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Legitimacy of Aliexpress MLP figures - New update - Applejack has arrived!

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I have been looking at this site a lot lately but I've never ordered anything. Today I found the Japan MLP figures (I always forget what they're called), you know, with the human version and pony version together? I'd like to add Applejack to my collection and everywhere else I've found it for sale it's been close to or over $100, I think the cheapest was $79. Aliexpress has all the figures for $29 each and it says 'save a dollar on check out'.

Is this real? Or are they bootlegs? I know how China is with bootlegs and stuff and copywrite and all that. Basically, they don't care. I'm thinking if I order one I'll get a bait and switch. Like the photo is of the official ones but what you get is poor quality and painted weird.

Would you buy one? What's your experience with Aliexpress and MLP stuff?

I feel like I remember this being discussed elsewhere awhile back. They're bootlegs. They're nice bootlegs if you're OK with not having the authentic figures, but there are differences between the two.

AliExpress is a big congregation for all sorts of sellers. Some legit factory seconds are on there at times, but your best bet is always going to be checking the reviews to see. I wouldn't be surprised if any of the statues are counterfeits.

I'd be really shocked if they were the real deal at that price, honestly. There are definitely bootlegs of the Bishoujo figures around (Kotobukiya even put out a warning about it themselves). I found these:

Aliexpress does have legitimate factory seconds and other products, you can find some great deals on there, but if it feels too good to be true then 9/10 it definitely is.

From what I've seen, the bootleg Bishoujo MLPs have definite flaws compared to the real figures, but display fine if you're comfortable buying counterfeit products. The first site does say a lot of bootleg Bishoujos lean badly though.

Removed link to the TP, thank you! ~Tailrustedtealeaf

I'm not a mod in this section but please do not link to the Trading Post.

The other link is very helpful, thanks :) I guess it's too good to be true.


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