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This is the thread to advertise your artwork and craftwork, and the thread to seek artists to commission.  ^.^ Here's a link to the previous thread (2020-2022) so you can easily copy your information if it's still current.

Artists, please fill out the following info, plus anything else you think important. Please use thumbnails or small images if you wish to show off your work, and/or links. :) You can also use the spoiler tags to hide bigger images.

Commissions are: open or closed [please also add date when you update your post, thanks!]
Art Samples:
Payment methods and pricing:
Other important stuff (if any):

Email: [email protected]
Commissions are: OPEN as of 3/29/2023
Mediums: Digital only
Art Samples: View here!
Payment methods and pricing:
Spoilervisitors can't see pics , please register or login

​Although not listed in the price sheet, I will also do icons (fully rendered headshot) for $15.
I accept payment via Paypal and Venmo.
Other important stuff:
SpoilerI can imitate most official MLP art styles (G1, G3, and G5; I haven't done the G2 or G4 style yet, but I can certainly try!) along with my own style. I also do non-pony art (mostly Sonic style and general furry art), which you can see at my deviantArt gallery. Prices are the same.

If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me an email or DM me here! I'm open to drawing most themes. 

Email: [email protected]
Commissions are: OPEN [AS OF 6/1/23]
Mediums: i specialize in traditional art- mainly using colored pencils, watercolor, crayons, paint or pens to my liking. :) i'm happy to draw your ponysona/pony oc, anthro's, or humans. i can easily replicate a generations art style, if wanted.
Art Samples:
Spoilerplease feel free to view examples of my art here: methods and pricing:
all options below can be done as a headshot, halfbody or fullbody!
[DEFAULT - these two options are made with colored pencils and/or watercolor pens]
bold lines + flat color ~ $20 USD
bold lines + color & shading ~ $30 USD
[OTHER - completely drawn in crayon for a kiddy look!]
crayon portrait ~ $20 USD

+ glitter ~ no charge! just let me know & i can add pops of glitter to your piece. :glitter:
+ simplistic background ~ $3 USD
+ additional character ~ $5 USD per character

full payment is due up-front as soon as we've discussed what you'd like drawn, and all transactions will be processed via PayPal.Shipping: if you'd like your drawing shipped to you, shipping starts at $6 USD. can only ship within the U.S currently, apologies!
Other important stuff (if any):
Spoilerjust some stuff you should know:
- your drawing will be started on as soon as possible! please understand this may take as little as a few days up to a few weeks to complete, depending on complexity.
- i will send you progress pics to make sure everythings going smoothly! feel free to let me know about any corrections you'd like before i start lining or coloring your art, respectively.
- i may use the drawings i make for you as future examples for advertising purposes.
- please do not steal my work to use for commercial purposes and/or your own personal or financial gain. thank you for understanding.

please feel free to DM me here or on discord if you're interested! i reply faster there. :) stjarne#1231

thanks for considering! i really appreciate any & all support.

Please feel free to continue adding your 2024 commission info here :)


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