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The other day I wanted some fresh basil for something I was making. I get my groceries delivered from Walmart. If they are out of something on your list they substitute it with something similar. I wasn't paying attention and they subbed the fresh basil for... a basil plant.

So now I have a plant.

I do not have a good history with plants. I have killed exactly 3 aloe plants. I live in Florida... aloe grows wild everywhere, but I managed to kill them. I have also killed climbing ivy, petite roses and some type of small palm tree. My sister got the green thumb and left me with a wilted pinky toe.

This thread is to share plants and plant related topics.

I'll start! Do you grow herbs? Indoors or outdoors? For now my basil plant (he needs a name) is sitting on the kitchen counter by the sink. I think I need to repot him, he's in one of those black plastic containers.

ive taken the time to try out growing potted plants this year. i started last month and have been watching them grow ever so slightly.  :) first was a bird/butterfly wildflower mixture, then some catgrass i got from a mlptp swap, then i bought some basil at work. the wildflowers have been doing pretty well, they are just small sprouts atm. the catgrass is growing very fast! we've had a couple storms lately so thats really given them a boost.

i need to invest in a plant mister because well, i dont like ending up pouring too much water on them, lol

You can get things to put in the pot that will make a noise if the plant needs to be watered. That might help :)

We do grow herbs :) We have a section of our garden which is sage, rosemary, lovage and a few other things. Also gooseberry, raspberry and rhubarb. Hopefully the broccoli too, though those are odd plants and none of us really know what they're doing, honestly. I also have Salvia in my garden, which smells beautifully like sage when it is cut back in the autumn.

We don't have herbs inside at the moment. We've had basil in the past but mother overcut from it so it didn't survive. I'd suggest not having yours in direct sunlight when it gets hot over there, and watering it a little each day is a good idea. If you water from the bottom it encourages the roots to go down, which is generally better for the plant. It's not a high maintenance plant but does need regular watering. Although the climate here is different so maybe adjust for your own warmth and humidity.

If you water in a tray at the bottom you can also see how much water it's taking up - if it's standing in the water and not absorbing it, then it's too much.

Right now most of my little plants are outside. We're getting ready to do the hanging basket, just waiting on some that mum ordered. I have some little fuschia and nemesia who are behaving themselves very well...and some thunbergia who are holy terrors. Climbing plants have interesting personalities. And I have thunbergia, morning glory and three surviving bell vines I pulled out of last year's basket before I composted it, so trying to stop them befriending each other is proving interesting. The thunbergia like climbing up other plants more than they like climbing up frames, it seems...I keep having to unwind them from each other, the morning glory and on one occasion, a fuschia.

Our winter was mild so I saved more basket plants from last year than I normally do. I always try and do that because why compost a plant if it's able to do another year? I've a couple of 'annual' fuschias who are around 15 years old now and pretty much bushes *lol*.

I also have five little red petunias growing on my windowsill. They should be outside but slugs like them so I'm keeping them in until we get the basket done. They are flowering beautifully but all in the direction of the window, as if they're telling me they want outside. I keep telling them, soon ;)

I love plants of all types! If you have a yard, your basil could probably survive straight in the ground, in a shady part by the house! That's where mine grows, despite the crappy soil in texas it does better than keeping it in a pot :) I love spearmint (smells good), rosemary (keeps bugs away), and dill (PICKLE PLANT!!!)

Artemesia's Garden:
Mm pickles! Congratulations on your basil, BC, maybe just call him Basil? Taffeta is right supermarket basil does need watering little and often and doesn't like to dry out. He's probably several seedlings that you could split and re-pot. I'm growing some from seed.


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