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What art activities would you like to see this year?

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Hi everyone, happy new year!  :happy:

On behalf of our team of art Mods, I'm running a poll to see what kind of artistic activities our members would like to see in 2024.

You can pick as many options as you like. I entered some options that are more or less regular, like ATC swaps and colouring contests, but please feel free to suggest something out of the box! Also feel free to let us know if there's any past activities you particularly enjoyed and would like to see again.  ^.^

Thanks for your feedback!

Maybe also something like a big collab would be nice ;)

I like the sound of a big collab - can you elaborate a little on the idea?
My immediate thought is an Arena Artist collage of some sort :3

Yeah, something like that :) We can pick out a theme and make a big collage

That does sound like fun, Moonbreeze!


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