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My complete list is actually still in process and not all auctions are listed but many boxed G4s are on the way yet-- early G4s with animal friends in particular.... 

HTF collector G3s (some of which have sold already, within the first 24 hours, so I'm sure my prices are definitely reasonable!)

Some Disney lithographs on the way

Random collectables and toys will also be added as I wade through my closets.

This is a massive cleaning undertaking that is so far aggravating and illustrating my pack rat tendencies terribly  :blush:

eBay link here :

The Dollhouse / Looking for swim Draculaura, Venus, nude Threadarella
« on: January 22, 2013, 08:09:27 PM »
All in the title....looking for these three girls.  Swim girls fully dressed, Frankie nude is fine, actually preferred.  I have some trade stuffs available but I don't have it sorted out at this time so buying might be the best way to go.  :).

The Dollhouse / Found- thank you
« on: December 15, 2012, 11:48:57 AM »
as the title says- specifically trying to hunt down two Scaris Deuce's at the moment and I happen to have a NRFB Toralei and Skelita in my trade closet that I can use as trade...or I can pay retail :)  PM me! 

The Dollhouse / WTT original release Howleen (mine) for Dance class Howleen
« on: November 17, 2012, 05:32:50 PM »
So, thanks to a mishap with boiling water and my daughter's dance class Howleen....I had to give up my dance class Howleen to her.  (Her hair is the softer, easier to melt type, btw >.< )   Unfortunately for me, that is my favorite Howleen and I actually don't want the original Howleen much at all now.  BUT, my local store has sold all of my pink haired I can either wait for her to reappear, or see if anyone here is looking for her orange haired incarnation....or a custom baited melted hair dance class version ;)  lol.   PM me if you can hook me up! 

The Dollhouse / had to share (brag)
« on: November 15, 2012, 01:00:03 PM »
I took a chance on an ebay lot of CAM parts last week- it had 9 heads, random body parts a few wigs etc for about $25.  I was hoping one or two of the heads would be squishy and therefore rootable....  It came today...complete with 9 SQUISHY ROOTABLE HEADS.  Besides being absolutely hilariously packed- one ziploc baggie of heads, one of random limbs, one of wigs and clothing, this package made my day :)  (and will keep me busy for MONTHS!) 

Any other good brags lately??

After trying (Unsuccessfully) to search for this...I'm beginning to think I dreamed it up...but I located my rather surprisingly huge stash of pony hair and seem to remember someone looking for wysteria colored pony hair for rehairing...or do I???  If so, please let me know?

:)   :blink:

The Dollhouse / Currently on HOLD
« on: August 15, 2012, 10:53:19 AM »
IMPORTANT:  I am having some difficulties keeping up with PMs at the moment due to real life, so I am putting further trades/sales on hold for now.  It seems like as soon as I think I get things under control my husband or daughter (or I) get the flu or a hurricane comes winging our way (seriously?)  I'm working on getting through all those people I was already dealing with!!

updated want list- and what I have available for trade/sale :)

MIB Howleen and Clawdeens sisters set- would prefer to trade but may be willing to sell for $35 GONE
nude Draculaura Dot Dead Gorgeous from the 3 pack $7
CAM vampire girl, no clothes (sorry, not a soft head) $7
Nude orginal release Ghoulia $15 GONE
nude GR  Frankie $7
CAM nocturnal and mystical body parts- green head, lav and light blue head,  lower arms with hands, torsos, (yes, I am aware of just how random this is, lol- blame Mattel)
purple sea monster torso $3 SOLD

Working through PMs---  school is still hectic and busy so I haven't been able to catch up like I thought I would be able to....  here is a photo of what I'm dealing with though :) 
visitors can't see pics , please register or login

I will work on labelling and pricing this mass of nudies...honest!  all Lagoona's are missing their leg fins >.< 
other quick notes on conditions: DT Cleo's arm is actually missing the end of the peg that holds it in securely but has some wall tac that does the trick to some extent...she is poseable but not playable really.  Original Draculaura and wave 2 Frankie were my daughter's first MH dolls...they are well loved...and have loose joints and some joint damage and messed hair :)  Other dolls have various messed hair.  Some of the original elastic hip joints are loose- on a related note- is there a way to tighten those?  I've had some come straight out of the box that way.  Sister pack Clawdeen has 1600's hands.  That's Deuce's right arm floating around in the middle there. 
Most nudes $5.  If I have stated a flaw, I may be willing to go lower. 

also available- cat twins- black haired twin missing a bit of paint on her nose:

MLP post of what I have available as well :),306773.0.html

WANTED: dolls can be out of their box, but clothes and accessories are important, particularly shoes and pets if applicable. :)
bolded are priorities.  Not actively buying at this time- trading only.

Dawn of the Dance Deuce

Clothing sets (just clothes and accessories from these dolls wanted- will trade or by the doll if needed, but I basically am after the stock :) )
Cleo's GR stock
Draculaura's DoTD wrap, Cleo's DotD leggings
Clawdeen's first release stock

***Crescent (Clawdeen's cat) x2

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