of years to music, dance, fashion and books, but this is still slapping band aids on bullet holes.

I choose to take a balanced view on this.

We should definitely let them decide. That's why I'll bring this up: G*psy doesn't mean a free-spirited traveller or mysterious woman, that's a part of the racist caricature that media portrays.

I hate to compare it to a non-racial slur, but it's the only connection I can make, but it's akin to using the r slur to mean "stupid/dumb" when it's actually a slur against autistic people (source: I'm autistic and I've been in the autism community for some time- the word is very offensive to us).

You do make a good point with things like this being pushed a bit too hard on little subjects like these. It does go back a long way, but I believe it's more for the sake of stopping usage of the word so it does less harm than it has in the past. It's absolutely slapping bandaids over bullet holes, but for people outside of the minority group in question, it's good practice to start to take the word of your vocabulary. A slow, gradual change, to get used to it.


I've heard Tambourine as well.
But yeah, there was a long discussion about this in a past thread (her Pony of the Day one?). Seems to be a regional thing.,401233.0.html
^ this was the thread

Thanks! I had a feeling this had been discussed before, but forgot where/when.
I'll give this thread a (re)read when I can.

I'm not fond of the "It's not a slur to me" perspective, to be honest :huh:

I mean, think of something that is a slur to you. I'm talking unspeakably, we-can't-be-friends-if-you-say-it- bad. Would that be a slur to you if you'd never heard it before? It wouldn't, right? What if someone from a different country told you it's not a slur to them? Would you still be comfortable with Hasbro naming a pony that?

It's a complicated issue, of course, and I don't blame anyone for referring to a pony by her official name or anything like that. But I do think the idea of renaming her is a noble one, whether it catches on or not. Tambourine is a lovely name ^.^
I'm from Belgium so English isn't my first language, but I don't perceive this term as a slur or anything insulting. I would be interested to have the opinion of people from that community to have a clearer understanding of what it means to them.

This is something that comes up a lot with slurs! The best way to handle it is to educate yourself on the meaning and history of the word.
See my example with the r slur above! It may not be seen as a slur by neurotypical people, but it is. Just because it isn't seen as one doesn't mean it isn't one.

We already had a discussion about this recently, I'm not from the Gypsy Roma or Traveller communities but from the UK and my take is that it's a non-issue. Gypsy isn't a slur here it's a title. In schools, we formally use the description Gypsy Roma and Traveller to describe any settled or non-settled people who identify as being members of these groups. It's important to distinguish children from these groups since they may have certain requirements like opting out of sex ed in schools or attending gatherings at certain times of the year during school term time. So we respectfully use these terms when discussing policy and procedure. I'm sorry that the situation is different abroad however I don't think that we can or should change her name. At least, I'd be surprised if it catches on. I didn't realise that she was a negative character however, could we see some examples?
This has definitely come up multiple times in the recent past on here.  The concencus seemed to be that British people found the name not offensive while American people found it offensive.  I can't recall what folks from other parts of Europe and the rest of the world thought. I believe the word originated in Britain (among non-Romani populations), so maybe that's a contributing factor..?

Really the word itself is kind of odd since it is based on a historical misidentification, like saying "Indian" and meaning certain native American tribes that have actual names...From what I read previously the Romani didn't seem to have a great deal of concencus on whether they found the term offensive or not.  So it really feels like a gray area at least on the international stage.  But maybe there is more consensus among them then I am aware of. To me, I get the feeling that the word's trajectory is toward slur.  Like maybe it is ambiguous now but in thirty years it will end up more firmly in the slur category.  I mean why would you continue to refer to a population by the name you gave them instead of the name they actually call themselves?

For what it's worth I always called my childhood ponies after their symbols rather than their given names, so if I had had her I certainly would have called her tambourine or whatever I interpreted those symbols to be.

Thank you for bringing this up! I'm from the US, so I was unaware of this.

It's rare to see Native Americans in schools here, at least from what I've seen (mind you, I only went to public school for 3 years), but within the past number of years there's been a huge migration from using the term Indian to using the term Native when it comes to thinks like paperwork and documents. I know a good lot of Natives find the former term offensive (as its been used derogatorily, is misattributed, etc). "G*psy Roma" is better than the normal term, I feel, but take me with a grain of salt- I'm not of that group at all.

Modernly, a lot more Romani people online have been vocal about it being a slur, which is why I brought this up to begin with. I think we should change it for this reason. This is also the reason you'll see me continuously censor the word.

As for G*psy herself being a caricature:

MLW reads, "She lives deep in the forest and tells "the day's fortune" every morning. G*psy is able to foresee the future, look into the past, and perform other magical feats, sometimes with the help of her wheel of fortune. She is one of Majesty's most trusted subjects, as evidenced by Majesty's willingness to show G*psy the secret Book of Horrors in the Secret Room when the red cloud being attacked."
And her backcard, "G*psy entertains all the ponies with her dances — twirling around as she taps out the rythmn on her tambourine. As she runs past her ribbon leaves a colourful trail for all to see."

