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eBay Seller Canceled My Purchase

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Good news. I'm glad you pursued it.

ugh so awful when people do this!

it makes me sick how greedy people can be. Auction is auction, you get what you get unless you put reserve or start at your lowest accepted offer. You can't cancel and relist because you aren't happy with the price.
Many times I've let items go and I wasn't too thrilled with the price, but I think, if the other person is happy to have it in their collection and is not a reseller, then that's all that matters.

Update: I'm now a Karen because I reported her to eBay. Avoid this seller.

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--- Quote from: starbritesprinkles on January 16, 2024, 04:54:54 PM ---I just got off the phone with an eBay representative, and the seller has been reported for fraudulent selling practices.

--- End quote ---

Good for you starbrite! That seller needs to learn that if an item is paid for, they can't screw over a paying customer. What shameful behavior. That person may soon find themselves bereft of customers at all.


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