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I've been having problems with international buyers lately. This one is from Australia. She got into a bidding war on one of my ponies and when she didn't pay after a couple days I messaged her a reminder. She said that the banks were closed Monday for a holiday in Australia and would pay Tuesday. Tuesday and Wednesday come and go and nothing. I message her a couple times with no response and finally I open a non-paying bidder case on Thursday. All this time she's still accruing feedback from others. One of them states that after 9 days of nothing she let the seller know that she didn't want the item. Others say that she paid promptly. I guess she bids and then decides if she wants to pay.

Here's her eBay name: niss2020

Is this post still being updated?  I have a few non-paying pony buyers I can add to the list if so .....

I hope it's still being updated!  I just haven't had any non paying bidders lately.  Although life has been hectic so I haven't been auctioning as much I used to.  I'd love to see your list though Stiletto!

Yes indeed ;)

Oh yes!  Always! 


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