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Here's the older thread! https://mlparena.com/index.php?topic=383323.0

99 pages and it was started in 2016!!

I was thinking it was getting close to a time for a new anime thread. :D

Here's my last post from the old thread:

Small Sailor Moon rant ahead.

Sailor Moon Cosmos part 1 and 2 just came out on Blu Ray/DVD in Japan last week.  Since then the SM group I'm in on Facebook has had a lot of Cosmos posts.  I don't mind that in itself so much as I do the content.   If someone says they bought the movie, their post is flooded with requests to upload the movie somewhere so more people can watch or post screenshots.  What really annoys me the most though is people posting spoiler screenshots and clips without warning or assuming that everyone's read all of the manga so there's no reason to not show major plot points involving the characters.  For example, someone posted a screenshot from the movie along with the corresponding page of the manga and said "why was it done this way."  I saw another post that said "that didn't happen in the 90's anime."  I've read up the Stars arc of the manga so I know the basics, but not the specifics (I do know about the major change to the Starlights from manga to anime though)  I don't want to see major plot points spoiled on Facebook.

The US has a release date for Suzume and Spy Family Season 1 part 2.  :D


I wondered when the old thread would be retired!

Ponyfan, that's the problem with Facebook groups, there seems to be no way to keep them spoiler-free :( I know some communities make seperate "spoilers-only" groups but I guess it depends on how much the mods care about that stuff. I know Sailor Moon's an old series by now and all but if they're still making new content for it, surely it should be assumed that stuff that's yet to be adapted still counts as a spoiler...!!! *shakes head* Sorry to hear you have to deal with that stuff. -_-

also I hate!!!! it when people demand that others upload things so they can watch it for free! just buy the dang thing yourself or wait patiently for a pirated copy, geez x) I think I've said this before, but I upload a lot of Ojamajo Doremi music/other audio bits to YouTube, every so often I'll get someone asking me where I got it from. When I explain I bought the CD from Japan, they're always shocked!, like the thought that I actually *bought* the thing (instead of, I dunno, finding some secret cache of bootlegs in an obscure section of the net? or something? o.O) just never occurred to them :P I mean I find it kind of amusing, but still.

Replying here so I don't miss out on all the fun conversations!

I started Hanayamata last night.  So far it's cute.  It's about a bunch of middle school (I think) aged girls trying to put together a yosakoi dancing club.  Slice of life, low drama so far.

Carrehz, I had people asking stuff like that a while back too. I translated a bunch of the Daiya no Ace drama cds on Tumblr, and I had people msging me asking where I downloaded the sound track/for the link. And I told them no, I have the CDs, and they were like, well, upload it then.

Like, no.

I sometimes get people asking me about SotsuM/EMU CDs as well (which are admittedly harder to get hold of now, but not impossible). I point them towards yahoo auctions and that's the last I ever hear of them.

I can't stand people who want everyything for free and yet still call themselves 'fans'. I always read the Daiya chapters as they came out online but I still bought all the volumes when they went into print.

...Onto anime.

I am annoyed there was no ep of Apothecary Diaries last week. Not acceptable.

I caught up with Kenshin to the break last night. It's interesting seeing how they've done it, but also I've just been rewatching Moriarty, so having the same guy voicing William and Kenshin is a bit unnerving...


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