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Do you buy physical media (CDs, Records, DVDs, etc.)

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so i've been complaining were for a while about how much streaming stinks now. all of the stuff with the strikes and prices for streaming going up is making me want to just start buying physical media again. mostly DVDs and records. i already buy most books in a physical format. i usually only buy digital if it's something i know i won't revisit.

TBH in addition to steaming being terrible for pretty much everyone who's not an exec at a streaming company I miss the feel of the cd cases, reading the song list, etc. yes i grew up in the 90s :) i can remember when CDs and DVDs were new :D

so my question is what kind of physical media do you buy/collect? how do you organize and store it? also, what kind of setup do you have for viewing/listening to physical media? I'm thinking of getting a record setup and buying a DVD player. i had such bad luck with the last DVD players i bought. they all broke quickly. i don't want to waste money on something that will break within a year or 2. I do have some space and i'm willing to save up to get a setup that lasts.

I utilize my library a lot for books and DVD. I refuse to pay for any streaming service, though I do have Amazon Prime and use the Amazon Video and Amazon Music that comes with that. But Amazon Video is implementing ads at the end of this month unless you pay an extra fee, which I won’t be doing, and I also refuse to watch ads so I won’t be using that service anymore once the ads are added in. I watch some things on YouTube (with an ad blocker).
I only really buy media if it’s not available at my library or it’s something that is an absolute favorite I know I will watch or listen to again and again. I did pick up a few dvds at a thrift store and library sale this last year because they were very cheap (like $1.50-$2.00) but I actually kind of regret it.
The only things I plan to buy from now is cds. My car is older and has a CD player and there’s some albums I consider favorites that I don’t own yet. Right now if I want to hear a specific song I’ll usually use YouTube but eventually there are some albums I’d like to own.
When it comes down to it I don’t consume massive amounts of media and for how much any streaming service costs I could buy 1-3 CDs/DVDs a month which is way more that I’d even want.
I currently keep the DVDs I own in a cabinet and watch them on our PS3. The CDs are in in a binder and I listen to them in my car but also occasionally on the PS3 as well. All the physical media for my household (books, video games, cds & dvds/Blu rays) are contained in an IKEA Billy bookcase with cabinet doors.

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I only buy physical books. I only buy physical movies/box sets. I only buy physical music, but am not opposed to listening to it on YouTube. I buy mostly physical,  but some digital games.

I still buy DVDs and games and the occasional CD or cassette. I have a premium Spotify account and listen to it everyday, so I don't buy physical music much anymore. The exceptions are bands not on Spotify and friends music.

I have a ton of digital games but I also have a ton of physical going back to the NES XD

The last DVDs I bought were Them! and Drumline. I have too many to fit on my media shelf so I'm thinking of buying another one to put next to it.

I have a bunch of harcover books, but it's been a long time since I bought a new book. I don't do audible or kindle, I find reading that way makes me forget more of what I've read. Besides, I like the feel and smell of physical books.

Here's a quick snap I took of my media. My CDs are off to the side in a big CD case.

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I buy books but usually borrow from the library if at all possible.

I only buy music in cd format, but not often. I have a local Zia Records where I get used cd’s for $5-8 (depending on how new it is). I’m not opposed to listening to music on YouTube though!

Edit to add: I prefer to buy physical copies of Switch games, but sometimes it’s impossible.


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