Caricatures of the Romani people often make them magical people, often witches. Considering the huge amount of negative connotation around that already (witches being "evil", etc, just look in the general direction of the Catholic Church and see how they've characterized this), it's no wonder that it forms a caricature of Romani people. Considering how some modern witches call themselves "g*psy witches" when they aren't of the Romani people themselves, as well as how Romani are portrayed in things like His Dark Materials (while I do love that series, this is the only thing that irks me about it- but it's also a product of its time and made by a UK writer), it shows that this magical, witch-like portrayal is a stereotype.
G*psy would be less offensive if she was based off those who practice paganism in general, and if her name was different. A little change like her name would make a world of difference in her portrayal. Connecting the Romani people to this mystical description at all creates a racist caricature.

When it comes to the clothing and dancing, this stems from cultural appropriation. No doubt a lot of us have seen "g*psy" costumes: flowing skirts, silk fabrics, bells and instruments tied around limbs, tassels, headbands, etc. This is no different to wearing an "Native American" or "Mexican" Halloween costume; they're racist portrayals that push a stereotype, and one that's harmed people by brushing what is actually happening to the Romani under the rug.
"We are NOT your halloween costume. We are NOT your flowy skirt. We are NOT your fashion sense. We are NOT your wanderlust. We are NOT ‘boho.’
Gypsy is not fashion. Gypsy is not traveling. Gypsy is not a headband or a costume, or boho, or a long skirt." - takingbackourculture

For years, one of the key characters in the cult classic tv series Mystery Science Theater 3000 was a purple robot named Gypsy. She was the sole female robot on the satellite, and for most of the show's run, she was the only recurring woman character, albeit voiced a la Miss Piggy. While not as ubiquitous as the primary robots Tom Servo and Crow, she was still iconic to the show, and her name came from the creator's childhood pet.

The show came out in the early 90s and got a revival in the late 2010s. As of the 2019 live tour, some 30 years after having her name sung in the opening credits for the first time, they quietly changed her name to GPC. Some fans were displeased at how they could modify the name of such a long-running character ("why would you ruin my childhood?!") but most fans understood the logic behind it (I myself had been calling her "Gypsum" or "G" for years). It's a small thing, but it lets marginalized communities know that the world considers their safety more important than an attachment to a warped word meaning or a plastic piece of pop culture.

This always brings discourse out of the woodwork. I think it's best to recognize that it's a historically oppressive term. Tambourine is a lovely name.


This was a long post, but I wanted to get back to everyone I could.

Post Merge: July 07, 2021, 10:00:19 AM

While I'm here I'm also going to bring up Wigwam.
His name ISN'T a slur which is fine and okay. But he is based off a blatantly racist caricature. Of course, different times, but we also need to acknowledge this too, because it's in the same vein as G*psy.

Pony Corral / Unofficial Renaming of G*psy?
« on: July 06, 2021, 11:10:36 PM »
I asked this originally on Tumblr, but it's worth to ask here as well as there are more G1 collectors here. Also so that this could reach a wider audience.

Has the community ever come up with an unofficial replacement name for G*psy? Considering her name is a slur for the Romani people, especially considering the prejudice against the Romani has been more and more revealed over the years, I figure it's only right to come up with a different name to refer to G*psy as. Also since she's so commonly sought after, and she stems from an offensive caricature in the comics.

Of course, we can't change the past (and it was certainly a different time when she was released) and it'd be easier to find her under the original name (when it comes to things like listings, etc), but out of respect it's likely for the best we give her an unofficial name to use instead.

If she doesn't already have one- and I've looked- I suggest Tambourine, for her cutie mark and backcard story.

If you're of the Romani people yourself, please give your opinions! They'll be the most heavily considered and your thoughts on this are the most appreciated.

Even if you're not Romani, offer your opinions too! Please try to not be offensive, though, and recognize the hurt done to this minority group.


Have these site rules in mind, please:
Sensitive Topics.

Sensitive subjects such as but not limited to religion, politics, abortion and animal rights will be closely monitored and will be locked at the mods' discretion. Unfortunately, Moderators do not have the extra time that these topics require. This stance also includes signatures or avatars that have subject matter others find offensive, or involve any of the above mentioned topics. Thank you for understanding.

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Pony Corral / Re: Restoring Precious Gem's Factory Curls
« on: October 24, 2019, 11:06:19 AM »
You can just surface clean her body and leave her hair as-is if it’s not too bad I suppose?

That's the thought.
Her hair isn't awful, but it could use a clean, as it's a bit messy and has stuff in it. I don't mind the messy, and I can pick the fluff she has stuck in it out...

I'd just love to have a way to clean it and keep the curls.

Pony Corral / Re: POTD 10/24/19 Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe
« on: October 24, 2019, 10:12:54 AM »
all the g1 playsets are so precious... i love all of them, but i don't have any myself, being a g3 primary collector.

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