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The Trivial Complaints Thread ... #3

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This is the old thread!


*rolls around*

Woke up with a headache though it wasn't as bad as some recent ones. My cat woke me up by biting my earlobe... usually she paws my face or bites my nose.

edit: My printer is out of two inks. The cheaper replacement inks are $32, about half of what Canon ink costs. Still though, why do these occasional expenses keep happening when I want to use my money for other things?

I guess I have been sweating too much in my shoes, I have athlete's foot between my toes, and it caused the skin to split open.  OWWWWWWWWW 

I've been dripping iodine into it and trying not to walk , but OW

Thank you everyone.  Being confronted by the big dog was scary even though it didn't show aggression.  I wish the neighbors wouldn't let it roam like that.  I know one time one of the people in the house said she was surprised the dogs (they have more than one) were running down the street because they "were supposed to stay in the front yard."  I don't know why she thinks the dogs will stay in the yard when there is no fence keeping them there.

Today my dad suggested that we stop at the mall.  It's unusual that we go on a Saturday. My mom said we'd go to a couple of stores.  While I was looking at stuff in the first store my mom told me that she and my dad were going to the 2nd one. Once I got done at the first store I started walking toward the next one and saw my parents talking with one of the people that we  know that works in the mall.  When I got there my mom told me to say "Hi' to her and they kept talking for a few minutes.   After they finished talking my dad said it was time to go home.  When we got to the car I said that I thought I was going to get to go to the 2nd store.  My mom at first said I could go back while they waited in the car, but I told her I didn't want to walk all the way back in the mall and go back since we were already in the car.  Then my mom said I should have said something while we were still in the mall or just kept walking toward the store I wanted to go to after I said "Hi" to the person they were talking to.  I can't win. :(


I still have three hours of work left! ARGH!


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