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What made you smile today?

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My cat loves taking walks. She's so much fun to watch while she's kittying around out in the yard. Except when I told her we were done, her claws told me we were not done and that was not fun.

Found a semi-local place to get egg waffle... So we went and ate one. Lol

what is egg waffle? I like eggs and waffles...:D

It's an Asian street food. It's kinda like waffle/cake batter cooked in a special griddle pan. There are a bunch of puffs all connected... Like bubble wrap! So it's a little bit crispy, and puffy.
I'm on my cell so I can't link a pic, but Google it! I think it might also be called bubble waffle.

Accidentally discovering Kyoto has a pokemon centre.
Accidentally discovering I can actually walk to it.
Accidentally buying things.


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