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Title: ISO: Artist for a G1 Pony Logo for my Insta Shop
Post by: dannahbanana on July 25, 2021, 12:47:46 AM
Hello everyone! I'd like to commission an artist to create a logo for me for my vintage toy shop on Instagram, which I hope to start later this year. Posey is my favorite pony, so I'd like a logo including her image, as well as the lettering for the name of the shop, "Posey's Pop-Up Shop". As for the style, I'd like for it to resemble the artwork found on G1 packaging. I think I would like a round logo (one that fits in the Instagram profile picture spot nicely). I'm open to ideas for Posey's pose, etc, but I think her in a rearing pose would be fun.

If you are an artist, or you have an artist that you'd like to suggest, I'd greatly appreciate it if you commented here or sent me a message! I'm not in a rush, so I'd like to see compare quotes from a couple of artists before I make my decision.

Thank you in advance!

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