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Hello everybody! I am a collector from Greece and I am really interested in creating an ebay selling account. The reason i want to create an ebay account is because i will have to sell some other collectible stuff as well that cannot be sold otherwise. My main worry is the shipping costs. I will mainly sell g3 ponies as a start , so the costs of the ponies will be really low. So my question is that, in the shipping prices I will have to ask for tracking as well even for something that costs 1 euro, right? I imagine that shipping internationally sth so cheap will not make sense because of the shipping costs, so sticking to only selling in Europe will make more sense, right? 

I understand the reasoning, but you'd be limiting your market. You're assuming that non-EU customers wouldn't be interested because of the shipping. Might not be the case though.

If you are very transparent about the oversees shipping costs, I see no reason why not to include USA as a potential market? You still leave the informed decision with the buyer whether or not they want to pay those costs.

Tracked shipping is expensive yes, but at least it comes with a certain degree of security.

If it isn't a lot of extra work, I don't see a reason to exclude any market...I have made a sale via the global shipping program of a normal G4 to someone in Sweden, even though the shipping was much more than the cost of the actual pony. It was very surprising to me!

Thanks everybody for the information!!! Everything has been very helpful ^.^ ^.^ ^.^ ^.^

Yeah, definitely give international buyers the option. I've paid through the nose for shipping before to buy from overseas when it was the only option :)


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